U.S. Envoy's Message Falls Flat Again, This Time in Turkey (11)

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"ISTANBUL, Sept. 28 - Under Secretary of State Karen P. Hughes, seeking common ground with leading women's rights advocates in Turkey, was confronted instead today with anguished denunciations of the war in Iraq and what the women said were American efforts to export democracy by force.

It was the second straight day that Ms. Hughes found herself at odds with groups of women on her "public diplomacy" tour, aimed at improving the American image in the Middle East. On Tuesday, she told Saudi Arabian women she would support efforts to raise their status, but she was taken aback when some of them responded that Americans misunderstand their embrace of traditions."

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>>2 No kopipe in /News/ please.

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55% reject using force to spread democracy

"As doubts grow about U.S. military involvement in Iraq, a new poll shows a majority of Americans think that using force to promote democracy is a bad idea."

"only 35 percent of those polled favored using military force to overthrow dictators while 55 percent opposed the idea. Less than 17 percent supported the idea of threatening countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with military force if they did not institute democratic reforms.

Asked if they thought the goal of overthrowing Iraq's authoritarian government and establishing a democracy was by itself a good enough reason to go to war, 74 percent said no and 19 percent said yes."

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"She said women had been tortured, raped and killed under the Hussein government before it was ousted by American-led troops."

...but the US is killing and critically wounding tens of thousands of women and children for democracy! Their sacrifices weren't in vain! The US is doing no wrong!

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I like this part:
"[Hughes] went on to say that "my friend President Bush" did all he could to avoid a war in Iraq"

Yeah, right. :)

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No one's being fooled when they say that. Ever since 9/11 gave the green light for American government to start tearing shit up both domestically and overseas, the Bush Administration was practically frothing at the mouth to dig its tendrils into Iraq, be it for political advantage, huge commercial opportunities, and/or personal vendettas.

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>huge commercial opportunities

To kill the Euro, to be specific.

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>I like this part:
>"[Hughes] went on to say that "my friend President Bush" did all he could to avoid a war in Iraq"
>Yeah, right. :)

Quoting Bush:

>"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."

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