"Trainman" (Densha Otoko), a story born on the net, adapted into manga by 4 competing magazines. (229)

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Trainman (Densha Otoko), a love-story original born on the popular 2 Channel message board, and later published by Shinchou, is going to receive four completely separate manga adaptations for serialization in four competing magazines.

Trainman, which captured the public attention on 2 Channel in March of 2004, tells the story of a 22-year old otaku who is interested in "Miss Hermes," an attractive young woman he saved from an annoying drunk on the train on his way home from Akihabara.

On 2 Channel, "Trainman" sought advice from fellow-otaku on how he should approach Miss Hermes and reported back on the progress of his relationship, while receiving encouragement from hundreds of online well-wishers.

A collection of these posts, spanning a period of 2 months, was published by Shinchou in autumn 2004 , and sold 260,000 copies in just 3 weeks and half a million copies in 2 months. In the process, the story garnered the attention of several manga anthologies, leading to a rather unique situation...

Not only is Trainman the first successful novel to be created from Internet message board postings (although there are some similarities with the situation in My Sassy Girl), but it is now also the first novel to be independently adapted into four different manga for serialization in four different manga anthologies at roughly the same time.

Three shonen magazines will serialize the story, while one shoujo magazine will publish it as a one-shot. Young Champion Magazine from Akita Shoten was the first to market, with their first installment published in their December 28th issue, followed by Shogakukan's Weekly Young Sunday Magazine on January 6th and then Monthly Champion RED Magazine (also from Akita Shoten) on January 19th. Shoujo magazine Dessert, published by Kodansha, plans to release a one-shot adaptation in their spring issue.

The editorial department of Young Champion explained their aim: "We were interested in the idea of a tale of friendship born on an anonymous message board on the net, being a subject suitable for manga and reflecting the present".

The editorial department of Young Sunday says "Even if there are others doing the same story, due to each Manga artists different style of expression, the content will be different."

Regarding fees due to the original creator of a work when it is adapted into a manga or anime, the concerned parties have stated that they intend to contribute the money to a fund for earthquake victims in Chuetsu, Niigata.

It's currently unknown, and the subject of widespread speculation, as to whether Trainman actually had a real life relationship with "Miss Hermes" or if the story expressed on 2 Channel was an elaborate piece of fiction, a hoax.

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Another article:


Hey Mr. Trainman


A new best seller has appeared, bringing an old-fashioned love story into the digital age. "Densha Otoko (Trainman)," whose author writes under the pseudonym Nakano Hitori, is the saga of the romance of a 22-year-old otaku, the "Trainman," with "Miss Hermes," an attractive young woman he saves from the unwelcome attentions of a drunk on a train on his way home from Akihabara (Tokyo's otaku Mecca).

This story first came to public attention as postings from March through May this year on a message board on the Web site 2 Channel (Nichanneru) in which Trainman asked for and received advice from fellow geeks on how to approach Miss Hermes. These postings from Trainman reporting on the progress of his new relationship, and of encouragement from hundreds of anonymous well-wishers, were published in book-form by Shinchosha last month, selling over 260,000 copies in three weeks.

The tale of Trainman's transformation from a hapless geek to a self-confident young man in a relationship with an actual real-life young woman is indeed heartwarming. In his first posting he tells of his chance encounter in the train; two days later he receives a set of Hermes teacups from her as a thank-you gift and obsesses online on whether or not to telephone her and ask for a date. Finally he plucks up the courage to call her and they agree to meet for dinner -- his first ever date with a woman.

With the advice of his online supporters, he gets a stylish new haircut, buys new clothes, and decides to get contact lenses. They have another dinner date, at which a friend of hers checks him out, and start exchanging cell-phone messages daily. In April they have tea together at her home using the gift teacups and in May he goes shopping with her for a computer.

Later that day in a park he confesses his feelings to her and she reveals that she returns them, culminating in a happy ending for Trainman and Miss Hermes, which is greeted online with a wave of rapturous pictograms and congratulatory messages.

Well, I must admit to mixed feelings about this book. While the story captures well the fumblings and anxieties of first love, isn't it a betrayal to be posting the details of one's dates online? And while the Japanese value being innocent and sunao (naively open), isn't there something odd about a 22-year-old man being so utterly clueless? Finally, the whole story seems too good to be true -- reportedly there is speculation on the Web that it might be an elaborate hoax.

Rather than a mischievous or malicious trick, however, the book often felt to me like an otaku wish-fulfillment fantasy: Someday I will magically meet Miss Right, rescue her like a knight on a white horse, be transformed into Mr. Right, and we will live happily ever after. The reaction of Miss Hermes when Trainman belatedly shows her the log of his postings about their private affairs was particularly unbelievable to me. Far from being hurt or angry, she is impressed by what good friends he has!

Then again, perhaps such a reaction is due to my being from an analog generation, growing up only with television and land-line phones. In fact, an article in Spa (Sept. 7) informs us of digital gaps even between those in their 20s. Twenty-eight-year-olds are the pocket-paper generation; they tend to write long, letter-style e-mails. Twenty-four-year-olds were raised on cell phones (but during the transition period to broadband Net access), while 20-year-olds have only known fixed-fee, broadband access to the Net.

Not surprisingly, there is friction at work between older workers and those under 25. Younger workers think nothing of writing messages in a very informal style and of sending Yahoo electronic Christmas cards when asked to write nengajo (New Year cards). They may have Net skills, but they lack the ability to realize that not all clients share their attitude to cell-phone messaging, which they find as natural as breathing.

One 35-year-old told Spa! magazine that after he complained about the company while out drinking with an underling he was shocked to see the underling had posted those complaints in his Web diary. A 23-year-old was asked by a senpai to investigate something and told the senpai to "Google it" -- he innocently asked Spa! if that was the wrong thing to do.

Lovers are not immune from this digital gap. A 26-year-old woman complains that her boyfriend, three years younger, is always messaging her at work and if she doesn't respond within 15 minutes he will call to see if she is OK. A 29-year-old man says his 23-year-old girlfriend wondered if he was angry when he ended his sentences with a period instead of "emoticons."

