South Korean demand that....... (186)

1 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-02 16:10 ID:ri80zFML

 South Korean demand that U.S. must compensate to South korea for damages of North Korean inhabitants slaughter which was
caused by U.S. soldiers at Korean war.

Are they crazy?

2 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-03 02:35 ID:Heaven

God, these people want apology juice from everyone. I say give it up and stop bitching.

3 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-03 14:12 ID:Heaven

"Apology and compensation" is a favorite phrase of patients of Hwa-Byung.
Just ignore them till they die by the disease.

4 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-07 20:06 ID:Heaven

they're extortionists posing the "victim"
they're pathological compulsive liars too

5 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-09 06:43 ID:Ebh18gPQ

those dumbasses need to STFU... there wouldn't be a south korea today if it wasn't for us saving their sorry asses!

6 Name: Mad Scientist 2005-12-09 11:33 ID:Heaven

Just read the link at:

Their 화병 is real mob psychosis.
Will they burn American flags on the street next
or demand apology and reparations as always?

Another one,

7 Name: Unverified Source 2005-12-11 18:58 ID:6xJBtmUa


        ∧__∧   ________  
      <丶`∀´>/ ̄/ ̄/ 
      ( 二二二つ / と) 
      |    /  /  /   
       |      ̄| ̄   

8 Name: BENOIST 2005-12-11 21:18 ID:QUuqAzbl

sips "Apology Juice"

9 Name: Unverified Source 2006-01-05 03:02 ID:+SObnAS3

Why do jews get their apology and money, but koreans not?

Answer: The usa are run by zionists and their puppets.

10 Name: Zugo 2006-01-27 19:51 ID:0Lr35nyQ

if all korean have to offer is キムチ then they not deserve apology

11 Name: Loki 2006-02-05 13:46 ID:+MyOr0wV

They come out of the woodwork demanding apologies for things that happened over 50 years ago. The jews got their apology within 5 years of WWII. I think there should be an international issue statute of limitations. 50 years? Oh, Im sorry. Too late.

12 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-09 04:25 ID:uhELm//k

fuck it lets just take over south korea, use the tax revenue we earn from their booming economy to pay them back

13 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-09 04:52 ID:gNnUGS30


Go apology juice! :P

14 Post deleted by moderator.

15 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-20 19:26 ID:ii76s6zK

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
     |    /       boon
      ( ヽノ
  三  レレ

16 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-20 20:11 ID:xOrIBjTw

They must be joking or fool.

17 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-20 20:42 ID:7wwcFILB


Those sad, sad, poor, misguided South Koreans.

If I were president I'd remove all US troops, all US landmines and let the North Koreans run in and freaking PILLAGE the place and then when the (former) Republic of Korean whined about "Helps us America! Help Us! We don't want to be communist!" I'd laugh and hang up the phone.

The USSR is GONE and South Korea no longer matters. In fact with NO US troops there all the whorehouses, stores, and everything else would LOSE MONEY.

American stations in S. Korea lost all relevance after the USSR collapsed. I say nay.

18 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 02:57 ID:IDp89zAU

oh, what is "apology juice" ? sounds funny.

It's their nature and what they do often to Japan,
but finally they DIDI this to even the u.s.!
should be crazy.

19 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 02:58 ID:IDp89zAU

oh, what is "apology juice" ? sounds funny.

It's their nature and what they do often to Japan,
but finally they DIDI this to even the u.s.!
should be crazy.

20 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 04:04 ID:fakEhUXT

I think that Vietnum must demand that south Korea must compensate to Vietnum …

21 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 20:12 ID:1K3pNO0R

from wiki:

In April 2001, a sit-in demonstration was held in front of the Japanese Diet, protesting an alleged whitewashing of Japanese history textbooks. Kim Yeong-jin, a member of the National Assembly (the South Korean parliament), attended, holding a placard which said Nippon wa hanseishiru (日本は反省しる), which is nonsensical but can be rendered in English as Apolojuice, Japan!. The placard was meant to say Nihon wa hanseishiro (日本は反省しろ, or Apologize, Japan!); the kana for ro has obviously been miscopied, being very similar to the one for ru (compare る ru and ろ ro.) A photo was taken and published on the webpage of the Korean newspaper Dong-A Ilbo[2]. Many members of 2channel found this quite amusing, and attaching shiru to the end of sentences is now quite common on threads concerning Korea. On American Internet forums such as the phrase is often rendered as "apology juice."

lol apology juice

22 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 20:48 ID:a0fjJQXI

 South korea!Come on!Hurry up!

