North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Arms, Pulls Out of Talks (6)

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  • North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Arms, Pulls Out of Talks

North Korea publicly acknowledges that it has nuclear weapons and has given notice that it will pull out of six-way non-proliferation talks. The statement, carried by the official North Korean news agency, is the first response to President Bush's recent pledge to bring an end to North Korea's nuclear weapons programs through dialogue.

  • U.S. won't restart direct N. Korea talks

WASHINGTON -- Arguing it was burned before in one-on-one talks with North Korea, the United States said Friday it had no interest in resuming direct discussions on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

The White House said it continued to support a six-nation process designed to negotiate the elimination of the communist country's nuclear armaments.

But with that process stalled, administration officials were beginning to discuss the possibility of referring the issue to the U.N. Security Council as an alternate approach.

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> U.S. won't restart direct N. Korea talks

This does not suprise me in the least. USA somewhat think they can play "hardball" with a country that just said that they've got big'uns. The people who are gonna cop that nuke first wont be the yanks directly: it'll be allied countries whos leaders support Bush, or, are sleeping in bed with bush.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 05/02/12(Sat)12:58 ID:hnxp1OkE

> U.S. won't restart direct N. Korea talks

More like U.S. isn't impressed by a couple of cardboard boxes with radiation warnings drawn on them in crayon am I rite.

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You might be right, but you aren't funnay.

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i roffled

6 Name: Unverified Source 2005-03-21 20:51 ID:3EWZdk/v

Mar 21, 2005 — SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said Monday it has increased its nuclear arsenal to help prevent a U.S. attack on the reclusive communist state, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.

"We've taken serious steps of boosting our nuclear arsenal and we are also prepared to mobilize all of our military force against any provocative moves by the enemy," Yonhap quoted the North's state KCNA news agency as saying.

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