Spa! reports that it is now not unusual for lovers to message each other 100 times a day, greeting each other in the morning, exchanging their thoughts on a TV show they are both watching, telling each other when they are going to take a bath or what they are having for dinner. With all these messages, they sometimes find themselves with not much to talk about when they are actually together in person.

When faced with this new Net generation it is undoubtedly reassuring for older Japanese to see in the "Trainman" story that some things never change -- the thrill of holding hands for the first time, the excitement of a loving glance, the relief of finding that one's feelings are returned.

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> Densha Otoko


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Somebody have a link to the original thread on 2ch?

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The Internet saves another life.

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I hope that the manga is translated into english!

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Yokoyama Chisa, perhaps better known as "Sakura Shinguji" of Sakura Wars fame, was recently attacked by a stranger on a train, on her way to participate in filming of the Densha Otoko dorama. No Train Man appeared to save her, alas - but her injuries were reportedly light.

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>Trainman (Densha Otoko)

The ultimate Metrosexual?

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Why is everyone saging this thread? ~(-_-)~

13 Name: Keito!lV4M2b3WxA!!zBUvMbn6 2005-05-23 23:20 ID:/EcEEexh

Seems like we have a potentional sequel for this movie; Molester-Trainman!

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We are wapanese!

Also, why worry about that? It's not as if threads get purged from here just yet.

15 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 2005-05-25 01:43 ID:Heaven

Nobody around here cares if you sage. It doesn't mean what a lot of 4chan think it means.

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Eh... IMO the dude in Densha Otoko is still too handsome to be an otaku.

18 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-06-11 01:59 ID:Heaven

but chick is really ugly

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> `(Densha Otoko) is an otaku's surrender to love capitalism.' What the main character should've done is turn the girl into another otaku and bring her to Akihabara,'' he says.

Denpa Otoko > Densha Otoko


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Getting to the next stage in life and love

Why has the Japanese birth rate fallen so low that pandas are starting to look fecund by comparison? I had read the experts, naming everything from workaholism to scarce day-care as causes, but my light-bulb moment came during a press screening of "Densha Otoko (Train Man)," TV hitmaker Shosuke Murakami's debut feature about an otaku who meets a woman on a commuter train and woos her with the help of his Internet friends.

Full review here: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?ff20050615a2.htm

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And the TV drama has started! Anyone in for a 4-ch translation group?

22 Name: Vance 2005-07-19 18:20 ID:vYB0wG8E

Yes, let's translate.

On another note, I think "Denpa Otoko" is smart....

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Thank you Mr >>23 !

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what's the relation between drama and manga ?

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check this out
it actually seems like an archive of those threads O.o

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I think they should make a movie about VIPPERs and NEETs next

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So some skeptics ( http://www.pliink.com/mt/marxy/archives/000613.html ) are blogging that this story was fabricated from the start by a couple of clever authors with corporate sponsorship. What do you think, comrades?

Also, I am intruiged by >>28's ideas and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

31 Name: 2005-07-31 14:14 ID:Heaven


They can believe whatever they want, I'm not paying for their marijuana habit.

32 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-08-01 13:37 ID:AcD2hkBr

This made me laugh, for all kinds of reasons:

> "They're lying to us!" "The public is stupid!" In your "moronic cynicism" you manage to insult both the fiction writers and the public who buy their fictions. You then propose a campaign to "wake up" the public to the "deceit", to insert yourself into a perfectly consensual system, to portray yourself (as Marxy so often does) a gaijin St George come to slay yet another Japanese dragon. The trouble is that not only you outsiders from a different culture, intruding on a perfectly consensual relationship, your perspective on "the truth" is utterly naive and would be laughed out of the room by any fiction writer.
> There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. If statistics are "truths that lie", art is, as Picasso said, "the lie that tells the truth". In that sense the Trainman saga, with its universal themes, is a true story whether or not literal-minded dullards-turned-sleuths manage to find out exactly how much of each stage of the tale really happened and how much is embellishment demanded by story-telling convention. It's archetypal as a boy-meets-girl story and it's also archetypal as a fiction in the style of Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam, with the 2-ch crew standing in for Humphrey Bogart.
> How would it look if Japanese crusaders decided to reveal that the National Enquirer was a cynical bid to "fool" its idiot readers in America? Rise up, idiot citizens of America, against the PR lies of your so-called "newspaper", the National Enquirer! No Japanese would be so naive, so rude, or so presumptuous.

33 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-01 14:07 ID:Heaven

It's somehow appropriate to compare 2ch to the National Enquirer...

34 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-02 10:24 ID:T1LrtOW2

What's "the National Enquirer"?

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Episode 4 subs━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!!

36 Name: 2005-08-03 08:08 ID:Heaven

It's a tabloid magazine, and the title is well-known enough that it's become something of a stereotype.

The article linked from there mentions "the traditional supermarket tabloid formula of UFOs, bizarre sex, séances, gross-outs, Loch Ness-ish monsters, cooked-up stories, and celebrity gossip"

37 Name: 34 2005-08-03 10:30 ID:Heaven

Oh, okay.

Well then, 2ch is bigger than the National Enquirer.
The National Enquirer is more like the bakanews or DQNnews boards on 2ch.


38 Name: DenshaOtoko!SGRPrwhmGE 2005-08-04 04:48 ID:U8jYbfrS

I love this show

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40 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-07 10:01 ID:H4VsA2u9

All Densha otaku should really know about http://www.1chan.net/

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42 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-10 12:39 ID:Y4sQ1toI

Hoo, this is a really good story, i like it very much, in fact, i search the information about 2ch.net from the movie ideas. And found also found this bss, 4-ch.net :P

43 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-10 13:31 ID:De4F6uVc

I really like this. 1chan is pretty cool too. Maybe I might snap a few photos of QR trains to upload there.

44 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-11 04:36 ID:88aealve

Densha is what also made me find 4-ch.

Great story. I'm really addicted to it right now, I watched eps 3-5 today and I can't wait for the next ones to come out! :D:D

45 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-15 06:36 ID:4agPPH/H

How often are episodes aired, and how long until we can expect ep 6?