  ∧∧       I am a balancer of East Asia!
 ./ C\    
 ( `八´)∧N ∧       
 ( \ > <、´Д`>    ∧S∧   __ Hey South korea!
 /`┐ノ、( \>    ヽ<`∀´, >ノ  | US | You Damn it!!
 ` 丶 、  `┐ノ、     (   )  _☆☆☆_
      丶 、  丶 、/ └i  .(´⊂_`;)∧J∧
          ` 丶 ◎ ` 丶 、ミ </ ) (´Д`;) Oh No…
             | .| 丶 、  ノ┌、   </ )
             | .|     丶 、 . ノ┌、
             | .|         ` 丶 、/. }}
             | .|             ノノ  …
             | .|
 ゙`゙゙´~~~``´゙`゙゙´´ ~~~´~~゙゙´```´゙`゙゙´´ ~~``゙`゙゙´

23 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-21 20:51 ID:a0fjJQXI

    AIYAーヽ l //AIGO‐
    〃 ――* * *―――
  ノヽ  〃  // | ヽ
  \ \ ./ ./ ..|  ヽ
  〃\ \ ./ . |
 .〃〃 .\ \
  〃   \ \        .__
        \ \      | US |
          `◎\    _☆☆☆_ ヾ
          | .ト、 \   (  ; ) ))
          | .| \ \ </ /∧J∧ヾ
          | .|   \ ×へノ (  ; ) ))
          | .|    \ \ </ /
          | .|      \ ×へノ  Gwam!
          | .|     Σ \ノ =3
゙`゙゙´~~~``゙゙´´ ~~~´~~゙゙´```´゙`゙゙´´ ~~``゙`゙゙´

24 Name: Unverified Source 2006-02-22 18:41 ID:WdTJKdpI

Where is Taiwan?

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29 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-10 16:31 ID:sOBvykqc

<ヽ`∀´> I demand apology juice for that injustice nida!

30 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-11 03:25 ID:20kwRGKW

Do you wapanese people even know the difference between "-shiru" and "-shiro" ? I don't understand how that translates into apology juice.

31 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-11 11:38 ID:yLWqe/n3

weeaboo faggots itt.

32 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-11 11:39 ID:Heaven

汁【しる】[shiru] = juice, sap, soup, broth.

33 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-11 11:52 ID:Heaven


The joke is that some Korean misspelled it, genius.

34 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-14 12:46 ID:Heaven

Sea of Japan - A Globally Established Name

35 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-16 09:18 ID:1MDBb4me

       ( 《(    ) 》
       ( (   ノ ノ∠
    /((       ミ   ヽ\
   《 ( ( ミ   丿 )  )) 》
   ゝ  ゞ  丿/ノ  丿 丿              __   
         ∥|┃│                 │  |   NIDA This is present for you.      
          | | ┃                _☆☆☆_
         │┃∥                 ( ´_⊃`)  
         ∥| ∥                 (  ∞ つ ュ POM
   ゞ (⌒⌒=|  ∥⌒⌒)ノ;;;::)            | | |  .|. ̄|
   ((⌒≡=    =≡⌒)丿ノ            (__)_) L .」

36 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-16 17:38 ID:IfQ4WzWg

The opinion of South Korea about North Korea missile launching.
9.July "It's unnecessary to fuss over like Japan before dawn."(Executive office of the President)
10.July "One-sided resolution promotion (by Japan) is not preferable. "

  • "North Korea missile hasn't any target contry, it's a TRAINING" (Executive office of the President)

11.July "To show an aggressive policy inclination, I can't help strongly watching it."

  • against the Japanese cabinet ministers'"Validity of preemptive strike" remarks. (Blue House)

12.July "We expect china to use refusal, we never agree Japanese Plan." (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
13.July Korea try to void the resolution of the Security Council, Korea opposes to apply the chapter 7.
14.July "The punishment resolution to the north by the Japan initiation is a clear aggressive policy." (43 Diet members)

  • "It is necessary six country conference qualification to reexamine Japan." (Pan Gimun - Foren Minister)
  • "Punishment to the north is the one like the Iraq attack. " (Nom Hyon - President)
  • "The missile launch in the north is a political act of demanding a concession from the United States" (Nom Hyon - President)

15.July "If Japan fuels the north, there is the possibility to attack the missile. But North Korea
doesn't have any missile to attack the South Korea, and they never say to attack us." (Kim Wonum - Diet Member)

  • "It is necessary to exclude Japan from six country conference. because

Japan cause the trouble for the conference advancement. " (Kim Wonum - Diet Member)

>>> The Security Council demanded Saturday that North Korea suspend its ballistic missile program.

16.July "Up to now, the South Korea government has done a strict warning to the missile
launch of North Korea with the international society. " (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

37 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-07-18 23:48 ID:wvomMylX


38 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-10-19 08:44 ID:x2xtqPM6

South Korean says,

"America gave money to our brother North Korea for searching dead-soldiers of Korean war"
"Therefore our South Korean economic support to North Korea is not too bad compared with America!nida!"
"And responsibility of development of nuclear weapon by North Korea do not owe to us. It owe to only USA!nida"

Koreans are ultimate fool....

