Learning Japanese with a dictionary. Is it really retarded? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-07-29 22:14 ID:7/TRits0

Hi there I spend a lot of time on Nico Nico Douga and I enjoy reading the comments and commenting myself. I end up flipping open the dictionary A LOT but the number of kanji I recognize is improving and by now I definitely know most of the slang.

So.... am I actually learning or am I just lying to myself because I still can't understand a single episode of Anpanman and I only understood the opening theme by reading the Japanese subtitles.

I'd like to know if learning by dictionary is a naturally unhealthy and inefficient way to develop skills in a language, because I've heard some people say this, yet I find it no different from textbook vocab lists(which is how I learned Mandarin, but that was when I was young and a fast learner).

Someone who has completely learned or is teaching Japanese, help.

2 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-07-29 23:23 ID:Heaven

You won't learn grammar from a dictionary.

3 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-07-30 04:55 ID:53OpPCcN

Only relying on a dictionary can only hurt.

4 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-09-18 12:00 ID:1WIONGK3

Isn't bad for kanji, but you won't learn to speak Japanese through a dictionary.

5 Name: M : 2008-09-18 20:24 ID:vkeit8Tm

You should try to concentrate in speaking and grammar also if you wanna understand what they're saying, a dictionary can't help you there (but with your skills you can read manga)

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