46 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-15 06:57 ID:sg1WC/Z1

Episodes air each Thursday (11 episodes all in all, I think) with RAWs torrented soon thereafter and subs out mostly the following Sunday (but subs for episode 6 have been delayed until later today (Monday)).

47 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-16 01:45 ID:8YlXV0ed

Its also the newspaper that the MiB trusts the most

48 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-16 12:19 ID:XHSUfa/2

Wow, I just watched episode 6. A lot of things went on in this episode, and of course it's a cliffhanger.


But after this episode I started wondering, huh, 5 episodes left.. how are they going to really make something out of whats left? I mean, after episode 6 I think there could be a couple of episodes ending it. But hey, there are 5 left!?


49 Name: Virgil 2005-08-17 18:53 ID:T4GBsCOh

I think we only get to see more shivering and shaking Yamada :D C'mon, I don't believe SOMEBODY would shake and cry so much in front of a girl, not even an otaku. So I think the story might be true, but how its done in the series, i think its a bit too much drama :D.

50 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-18 15:11 ID:88aealve

Yeah he does seem to break down a little to much. I would think that she might be put off by all of his stuttering. At times its really painful to watch him breakdown on the show because it feels like they are trying to make the show extra dramatic.

PLus he was an idiot for doing what he did at the end of ep 6.

I also found this board from researching densha, XD

51 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-18 17:36 ID:XHSUfa/2

well, he's an anime otaku, right?
That means anime related stuff is very important stuff for him.

52 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2005-08-18 18:55 ID:Heaven

chix0r >>>>>>> anime

53 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-18 19:01 ID:pJ+ahwKJ

>>52 has otakuphobia

54 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-18 19:14 ID:Heaven

>>52 has 3D complex

55 Name: Lookin Around 2005-08-20 20:47 ID:xiD4dIWE


56 Name: xiden 2005-08-21 06:37 ID:Od2wYSD5

When is the subs for 7 coming out? ...T_T....

57 Name: The Tram Man 2005-08-21 06:57 ID:Od2wYSD5

I've been keeping up with the last 6 episodes and there is one thing I must say: There is no way in hell that a girl would like someone as portrayed by Yamada. Although the original story may have been true, I'm beginning to think that the producers went somewhat overboard.

As an otaku myself, even if i was Ms "Hermes", I'd slap Yamada silly for mentally breaking down all the time. He's so mentally unstable that it should be criminal. I can imagine how the actor for Hermes secretly flinched inside everytime he'd start blabbering jibberish.

Bottom line: The series does not in any way do justice to otakus around the world. Not all of us are like this. However, it does satisfy our fantasies of ever meeting that 'dream girl', so either way it's stil enjoyable to watch XD

58 Name: The Tram Man 2005-08-21 07:09 ID:Od2wYSD5

By the way, it's understandable that Yamada chose the Anime expo in preference to the date with Hermes. Anime was something that surrounded him all his life. It's like eating rice for all your life, then someday, you are forced to eat french bun. It isn't that simple. (although I admit I'll be deemed a philistine for comparing food with dating girls so shrugs)

59 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-21 13:46 ID:QqWjyKYP

I just watched the first episode. I'm in awe of how truly awesome the show is. I mean, all those people online, man! It's just like the REAL internet! Only without every other post being sage, I mean. (of course, it seems to be a lot different on 4ch than it is on 4chan, so)

In regards to the comments made by that dude that wrote Denpa Otoko, yeah, I agree with a lot of stuff he says, but if someone wants to change their otaku lifestyle for the sake of love (or whatever,) they can go the hell on ahead and do so. If not, carry on with what you're doing, it's all cool. Also, I'm not sure if it's just how it's translated, but the line about turning the girl into an otaku and going to Akihabara, I dunno, I guess I just don't like the idea of turning people into things. I steer clear of polymorph rings in Nethack, too.

In regards to the discussion on whether the original Densha Otoko story was... well, even if Densha himself was making everything up, everyone else was just along for the ride, so I guess the lines between fiction and reality (for lack of a better term) are a bit blurred here. But in regards to whether it was real or not, who cares? I treat damn near everything like fiction these days, anyway. It's a good read and that's all that matters to me.

60 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-21 16:58 ID:Heaven


sage does not mean what you think it does.

61 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-21 18:11 ID:Heaven

> Only without every other post being sage, I mean. (of course, it seems to be a lot different on 4ch than it is on 4chan, so)

I politely refer you to http://wakaba.c3.cx/soc/kareha.pl/1104777766

62 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-21 22:33 ID:Heaven

Hmmmm, it still means exactly what I think it does, but now it makes more sense to my foolish human brain. Wow, what the hell was I thinking.

63 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-22 03:53 ID:4agPPH/H

I demand subs for 7!

I can't wait :D

64 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2005-08-22 08:16 ID:Heaven

I agree with 59-san.

Yamada is more pathetic than Shinji from Evangelion, with all the stuttering and whatnot. I could barely watch the first episode. _| ̄|○

65 Name: 2005-08-22 11:56 ID:Heaven

Well yeah, it's exaggerated for the sake of... drama. shrug

66 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-08-22 15:54 ID:Heaven

Wait, is it supposed to be a drama, or a comedy?

I haven't seen many Japanese movies but it seems to me that Japanese actors all over-play their roles way too much. Like a Hong-Kong kungfu movie where the moves are so exaggerated. I find myself distancing from those shows, too unreal. I know that many people love that stuff, but personally I can't watch more than a few minutes.

Another I have noticed in Japanese movies is that the actors are way too much camera-aware. It's like the actors are watching the viewer from the corner of their eyes, it's distracting. They are supposed to focus on the matter at hand, not on me. It breaks my suspension of disbelief.

67 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2005-08-22 16:41 ID:eff/5gly

Apparently, poor Yamada drowned from being out in the rain so long. Or something...?

>>64: No, Yamada has yet to yank one out over some asshole bitch's broken and unconscious body. When he reaches that level, maybe I'll agree with you.