39 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-10-21 06:26 ID:x2xtqPM6

Now, crazy Korean is well known to the world.

40 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-10-22 00:52 ID:OH6nmYP7

I'm American, and I can say that I for one find the whole of the Korean peninsula full of naive/whiny or megalomaniacal/insane bastards. I'm sick and tired of being S. Korea's "ally", especially when they actively thwart our diplomatic initiatives against the North.

I say we leave, let them suffer a ridiculously huge and costly war, and let the Japanese re-seize control of the peninsula. There, motherfuckers, PROBLEM SOLVED.

41 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-10-23 15:07 ID:4KQS52h+

      )、._人_人__,.イ.、._人_人_人 _人 人 _人
   <The reason for all is that the U.S. emperorNIDA!>
    ⌒ v'⌒ヽr -、_  ,r v'⌒ヽr ' ⌒ ヽr ⌒ ヽrヽr ' ⌒
// // ///:: <   _,ノ`' 、ヽ、_ ノ  ;;;ヽ  //
///// /::::      \ `ヽ) ( ´ /     ;;|  /
// ///:::     ( ( /    ヽ) )+     ;| /
/ / /:::    +  ) )|~ ̄ ̄~.|( (       ;\// ////
//::        ( (||||! i: |||! !| |) )   .   ;;;;\// ///
/\::::     +   U | |||| !! !!||| :U     ;;; ;;;/ ///
///\:::::       | |!!||l ll|| !! !!| |    ;;;;;;/////
// / ヽ:::::       | ! || | ||!!|    ;;;;;;/// //
// // ゝ:::::::: :   | `ー-----' |__////

42 Name: south? or north? : 2006-10-25 02:03 ID:U59b+G/D

43 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-03 14:52 ID:OW3HQOU/

i guess south :(

44 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-10 07:59 ID:G6NNp5Ie

As a Japanese, i am really sorry but we never want to take care of Korea anymore.
someday they will demand apology juice.
China , Rusia or UN will take care them.

fortunately new UN's leader is a s-Korean.
i wonder Korean can demand apology juice to him.

45 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-11 17:58 ID:yYn36Doo

I agree with #44.
I am a Japanese too and never want to see Japan take care of Korea again. Korea is now such a big country to stand on their foot without help from other countries.

46 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-16 02:44 ID:OH6nmYP7

...Okay, then...Maybe we can simply let the two Koreas destroy each other?

47 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-16 11:17 ID:G6NNp5Ie

Do you know the sunshine policy which started from the ex-president Kim Dae-jung's regime?
the policy says that let's have friendship with N-Korea and send money and make less the economic gap both of the two Koreas,that will make Korean peninsula less endagerous then the two counties will get reunited slowly.
the policy seemed to be effective at first and he could meet Kim Jon ill 2000, then the Nobel peace prize was send Kim Dea jung.
2002 before the president election, an accident which 2 young S-Korean girls were wandering in an American base and they were hit by a tunk caused huge Anti-American movement and President Roh Moo was chosen.
the sunshine policy was continued by the new president and S-Korea has been sending food , money and the other things and the police was effected for S-Korean economy.
for example, Hyunde group promotes sightseeing business and Samsung has an industrial area in N-korea and paying very cheap payment for N-Korean employees(it means the products can win in the international competition and N-Korea can get dollars). Even the examination for a nuclear bomb could not stop the businesses and it show those businesses are necessary for S-Korean ecomomy. dispite of the S-Korean feeling to reunite the two Koreas, N-Korea seems to think S-Korea is just an ATM and those incomes are used for militarize N-Korea. recently many S-Korean people are friendly for N-Korea and the S-Korean President's supporters are Anti-America. the diplomacy is always for N-Korea to prevent from restarting Korean War again.
So I don't see what N-Korea is thinking but I expect the two Koreas won't destroy each other so easily.
I think N-Korea is just earning time and they are trying to make nuclear missile but bomb gaining momey from S-korea.
if the UN's sanction is too hard and the system of N-Korea has get the limited point, the country will not continue anymore and
the regime will change.
I really hope the moment. I'd like to see the abductees can meet their parents. N-Korean people are just slaves for S-Korean companies and the center of N-Korea, if this situation continues.
Also we don't need to feel any responsibility for S-Korean fate.
they are choosing who are enemies and friends with people's will.

48 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-16 15:49 ID:d2iYVy1P

Do you know what a wild animal does when it's cornered? It lashes out violently. If these sanctions work the way they're supposed to, then Kim Jong Il will react to protect his own survival. Exactly how a caged animal would.

Ultimately, it will be S-Korea that will suffer from this. Not to mention 40,000 American troops.

49 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-16 16:54 ID:G6NNp5Ie

if the animal is too hungry, it cannot move anymore and just stare the hunter closely.
anyway Kim Jong ill loves beautiful women and delicious food.
Do you think such a man will choose losing war which will surely give him death penalty?
i might be too positive but i think he is waiting until the nuclear missile is completed which will secure his country or he will ask China to escape another country.

