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"Alexandra Paul, a former star of "Baywatch," is not a satisfied General Motors customer--to put it mildly.
In 2002, General Motors sent a tow truck to her house to reclaim a car she had leased from the company. When it was done, she went inside and cried.
"I've never had any emotional feelings toward a car in my life," Paul, 42, said in an interview recently. But this particular car was the EV1, a low-slung, battery-power car that zipped out from a standing start without releasing emissions from the tailpipe."

"She and other former EV1 lessees have formed a small but voluble group that has protested the dismantling of their vehicles."

"After GM took her car away, she could not quickly find an electric car to buy. That meant going back to the gas station.
"It was months, torturous months," she said, before she found a used electric RAV4. In the meantime, she had to drive her husband's Toyota Prius hybrid, which to many Americans is the height of eco-wizardry.
Not to her.
"I'm not particularly impressed with going 50 miles per gallon," she said."

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"peakoil.com" sure sounds like a forum for insightful and clearheaded discussion.

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because proponents of abiogenic oil are totally unbiased and agenda-free.

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So if you are not fanatically devoted to one point of view, you are a fanatical opponent of it, is that what you're saying?

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It's either peak oil or it isn't?

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Peak oil is a crock.

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(☞゚∀゚)☞ hey,hybrid american.

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All rise for the entrance of Alexander to this unworthy thread!

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>>7 No it isn't.

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Of course, because everyone knows that there's an unlimited supply of oil, as there were infinite dinosaurs on prehistoric Earth.

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