>>66: Densha Otoko is fairly void of any entertainment value at this point, and morbid curiosity along with the curious merriment I get from observing the otaku sub-species in action/inaction is what's keeping me watching it at this point.

(The astute in our audience will notice that I am trolling.) (w ror =^_^;;=V

68 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-23 02:13 ID:4agPPH/H

No food for you.

69 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2005-08-23 05:04 ID:Heaven

>>>>64: No, Yamada has yet to yank one out over some asshole >>bitch's broken and unconscious body. When he reaches that >>level, maybe I'll agree with you.

I agree there, I guess.

BTW, >>67 is a troll!

70 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-23 05:18 ID:Heaven

Trolls? Here? Impossible!

71 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-23 19:19 ID:Heaven

To learn more about trolling:

72 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-24 09:30 ID:QqWjyKYP

Holy shit, this discussion can turn on a dime. Anyway, time for some ultimate technique!

I just got done watching up through the seventh episode. Damn, Densha has some determination. I don't think I'd ever be able to give up my hobbies for a woman, I've been gaming ever since I was four and all. Still, that's the way love is, I guess... but it still doesn't make fucking sense, how someone like Densha and someone like Hermes could fall for each other. But that's the way love is, I guess.

Also, episode six's big A-channel character meetup. AWESOME.

73 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-25 01:09 ID:A3z3HDjO

that was pretty damn cool.

I say good on him for staying out in the rain like that.

74 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-25 03:33 ID:8YlXV0ed

Hey between his otaku hobbies or a hot beatiful chick that ACTUALLY loves him, I think it a one chance in a lifetime for him to grab. He can always go back to his hobbies after he is totally settled with her. Heck even better convert her to an otaku as well.

75 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-26 14:01 ID:wfMSh2P/

> Today (24.08, 21:00-21:54) they showed "trivia no izumi" (toukai terebi channel) where they did a research in akihabara if there were any real "densha otaku" out there... that is, they staged the "annoying old man"-cenario and watch if the bypassing otakus would rescue the maid in despair. Well, first of all i just want to point out that 69 out of 100 otakus came to the rescue!! (sasuga otaku!)


76 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-26 17:55 ID:ib+8Rnx6

well no shit, all the otaku have been watching their show

77 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-26 18:05 ID:ib+8Rnx6

well no shit, all the otaku have been watching their show

78 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2005-08-27 15:25 ID:eff/5gly

I haven't seen the clip, but how do they know they specifically targeted otaku for this stunt? Did they only do it around guys who had bags from anime stores or stuff? And how did they stop other heroes from coming to the Damsel in Distress's rescue?

Either way, the results would have been more relevant before all this became a TV show, movie, half a dozen comics, an internet phenomenon, and so on. As >>76 double-posts, we don't know how many otaku have been shucked into thinking this could actually happen to them by it all.

79 Name: 名無しさん 2005-08-27 18:05 ID:yYe9lDea


80 Name: Sakurina!hb3hogbZLc 2005-08-28 21:05 ID:Heaven

>>78 , they attracted otakus by having a sign advertising a maid cafe (something only otakus would go to, IMO) and had maids guiding them to this hallway. That's where the conflict took place and where some otakus were scared and ran away.

81 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-28 21:09 ID:St6q5Qub

For anyone who cares, here's a subbed version of the show mentioned in >>75:


PS: NETA is an awesome word.

82 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-29 10:14 ID:71rJJPLp

shit :( I already watched it w/o subs :(

83 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-29 10:25 ID:JtJeTqzC

Watch it again. The mischivieous comments from the off whenever one of the otaku runs away are hilarious! (ノ∀`)

84 Name: _| ̄|○ 2005-08-29 12:42 ID:Od2wYSD5

Are there any girls commenting here? Since it would be somewhat interesting to hear a female's perspective on this breathtaking drama series.

Question: If you were a girl, would u go out with "DENSHAAA"?

Some may despise him because he simply is an insecure, weak, pedantic, hairless-down-under 'turd'. However, others may praise him for his determination and persistence, in his endevours to court the wonderful Ms Hermes. What is your opinion?

sigh... I remember meeting a girl like her at tuition. It turned out she had a boyfriend _| ̄|○

85 Name: some dude 2005-08-29 12:54 ID:Od2wYSD5

From that staged harrassment video clip that lured otakus, I found the guy who looked like the 'ultimate otaku' most amusing. Glasses, buffy hair, parachute-like straps around his body, tucked in shirt, pants that only reach sock length, deprived sleep looking eyes that constantly blink, twitching mouth that seems like he's vaguely murmuring something - well you get the idea. He treated the old man like a monster! And those pathetic hand waving gestures to her! CMON! can't bear to look. As much as it's deadpan comedy to watch, at the same time it's also heart rendering. I doesn't get that bad, does it? He could well be the japanese version of Steve Irwin aka the crocodile hunter.

86 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-08-30 01:54 ID:XagJlj1S

Is this the "seed of trivia" show that got a short run on SpikeTV?

87 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-01 18:01 ID:Heaven

lol @ "hermes-get" (when first guy saved her)

88 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-02 06:41 ID:Heaven

Episode 9 RAW

Also, next episode (#10) is supposed to be the final episode but twice as long (2 hours).

89 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-02 07:28 ID:Heaven

Might as well want to link our other threads on the more appropriate boards:

Densha Otoko ( 2channel real story ) (Film & TV board)

your favorite scene in densha otoko (Film & TV board)

__【DenshaOtoko is out of date】 嫌 韓 流 【Very hot fad Manga】__ (Japanese board)

And I thought there was a thread in the manga forum, too. But it might have gotten purged some time ago in a server failure.

90 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-02 13:42 ID:Heaven

(Let's translate "Densha Otoko" into English)

91 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-02 19:50 ID:Heaven

DensyaOtoko no OP is Pakuri of DAICON!! (Anime board)

92 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-03 09:36 ID:Heaven

Thanks, forgot about that one!