50 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-11-27 18:51 ID:oOoHDv4X

EXCELLENT IDEA! We import McDonalds to N. Korea and give Kim Jong Il a massive heart failure from too many Big Macs!

51 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-03 08:25 ID:nMT9BWrt

The invasion and integration are always repeated between surrounding large countries.
It tries to replace it with an own inferiority complex by desperately a pitiful race's to whom an original history was able also to construct even the culture in the country where only the slave and poor people exist envying prospering Japan, and abusing, and giving Japan the extensive damage mimetic.
However, Japan also has already exceeded each endurance.
The enjoyment after half a year now ..whether become it...
I will look idly while laughing dropping of South Korea to life like the slave age before.

52 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-14 10:24 ID:x2xtqPM6

"I feel sick by damn English and beat you!!"

Shit! Korean hate English speaker!!!
They beat English speaker on a bus.

53 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-20 15:21 ID:2MrZtNi5

Title: Korean threats

As a humble Japanese citizen, I would like to tell you what is happening
in Japan. We are suffering a cultural harassment from those Koreans living
in Japan. Our national religion, Shinto, is considered as one of the most
important traditions in Japan. Recently, some Koreans threatened the chief
priest of the shrine in the Maizuru city and registered themselves as a staff
and added further three Koreans as a new staff for the purpose of tax evasion.
After they have taken control of the shrine, they destroyed the main gate
and left it in rubble. Odd thing is that the location of this shrine is right behind
where the JMSDF keeps ammo and only 7km away from the nearest nuclear
power plant in Takahama. There are many shrines in Japan, why would this
group of Koreans choose this particlar one for a tax evasion?
Imagine some ignorants takes control of a Church or a Mosque and damage
its properties. Imagine the place happened to be an ideal place to observe
military activities and also happened to be close to a nuclear power plant.
How would you feel?
Japanese media sees any crimes comitted by Koreans as a taboo and do not want touch them.
They are afraid of being accused of broadcasting racial attacks on Korean people.

Please help us protect Japan

54 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-20 17:24 ID:OH6nmYP7

Japan is suffering just as every great nation does, when immigrants hostile to its culture and traditions arrive on its shores, intent on establishing their own culture of sloth and poverty. They are often politically extreme, either extreme naitonalists, or simpering, miserable socialists. They are the criminal element which will plague the great nation until something is done.

55 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-21 23:38 ID:A6bUAJtm


COREA! Corea is the own all you!From Vietnam to Russia and Mongolia...Long Live COREA!

56 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-22 00:55 ID:OH6nmYP7

Yeah, good luck with that...

57 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-22 09:59 ID:VPjfzfAz

North Korea thinks that I sell a nuclear weapon to Islam radical group from lack of funds at last

58 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-24 00:26 ID:yEXPRDIk

Korean oo7 to the rescue.

It's Silmido man.

Faster than a Kim il Jong at eating Kimchi.
Can drink more Soju than Kim il Sung.

Look up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane.
No! It's Silmido man

59 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-27 02:55 ID:x2xtqPM6


Who is that?

60 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-27 12:08 ID:WsgM9aIb

Look up Silmido in Wikipedia.

It's an island off South Korea, famous for an incident that occurred there in the 1960's. The S Koreans trained some nefarious characters on the island to assasinate Kim il Sung. The hit, however, was never done and the trained agents were quietly knocked off.

It is quite common for North and South Korean soldiers and spys to occasionally do reconosence in their counter-parts territories.

Having used to live in SK, i found it interesting that on the trains there would be advertisements telling S koreans to rat on North Korean spies if they suspected someone of being one.

61 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-31 09:55 ID:VPjfzfAz

It seems to be Korean common sense

Jesus Christ is a Korean

Tom Cruise is a Korean

Carl Lewis is a Korean

Michael Jordan is a Korean

Queen Elizabeth is a Korean

American ancestors are Koreans

A Korean forges it

62 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-31 18:56 ID:J+rGlbtm

well they demand compensation everywhere, but never compensate to Vietnam

63 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-06 20:16 ID:cPU8CpE/

Lots of racist japs in this topic. Are you still angry that the Koreans won the war and you got two nukes rammed up your ass?

64 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-07 20:34 ID:CYZjvkS/


What war did you win? The USA was the one who did the atom-ramming. At least we had the good sense to make friends with Japan afterwards.

S. Korea is like a black politician; always moaning about racism, always demanding the government subsidise his "people", never allowing criticism of his constituency.

S. Korea is pathetic. America saved your ass from Juche communism a half century ago and yet you still insist on licking North Korea's puckered asshole, like an eager, cock-hungry faggot.

65 Name: Pkeod : 2007-01-09 12:30 ID:ReOCX+yI


It was made into a movie too...

Spoilers: everyone dies.

66 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-13 17:10 ID:h+XAEhsl


Korean delusions?lol

67 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-13 22:02 ID:9YIHydqr

Are you a Korean? Please do not say a terrible thing.

68 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-15 06:04 ID:WRWZlkTa

Sweet Jesus, which Korea was this again?

69 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-16 08:35 ID:x2xtqPM6

Korean say, "Hey, We defeated CIA!!"

CIA accepted the Korean demand.
And they rewrited their website to satisfy Korean historical demand.

The Korean demand will escalate, because of their misunderstand of situation.

China must become an ancient Korean territory in your history textbook.
Russia also must become an ancient Korean territory in your history textbook.
I don't have to say about Japan.

Hmm, do you know they claim "Ancestor of English people is Korean"?
Perhaps, this theory is justice in our historical text book in the near future.

It is real wonder that the passion of Korean for history forgery.

I sympathize deeply with Japan and China as the main targets of Korean history forgery.

70 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-16 15:47 ID:h+XAEhsl

I see recently,

Korean are completely liar!

Do they have 5000 years history?

Where we can find the pyramid in the cheap Korea?

Stop the lie! Korean!!!

71 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-16 17:13 ID:Heaven

Indian! </Goodness Gracious Me>

72 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-16 20:03 ID:Heaven

Hey they make good in-betweeners you know.

73 Name: disgusted : 2007-01-17 04:54 ID:x2xtqPM6

"We are annoyed at it being written the truth."

In the Korea, Korean rapes many young Japanese girls( children ) and enjoys a murderous dead to
the remaining Japanese people after Japan was defeated in World War II..

The truth of history that written in a historical text book which uses in the U.S. "so far from the bamboo grove".

For this historical fact that witnessed by one Japanese girl at the process of escaping from Korea, Korean who tend to forge the history are angry madly.

They claim "Our folks, complete justice people were not possible to do that terrible things!!"

The Korean who looks down on people in the world except themselves insists on a complete victim.

What name can we give to this funny Clown art?( w

74 Name: fart man : 2007-01-19 18:56 ID:J+rGlbtm

korea always try to steal money so harsh from other countries, but never pays to vietnam. why is that?

id like koreans here to answer my question.

75 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-19 22:29 ID:stIOcMAT

76 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-20 10:51 ID:WRWZlkTa

The Bamboo Grove reminded me of the idiocy surrounding Hotaru no Haka and Untergang. They're both movies that display the "other side" of WWII as human beings who suffer (ok, so Hitler is the main character in Untergang, whereas the protagonists in Hotaru no Haka are little kids...). They both got one-star reviews by professional movie critics who claim that there was a "bias" to the films. After all, both films omitted the horrible sins committed by Axis powers. To these people, the starving homeless kids had it coming because they were born in an evil country. Portraying the enemy as a human being, to their mind, is irresponsible and taboo.

I can't believe we let these morons vote.

77 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-21 23:58 ID:abW3Askr

Korea is terrible

78 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-25 20:43 ID:Heaven

no, your country is as terrible as N&S korea, but in different ways

79 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-27 23:48 ID:8jAMjtLV

South Korean soldier accused of assaulting American

  • quote -

CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea — A South Korean soldier faces trial in a military court, accused of sexually assaulting a female U.S. soldier at Camp Casey on Dec. 19, 2nd Infantry Division and Ministry of National Defense officials confirmed this week.

  • quote end -

80 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-02-03 15:09 ID:BYu4aPBD

I wouldn't be surprised at such news, I mean, I'm much used to their lies. One thing is for sure; no matter how many times you appologize, they'll ask for more. That is, one lie leads to another lie which leads to another... Meanwhile, they will become not able to even understand what the truth is.

According to the recent article I read (in Japanese, so I better not put the link here), the president of the south korea made a speech in the UN council as if he represented North Korea, tring to justify what N.K did. Horrible...

81 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-02-15 08:04 ID:x2xtqPM6



is this right?

82 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-02-23 15:21 ID:Heaven

Economic crisis closing in on South Korea
By Jephraim P Gundzik

South Korea's short-term external debt stock nearly doubled in 2006 on the back of prolific yen-borrowing by commercial banks.

This injection of foreign capital did little to stabilize South Korea's deflation-gripped economy. While savvy Korean investors sent record sums of money abroad in 2006, foreign investors, apparently unaware of the country's weak and deteriorating political, social and economic fundamentals, continued to load up on Korean assets.

Yen appreciation against most currencies in 2007 will provoke widespread defaults in South Korea, reversing short-term foreign-capital flows. This could prompt the devaluation of the won and a correction in the stock market of 50% or more.