93 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-03 20:10 ID:Heaven

Subtitles for Episode 9, same place as always (different translator, though):

94 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-05 01:14 ID:Heaven

a new thread:
Densha Otoko Manga (Manga board)

96 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-14 11:18 ID:8qoDVp5m

>>84 Yes I would. And i am. <3 teh kyoot male meganekkos.

97 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-19 14:36 ID:tiavmgHv

Oh man, did episode 10 rock or what? This series is by far the best drama I have ever seen.

98 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-20 12:12 ID:R8CY6n24


never watched the show, neither do I really know what he is like, but I certainly wouldn't mind befriending an otaku as long as

  1. he washes at least once every other day (preferably every day)
  2. he is intelligent
  3. and is not selfish.

99 Name: random bystander 2005-09-22 04:58 ID:5Ctvv9St

The last episode is about to debut in Japan in less than 9 hours..kinda sad....while it was true that the series tended to be a bit overracted, I believe that it was needed for the show because if it wasn't for that, then it woulda been a boring series. Other than that, this was one of the BEST Jdoramas i have ever seen. I am totally convinced that this was based on a true story and while some parts of this drama was made up, the audience can get a rough sketch of what actually happened. I'll be really sad once this is over because it will be hard to find another jdorama that will be as good as this one.

100 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-22 07:23 ID:iZsvcRGM


101 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-22 08:24 ID:Heaven

try GTO

102 Name: random bystander 2005-09-24 02:03 ID:5Ctvv9St

thanks...the other jdorama im watching right now is Gokusen..does that have the similar story as GTO?

103 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-24 03:37 ID:aftkUd2i

>>99 seconded, though the overacting often made me laugh more than anything.

This JDrama, though at times quite excessive, might as well become quite influential, even in the West, as some kind of hallmark of otaku [in the western sense] and 2ch-style BBS culture... as, provided the story is anything near real, a brilliant showcase of the best (and at times the worst, still...) of what can come from a band of forum-dwellers. And how, finally, the Internet, thought by many to be more against social behavior than anything, can at times bring together apparently unrelated (and anonymous!) people for a (quite) selfless cause.

It could as well give ammunition to those who claim the superiority of anonymous, subscription-less bulletin board systems, as indeed, none of this could have happened - at least, not that easily - if 2ch didn't work the way it does.

Posting in such a forum makes me somehow feel part of the story... Or at least, part of the same subculture, even though the barrier between 2ch and the english-speaking boards is more than obvious.

104 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-24 22:58 ID:ruRAnVzu

I've seen both GTO and Densha Otoko, any further suggestions? Please?

Is it true that Summer Snow is good?

105 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-25 01:55 ID:1tcCTJwV

I found this site, which has some of the original 'densha otoko' forum posts translated in to english. They are from the densha book, which seems like it is basically a print out of the entire real life thread. Anyone know if there are other sites working on this?

I know there are doubts to how 'legit' the origins of the story are, but either way I think it'd be fun to read (=´∇`=)...


106 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-25 07:42 ID:Heaven

The original threads are (partially, they seem to only include the "important" posts) here: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Milkyway-Aquarius/7075/trainman1.html

Fan-based translation of the whole thing is also going on here:

Btw, I found it funny that in the TV series they made it look like the whole story took place in one single thread.

107 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-25 12:00 ID:Heaven

Did they? They always said "read the forum", not "read the thread". There were several parts.

108 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-26 05:17 ID:Heaven

Maybe a couple of lines in the fansubs were translated oddly, so everything that happened was "in this thread".

109 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-26 21:53 ID:V2vewh6j

Long Vacation: Aspiring pianist deals with crazy women.

110 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-27 08:34 ID:Heaven

It sometimes looked like it were several threads but often enough the fansubs refered to "this thread" and the last episode kinda seemed to confirm that for me, what with all of them going crazy over 1000GET

111 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-09-29 07:15 ID:bg4CgUY5


why would u even want to be part of the "subculture"... otakus in japan are hated (even though its thought that they are getting popular among girls.. but those are girls that have been cheated by their good looking boyfriends numerous times.)

anyways, this drama was interesting looking at the japanese otaku people in more precise details. i still think they are disgusting though with some guys wearing the girl cosplay and crap.

112 Name: random bystander 2005-09-30 13:04 ID:Heaven

I think that Summer Snow is pretty good. The cast isn't as good as the ones at Densha Otoko and GTO but the storyline is well written. You should go check it out, the guy who started the Alladin Channel, Oguri Shun (Munetaka Minamoto) is in that series. im on the last episode

113 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-15 08:44 ID:rQvump+N

I'm having fun reading the "original" translated version of Densha Otoko book. I found it quite hilarious. It seems "Densha" was a bit (fabricated?) after translation but the supporters were quite original. How they depict each personality into the TV series was quite amusing. I'm pretty sure the original people who answered "Densha" were not as the obsurd character like in the TV series but it gave me quite a chuckle (okay, I lied, I was laughing HARD). I'm pretty sure it is quite impossible to recreate this in America where people, instead of being anynomous/random, prefer to post their picture (someone else's who is better looking than them in that matter) instead. This, Densha Otoko BBS "true story" could be one hella scam to pull off if it were produced in US. Possible location? New York? Who knows.

114 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-16 10:46 ID:wbEtrZR+

Well, >>111, if you take it from a culturally relevant angle, the people that matter most to otaku (other otaku) don't hate them. It's all about acceptance in one's peer group, see.

>>113, you're correct! The mindset of most English-speaking countries when it comes to messageboards like this is that they're jokes, that they can use their anonymity to cause random havoc, that nothing said is really serious or real at all. At least, that's what I've observed and participated in, nyaha.

>>114 is internet anthropology!

115 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-16 13:50 ID:Heaven

I reported >>114 to AOL for abusing his anonymity, as it is a crime.

116 Name: MistressOfSin 2005-10-16 22:31 ID:oIHJq466

I am American...and found this drama truly compelling...I wish it would be produced here, it would do quite well in my opinion...