Asian crisis redux
The 1997 Asian financial crisis, with its epicenter in Thailand, erupted suddenly and viciously after the revelation that many countries in the region had built unsustainably large piles of short-term external debt. International banks played a key role in this debt buildup by recklessly lending huge sums of money to domestic banks in Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. This reckless lending was supported by the world's largest central banks, which compressed investment risk with overly loose monetary policies.


Last year, the surge of short-term external debt was engineered by South Korea's commercial banks, which were anxious to increase profits by borrowing yen to expand domestic household credit. In many instances, Koreans used very low-interest yen credit offered by South Korea's commercial banks to finance speculative mortgages in the country's real-estate market. This has left Korean households with large unhedged exposure to the Japanese yen and South Korean banks facing the prospect of widespread mortgage default in the event of the yen's reversal. South Korea's commercial banks also have enormous unhedged exposure to the yen through massive carry trades on their own balance sheets.

83 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-02-28 12:26 ID:MPt1QME4

i just knew this now..
how terrible.. can't imagine.

84 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-10 09:42 ID:5MSw5WpM

Now in Japan almost prostitution business owner are Korean(zainishi),then many prostitute are coming to Japan illegally from Korea.They do not care law, moral, and another person.

At The World War 2, Korean engaged same business.
So no one related in Japanese about prostitute business.
Korean prostitute got more than 30 yen (much higher than Japanese soldier at The War Land.)
All Korean prostitutes are hired by Korean, and Korean Government also issued ad to hire Korean prostitutes.

At The World War 2, Japan invaded to China, but Japan did not invade to Korea.Korea hoped to be Japan instead of to prevent invaded by China or Russia. Even if Ito Hirobumi (first prime minister) opposed it.(He was killed Korean terrorist, that's why from this idea).So he was assassinated.

This problem was made Japanese ASAHI MEDIA at first, this company is controlled by Korean (ZAINICHI).(Most media have been controlled by Korean.)These medias forcibly broadcast what seems all Japanese must like and respect to Korean TV star, Korean singer, Korean Idea ...anything about Korean every day in Japan.

If you are company owner strongly recommend about [Do not hire Korean in your company]Your company may occupied and controlled by Korean like in Japan.

And please understand about Japan is not going to radical nationalist.We dislike only Korean, North Korean, Chinese(not all)behavior. There is many problem with them in Japan, but Japanese Maida and police always hide away their problems.

For example,

When English girl was killed in Japan, At first Japanese police dose not movie.(Lucie Blackman)

At that time, everybody think about it must be done by Korean, but nobody say anything.

Pachinko and Casino (Yokohama area) they are not arrested by their illegal.

Also yakuza, many cult religions ( SOUKA is biggest religion in Japan and control koumei political party.)Political party, (koumei , Shyamin ) Shyamin political party also is controlled by Korean. ( NIHONSEKIGUN radical Korean terrorist)

RENTAL MONEY BUSINESS (Officially regale business, actually they do not care kill person or makePeople going to suicide for money. )

They are so dangerous.

85 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-10 14:29 ID:W0h+07AI


High-rise hookers
AT $240 an hour, these Korean sex workers could have worked off their fines before dinner yesterday,
after appearing in a Southport court for illegal prostitution.
The ad identified the sex workers as a 'uni party girl, just 18, Japanese, natural 36D, perfect backside'.
The detectives, part of the Prostitution Enforcement Taskforce, arranged to meet the women for sex
at apartments in the Artique and Q1 high-rise towers after responding to a classified advertisement in The Gold Coast Bulletin on February 9.

86 Name: person : 2007-03-13 09:54 ID:GLSAU5+M

You guys understand nothing. I am a Korean/canadian. But I lived in Korea before.
Korea did suffer a lot from Japan, USA, and Russia.
Japan for te war, USA and Russia for spliting the 2 koreas apart.
Yes we are victims but I think this generation is slowly forgiving everything.
Remember people... We are all humans and we all make mistakes. But mistakes can be forgiven so I hope that every countries can be forgiven.
And yeah Korea went in to a debt problem because of the communist north korea attacking us... But hey it's not our fault that the Korea was split in 2 which started this.
But hopefully everyone will realize that the people in earth should be counted as a whole.

87 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-13 13:10 ID:HtimfMTK

a lot of korean emigration to fucking run away their millitaly service.suck

>>Korea did suffer a lot from Japan, USA, and Russia.

who up your country literacy rate 3-90 those days? who created your country road?who up average life span 25-40? why korean people so racist to japan? i hope bamg korea on world map.poacher!!!! thet don`t even know how to sports

88 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-13 13:21 ID:HtimfMTK

i`m a italy/japan. and korean racism are sucks.
they are most worst people i think

89 Name: person : 2007-03-14 01:54 ID:GLSAU5+M

87 ummmm Not all Korean people are racist to japan... Like me. I am Korean but I love japan. I respect their culture, I love their animes and media, and I want to visit japan as well. I mean of course there will be racists in the world... Like some older koreans or some hate japan because of warand such... And some japanese hate korean... For some weird reason.
The new generations are doing better but still.. I just hope that we all can get along soon... Because we are all asians and humans after all.

90 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-14 11:33 ID:K+loP5Dl

91 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-15 13:44 ID:BXYU98va

I'll show you the real Korean liar.
Look at the contradictory statement made by the comfort woman, Lee Yong-soo.

contradiction: age/ situation of going of the house
CNN: 14/ soldiers took her from her home
US house of representative: 16/ I tip towed out of the house

Lee Yong-soo, 78, a South Korean who was interviewed during a recent trip to Tokyo,
said she was 14 when Japanese soldiers took her from her home in 1944 to work
as a sex slave in Taiwan.

U.S. House of Representatives: Statement of Lee Yong-soo
In the autumn of 1944, when I was 16 years old, my friend, Kim Punsun, and I were
collecting shellfish at the riverside when we noticed an elderly man and a Japanese man
looking down at us form the hillside......
A few days later, Punsun knocked on my window early in the morning,
and whispered to me to follow her quietly. I tip-toed out of the house after her.

92 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-03-18 16:26 ID:13XPAF+F

There seems to be a shift from demanding apologies, now to a more vocal claim that Korean culture is the source of everything in Asia. A Los Angeles Japanese food restaurant called "Ginza Sushi" is owned and operated by Koreans. (Most Japanese food places in America are run by Koreans and Chinese) He made a statement that sushi is actually Korean, and has been eaten in Korea for "over 1000 years". He also claimed that Japanese have only eaten sushi since World War II, getting it from the Koreans.

Even more radical Koreans claim that Japanese and well as Chinese (the new surge of nationalism finds bitterness over China seizing Manchuria in the distant past as well) culture is really all derived from Korea.

93 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-16 11:40 ID:RiFNR0Yt

I am Japanese. We learn history from text books including advices from Korea and China. So I have been feeling guilty about the WW2. Some japanese people being racial but most of Japanese are living with the guilty.

When my Chinese room mate was out, her boyfriend entered with the spare key gotten from my room mate and tryed to rape me. I rejected him and as soon as he left, I called my room mate and talked about what happened and also not to give him a spare key anymore. Then my room mate said "Everything is your fault because all boys think Japanese girls are slut. And my boyfriend hates Japs because of the pat" I could not say anything.

And now I have a fiance whose ex is korean. The korean ex told and sent letters to his family that "Japanese girls have venereal disease. Should not let them date." "You need to know how Japanese were bad during WW2" and so on, even I had not even met her at the moment. So when I had a chance to talk with her. I asked why she had to do that to me. Then she said "I hate Japs. You Jap deserved it. Think about the history."

What they said is not wrong. I understand that they must have predjudice against Japanese from the history. But the problem is I hesitate always because of the past. I don't want to hesitate when I say my opinion, but I do really hesitate.

We must need to live with the guilty but also I want people to know many japanese people struggle for the guilty.

94 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-16 11:45 ID:RiFNR0Yt

I also have to say that I have good Korean and Chinese friends. And I don't want to say bad about the room mate and my fiance's ex also. They both are respectable in society just they hates me because of the past. I believe they don't want to have such past too.

95 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 09:55 ID:sg9Qt5ze

96 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 11:08 ID:clF/0fFq

97 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 11:16 ID:clF/0fFq

98 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 11:46 ID:Gk5UA8r9

The following is an article of Korean newspaper, Japanese edition. According to the article, one Korean student in VA Tech said in a telephone interview "Because of the massacre, we will have to conceal outr nationality. If somebody asked me, I'm going to say that I'm Chinese or Japanese."

If you want to read more, just translate the article Japanese to English.

This, attributing their fault to other innocent people, is an characteristic of Korea.

99 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 12:14 ID:g1KOvud+

I convey a condolence about a case of this university heartily from Japan

100 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 12:23 ID:4uqZo5cw

Fuck Korea!!!

Community site in Japan and South Korea

From "enjoykorea"

List of satire picture of national newspaper of South Korea

101 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 12:23 ID:4uqZo5cw

Fuck Korea!!!

Community site in Japan and South Korea

From "enjoykorea"

List of satire picture of national newspaper of South Korea

102 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 12:23 ID:4uqZo5cw

Fuck Korea!!!

Community site in Japan and South Korea

From "enjoykorea"

List of satire picture of national newspaper of South Korea

103 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 14:50 ID:WfrM5uiY

korea is most poor people in the world because of VA Techshooting.
the gun man has typecaly korean's characterristic.

104 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 15:38 ID:vIveP37Z

   / ∪ ∪

105 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 16:21 ID:sCjwDYcv

and many Korean

<`Д´ *>

106 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 16:23 ID:p4pn/Vjg

There are two things that I hate in this world.