117 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-17 04:36 ID:fQ1rRRq0

I just finished watching the movie and the entire drama of densha otoko and not to say i got really hooked with this.
To read the book is the only thing left for me, well I'm exactly a quarter on my way reading it. I can't read japanese that's why I still waiting for the tranlated thread/book to finish. AHHH!! it's just taking to long of wait. _|¯|O

118 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-18 04:46 ID:M6rs+mHd

>I'm pretty sure the original people who answered "Densha" were not as the obsurd character like in the TV series

I'm not so sure about that.

119 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-18 05:03 ID:bg4CgUY5


they probably werent that obsurd. the people who made the drama over-exaggerated some things to give each character a specific personality. if you read the book/threads, you kinda see that.

120 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-18 05:51 ID:fQ1rRRq0

but what they did in the TV drama is great anyway. it was pretty hilarious on what they did with the TV drama. and hey, it also said the story is fiction based on a true story. so we just can say that maybe 60% of the TV drama did not really happened, but it's pretty close to the real thread, right? [maybe 50-50?]

121 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-18 07:41 ID:Heaven

× obsurd
○ absurd

122 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-18 22:41 ID:Heaven

The secondary characters in the drama are basically all stereotypes. Fun, but not all that realistic.

123 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-19 03:14 ID:223+ynBZ

yea, maybe.. but that's the funny thing about it. (",)

124 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-19 07:24 ID:Heaven

Who wants a realistic drama? The more overacting the more fun for the audience! Also, I think the term you want is "naturalistic", simply because I want to say that the persons in the drama felt very real to me and still make sense.

125 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-19 15:51 ID:223+ynBZ

it's a comedy/drama. it's real in some cases and not-that-real in other parts. if you want to do a comedy - you have to go beyond what is real. if you want drama, put something real to it. put them together = you have one hell of a funny realistic show. "natural" if people see it that way.

126 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-10-20 09:38 ID:Heaven

I dunno, if I want reality I don't watch a movie/TV. I step outside.

127 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2005-11-06 16:04 ID:ynddgb+K

Being part of that culture~ the characters are not as exaggerated as most may think. Though they are stereotyped a little bit to easily flesh out each person's character more easily in the limited time frame of a TV show (as the viewers would appreciate the minutes better spent on making the main characters evolve). Of course, there is a couple of side stories that fitted nicely in in order to evolve a couple or so of the thread posters so that people won't think that these people are as 'stereotypical' as one might belive from watching the series.

As for which scenes were 'real' and which ones weren't; The scenes that were reffered to in the context of the thread were not made up.

128 Name: anoymous 2006-01-19 14:13 ID:IhVP04SX

i like this Densha.Otoko. i also recommend friends to watch it.
itoh misaki very pretty

129 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-01-30 11:18 ID:Heaven

> Being part of that culture~ the characters are not as exaggerated as most may think.

The characters are fine, but I don't think the life/romance parts of 2ch are actually full of otaku. Bored housewives, maybe.

130 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-01 08:58 ID:BA5q8rSO

I like densha Otoko. But why the Densha character often cry a lot? :D

131 Name: L 2006-02-01 09:01 ID:BA5q8rSO

Anyone watch densha otoko- yamada guest?

132 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-01 16:27 ID:GjV/nb1E

\o me!

133 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-02 10:45 ID:1blCaut5

hey can sometome teach me how to type that face densha always use on the msg board?

134 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-06 12:48 ID:8vrTeCcw

i want sex with itoh misaki. is that wrong?

135 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-09 08:42 ID:cgcXCDSS


I on the other hand think Itoh Atsushi is sexy... -_~

I'm a guy BTW.

136 Name: rokunana 2006-02-12 13:00 ID:qD3P73Tc

lolz...this is like the "single man's rant" forum shown in the drama...

137 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-14 13:44 ID:Heaven

>>136 is pretty DQN.

138 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-15 14:33 ID:0V4gWH9U

What does DQN mean anyway?

139 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-15 22:09 ID:Heaven

An idiot or a jerk, or behavior characteristic of one. It comes from a Japanese word, "dokyun."

140 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-16 20:53 ID:QPArIy6e

I like densha otoko too. Regardless if the story is true or not, it has a message. Hopefully, it'll reach you or at least get your brain working. If you have trouble remembering, stories play a big part in our history. Stories inspired and founded countless religions. The basis of truth is irrelevant. That's why it's called "faith".
I guess there are people who don't like the story. It must be tough to be like them...

141 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-17 00:58 ID:uWdQKMJC

What exactly is the message of this story? Do not try to change yourself to something you are not? The story of Densha Otoko has been told many, many, many, many times. That being said, I mildly enjoyed the TV series. The only reason I could bare to watch it was Itoh though.

142 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-17 06:04 ID:Heaven

Even though he didn't give up his otakuness, Densha did make a lot of changes in his life to be more appealing to Hermes. His wardrobe, his hair, learning about restaurants.

143 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-17 06:08 ID:Heaven

That is not a change of his person though.

144 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-17 18:25 ID:rD+7+06q

I think the message is: nobody's perfect. People shouldn't really judge others on the basis of inferiority. Everybody needs a little improvement.

145 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-19 21:13 ID:3THSlH5B

anybody here who's a member of the official densha otoko fanlisting? I don't blame 'ya, they only have 15 members...worldwide.

the same 15 people in this thread?

146 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-19 22:58 ID:Heaven

What's a "fanlisting".

147 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-20 03:48 ID:Heaven

I don't know, but I bet it's something dumb!

148 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-21 02:25 ID:BNn3hOOO

It's the Web 2.0 equivalent of webrings http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webring. By which I mean, the same exact thing with a new name and coat of paint. Only it's less useful than webrings because there's no front page navigation for skipping from site to site. Yes, it's dumb.

149 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-21 06:39 ID:Heaven

Oh how I love the web 2.0 world. Everything is just like before, only shitter and with new names. E/N site? HEAVENS NO, it is a BLOG! Wtf is a permalink? Oh, it is the link that ANYONE THAT ISN'T RETARDED uses... but they made a name for it!

150 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-21 15:01 ID:Heaven

Thanks for reminding me about "E/N site." I totally forgot I had ever known that term, heh.

151 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-21 20:04 ID:I24TpjHY

there's an official fanlisting? is it even in english?

152 Name: 404 - Name Not Found 2006-02-21 22:51 ID:Heaven

Any fanlisting is only official in the sense that someone set it up, declared it official, and a bunch of others joined in deference. So it's not official at all.

153 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-04-07 08:36 ID:JgmLWTZB


154 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-04-10 01:14 ID:qpMe0NL4

I just finished the TV series today. It was so awesome.

Quote: I never imagined that mainsteam people behave otakus like they're menace for the community, like gross...Ok, lots of them are overdoing it e.x. looking at the pants of a female anime...figure. O_o But they aren't all otakus like this.

155 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-04-18 06:39 ID:POaobWgk


156 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-04-18 06:41 ID:POaobWgk

2ch forum imitation? XD

157 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-05-04 14:42 ID:Heaven

Yeees, we just look at their panties..., nothing more. I promise...

(don't click it)

158 Name: Drak : 2006-06-28 12:14 ID:C5cmHG3I

I love the semenonfigure thing, i wanna rub my cock on an anime girl sooo much!!! ill get somefigures some day and make loads of videos hehe!
awesome, the best videos on the net for semenonfigure
FAP FAP FAP.............. SPLAT

159 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc : 2006-06-29 19:11 ID:Heaven


160 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-07-03 04:56 ID:5cE3grJ0

omg I hate THAT >>158

161 Post deleted by moderator.

162 Post deleted by moderator.

163 Name: Esperlia : 2006-10-06 12:14 ID:Nk5GiXeE

I loved this drama tv series. :) Regardless if it is true or not true.

164 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-10-12 04:05 ID:sV39hxNm

3 of the 4 manga adaptations will have the English versions out soon! :3

165 Name: Lain : 2006-11-04 17:25 ID:R/CdvfvL

I just finished watching the series. I got hooked straight after watching the first episode. I ended up watching the whole series in one sitting. Its really a heart warming story and i guess many nerds like me can actually draw strength from it and probably find love one day.

166 Name: unknown : 2006-11-09 04:16 ID:+nz40S3L

i know the truth of this story..because i was one of them..

167 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-11-15 17:38 ID:MhiLzSZu

then prove it

168 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-11-19 04:49 ID:4WN6PvOF

yeah prove it

169 Name: yuka : 2006-11-24 13:15 ID:oYCQW246

Yes! That's true! I watched densha otoko too and it's a got a wonderful story!

170 Name: fräulein rose : 2006-12-28 23:31 ID:Y6x6r9kX

o_o hi!

171 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-12-29 05:25 ID:sV39hxNm

Since this is about the manga adaptations, here's how I rank the ones that have been translated so far.
Viz version(seinen type) > unlicensed version > Del Rey version (shojo type) > CMX version (shonen type)

172 Post deleted by moderator.

173 Post deleted by moderator.

174 Name: Gokudo : 2007-01-10 15:34 ID:tGgeuSgy

Hello everybody!
Does any one read the manga of densha otoko?

175 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-01-11 05:11 ID:sV39hxNm

Yes, we do. Right now I'm waiting for volume 2 of the Viz version.

176 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-01-11 10:14 ID:tUE8Nus+

am i the only one to find that the "densha otoko" mangas suck ?

177 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-01-13 08:59 ID:mb44NKys

178 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-01-26 04:12 ID:ZimDVq+Z

Wow this thread sucks compared to the original. LoL.

179 Name: Mike : 2007-01-30 04:50 ID:tM6UF7D1

The only reason that I got into 4-ch was because of this movie. I am very grateful to it. ^_^

180 Post deleted by moderator.

181 Post deleted by moderator.

182 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-05-29 23:23 ID:JXKZA8m3

I've only read the CMX version(I wish CMX had better quality in general, I really do.), and the Del Rey novel version, but I was hooked from the premise. It's the reason I'm at 4-ch XD

I love how the novel version is set up, though it's kind of weird to have prices in pounds and other UKish stuffs.

Yeah, I think that's why a lot of otaku/nerds in general like Train Man so much. It's inspirational; that not everyone judges by looks, and that even otaku can find love somewhere.
(I highly doubt I could be as brave as Train and stand up to a drunkard though XD)

183 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-04 01:23 ID:A2UDwUcz

There are a lot more drama out there better than Densha Otoko.

184 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-06 16:48 ID:KaxikTOl


I was disappointed in the Viz manga too. IMHO, the drama is the best, followed by the movie. (The drama's great because it's so long, so you get more detail.)

185 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-07 03:53 ID:pmNwBV70

i just started watching the tv drama, i really like it

186 Name: Dani : 2007-06-13 22:35 ID:PmISnmoV

Densha isn't the be all and end all of dorama, just enjoy it for what it is.

187 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-17 04:55 ID:ajsVTzJY

Also, like a lot of the other ppl here, watching Densha Otoko inspired me to come to Ch2 + Ch4 :3 it was an awesome movie. awmawgawd. it blew me away, it is definitly one of my all time favorite films ^^

188 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-18 13:03 ID:JrZiIA4i

I read the manga today. I think it's a cute tory. And at the moment i feel like that guy in the manga...

189 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-19 22:17 ID:CDHKkDFz

a little bit late though, but I just watch the dorama...

damn... i really envy the main char, for him to be able to get a nice woman like that... (-.-)

190 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-06-26 17:07 ID:3LlRvkFp

The original posts > than all adaptations.

I didn't much like the dorama, I didn't care for the way they exaggerated the otakus. How are you supposed to take these clowns seriously?

I similarly didn't like the manga adaptation of NHK ni Youkoso! Too much gratuitous exaggeration. Seems like the writers were shying away from the reality of the situation. They lacked balls.

191 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-07-04 21:15 ID:Heaven

>How are you supposed to take these clowns seriously?

yeah... kind of sums up here.

192 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-07-08 03:13 ID:sV39hxNm

I just saw the DX special pseudo-sequel. It was contrived as hell, but somehow still entertaining. At least we got to see more Jinkama, and the villain guy was awesome. The bit at the end helped to redeem it some. It really felt like something out of 2ch.

193 Name: Loser : 2007-08-16 15:10 ID:1DeRGy3X


The manga of NHK ni Yokuso was much more cynical than the anime! It was the intention to exaggerate it into a degree that made sad situations turning into kinda funny, pathethic situation -.-

The anime was much more dramatic than being cynicall!

You have to see both version as their own.

I just love both the manga and the anime ;)

194 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-08-16 15:34 ID:Heaven

it's black comedy, what did you expect?

195 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-09-21 06:30 ID:vkMIH1pj

i <3 densha otoko. one of my fav bk ever

196 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-09-25 01:09 ID:cBFCU8By

I first watched the movie, and thought "Something is missing here..."

Then I stumbled across the "novel" in a book store, started reading the first few pages, and thought "...Ah, here it is!"

197 Name: zack : 2007-09-29 03:35 ID:zWR+hD15

I've just finished watching densha otoko by now. It's a great JDorama :D

198 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-09-30 22:55 ID:8h9TIjSf

The drama is way better than the movie

199 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-08 10:55 ID:H4HX8cDo

I decided to read the original posts - translated to English since I don't speak a word of Japanese. So far all I can say the original is muuuuch better than both the movie and and the dorama. Seriously - if you can, red the originals.

200 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-09 03:27 ID:/0/1tUDK

Better... I don't know. I have only seen the dorama. It's obvious from comparing the dorama to the original 2ch thread that they scripted some really strange things to make the show more interesting/put you on the edge of your seat.

So, the thread is the thread while the dorama is a fiction based on the thread with some application of artistic license. I think both are enjoyable in their own way.

Apples and oranges.

And yes, go read the original thread. It's quite nice.

201 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-09 09:49 ID:FYoIAbOi

Yeah. the drama was pretty good, even though I felt like the actor who played Densha Otoko was wayyyy over acting.

202 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-10-09 19:29 ID:1iobpuB8

Yes, he was a big big big crybaby! :D

203 Name: K : 2007-10-10 03:52 ID:E6aEShD8

Agreed, it took him forever to get used to being around her. I guess some people have the problem :\

204 Name: r37r0 : 2007-11-21 01:32 ID:WuicIi21

i just saw the movie the other day and it was amazing! it had a great storyline and, in my opinion, was very believable. there is a good number of people there like Densha-kun. i lived in Tokyo for a period of time and saw first hand that there is no shortage of Otakus and drunk businessmen there. i remember one specific occasion where there was an obnoxious drunkard on the train with me. he wasn't starting any trouble but he was very loud and it was obvious that everyone there was bothered by him.

205 Name: Hikari : 2007-11-21 04:14 ID:frDMTH6R

This movie was well developed and the people in it were great. Even if you have visited or want to visit Japan it gets you excited all over again. I especially liked the ending song in the credits by Orange Range. The beat, and lyrics fit the movie nicely.

206 Name: Mr. Sage : 2007-11-21 19:06 ID:Heaven

Who cares about this shit? (I care enough to post.)

207 Name: r37r0 : 2007-11-22 01:43 ID:uIoKi8gE

about what specifically?

208 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-11-24 02:05 ID:Euvw26iT


I agree, but I think the novel and movie are decent. The dorama just kinda sucks. It's adding wayy too many made-up aspects.

209 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-11-24 20:14 ID:Heaven

can people stop saying "dorama"?

210 Post deleted.

211 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2007-12-14 09:33 ID:Heaven

"terebi" dorama.

212 Name: ( ´_⊃`)!4avJBSMAPo : 2008-02-05 19:28 ID:Heaven

It's not terrible! I kind of liked it.

>>209 is right, people need to learn to spell. There are Japanese people reading this and they need to be able to find words in their English dictionaries.

213 Name: Densha otoko : 2010-05-28 07:59 ID:NOX/rEmU


214 Name: Suzumebashi : 2010-06-11 01:51 ID:j9jGhKR6


215 Name: Suzumebachi : 2010-06-11 01:56 ID:j9jGhKR6

this thread is kinda lonely...

216 Name: FS : 2010-06-14 12:53 ID:YTjgcTjA

Husky x Medley is similar idea, but yuri version, for those interested ^^

217 Name: Calpi : 2011-01-18 03:05 ID:kv+M82zg

A story of fantasy made true by the mysterious magic of love; this kind of story, is it really far-fetch to think that things like this can actually happen in real life?

218 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2011-01-19 02:33 ID:Heaven

Personally, I love the fact that, while the Japanese idolize a man for falling love with a girl met on a train, Americans idolize a bearded crackhead for beating the shit out of a black guy on a bus.


219 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2011-07-26 11:41 ID:PVe9SBE6

220 Name: 404-Name Not Found : 2011-09-15 10:50 ID:5gqiZuMh

Internet culture?
There are a lot of people.
There are a lot of ism and hobby.

221 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2011-10-06 15:54 ID:T6XT2ecN

I started watching the drama again. Also posting this from a train.

222 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2011-11-20 20:26 ID:h0FEjDMv

Incase you all haven't read it already, and I'd recommend it highly, here are the translations of the 2ch threads. It is an amazing read, you feel like you're really there, I don't think the book/movie/TV series really does the legacy justice. If this story was true, I'm kind of scared for Train. What happened to him? Is he still together with Hermes? And does he know about all of this catching on?

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Whose that?

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Hey, in that manga there is a photo at http://10ch.org/amezou/linkgazou.cgi/www.mangarush.com/manga/husky-and-medley/v-1/4/p-21#

but it has been edited and looks like crap, plus I suspect it is not at its original resolution. Do you happen to have the original? Or if you don't do you know where I should go to look for it?

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Does the evil of commercialism have no bounds?

227 Name: celtic1988 : 2012-01-28 21:07 ID:8zmeiPBb

just today I saw the drama and movie Densha Otoko

really a very good love story ...

I hope Densha and Hermes happy until now

228 Name: guitar otoko : 2012-02-19 09:49 ID:xA6mwMxf

Densha is happy, don't worry

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I'm still curious ....where are they now....?

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