One is racism, and ............... the other is Koreans.

107 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 20:02 ID:7VutnNPV

108 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 20:09 ID:7VutnNPV

korea in 19c

korean says
"korea`s culture was greater than chinese culture and japanese

( ゚д゚)

109 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 20:42 ID:7VutnNPV

Koreans pathological mentality is driving people in Taiwan, Japan, and China to their wits' end...

(1) Koreans were once insisting that Ichiro was a Korean. But, their tone suddenly changed when Ichiro said at the WBC preliminary matches in Asia, "We want to outgame opponents to the degree of leaving the impression that Japan is unbeatable coming 30 years." (Ichiro said like that, but intentionally or inadvertently his remark was misleadingly translated in Korea.) Many hyper-reactive anti-Japanese Koreans literally hyper-reacted at his remark. They appears to have felt that they got mocked, and they are still with the feeling of being abused.. In fact, Ichiro didn't mean any insult to anybody. He just wanted to express his enthusiasm for WBC to inspire the team as the team leader. But, since then, many pathological Koreans have harbor deep-seated hatred against Ichiro too persistently.. Interestingly, they suddenly stopped rewording Ichiro was a Korean. Instead, their endless quest to diminish Ichiro began. They cannot stop. Koreans pathological persistence has been sickening Japanese people in every way. This is just one of those examples.

(2) Koreans insist that every shining Asian individual should be a Korean. That's their diseased fancy or pathological idiosyncrasy. In Taiwan, Taiwan people are really dismayed to know that Korean people are now insisting that Chien-Ming Wang (NYY) is a Korean. That made the big TV news in Taiwan, and Japan. Of course, Wang is not a Korean.

(3) In China, the same kind of trouble is happening right now. Koreans are now insisting that Confucius was actually a Korean, and trying to apply for their own ceremony dedicated to Confucius with the UNESCO World Heritage!! Not only this, but they are also insisting that it was the ancient Koreans that invented the Chinese writing system. They are also trying to apply for this surprising allegation with the UNESCO World Heritage in a serious manner. Chinese people are really pissed.

(4) Other hard-to-believe Koreans assertion.. you may laugh.. but they are serious believe it or not...

  • David Beckham is a Korean. British people are descended from Koreans.
  • Carl Lewis is a Korean.
  • Korea is the root of the ancient Mesopotamian, Indus, Egyptian, and Chinese civilizations.

It's only a matter of time that Koreans starts asserting that Jesus Christ was a Korean. This is not a joke. SERIOUS!!

Personally, I suspect that their pathological mentality of this sort is the reflection of their inferiority complex.

110 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 20:55 ID:7VutnNPV

anti-American sentiment of south korea


111 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-18 22:44 ID:7VutnNPV

112 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 04:27 ID:g1KOvud+

I gave prayer to a victim today from Japan.
I feel unable to stay when I think about a feeling of family

113 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 07:48 ID:AERGB+rO

So is it true that South Koreans hate USA?

114 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 13:45 ID:GWI5GutS

Never mind.
They hate Japanese and all country (except china)

Because Koreans are crazy.

115 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 14:28 ID:CLc/kNL8

Koreans are CRAZY.

that's all

116 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 20:09 ID:qNiBrCw2

I only know one Korean (not that many in the UK) but he's pretty much the nicest guy I know. You can all take your racism and fuck off back to 2ch.

117 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-19 23:11 ID:g1KOvud+

I gave prayer for a victim.
A Japanese of all the members, a Korean does not regard it as a geek.
It will be some Japanese.

118 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 00:28 ID:FUVWg8lX

119 Name: Rest in peace... : 2007-04-20 03:47 ID:x2xtqPM6

First, I thought, the case of Virginia Tech massacre is very personal crime.
When I knew the reaction of other Korean, I could understand that my way of thinking is too childish.

Just after the case happened, a newspaper of South Korea printed an article of satire cartoon.
In the article, they express the ridicule to the U.S.( gun society of U.S. ) , clearly.
In their BBS, many Internet users of south Korean concluded that a criminal must be a Japanese , and looked down on both Japan and U.S.A.

After we know the criminal was a Korean, they begun to think excuses immediately.
government did not show sympathy of condolence to victims and first, they worried about Korean citizens in the US.

Their first priority is always "themselves".

After that, they beginning to say,
" this is not Korean's sin! this is the sin of Gun society of US!! "
" Rather we are also victims! "
"He is completely American! not Korean!"
I remember Korean prided the win of "Toby dawson" as great victory of excellent Korean race of us...

Cho and Toby is same emigrant, nevertheless, one is the pride of Korean race,
one is an unrelated American.
 I can not believe "all story" which Korean claim, after now.

120 Name: Kira : 2007-04-20 07:29 ID:GLSAU5+M

Korean, japanese, Americans, etc. does not matter. We should not point fingers on a specific race. When we start doing that, then we become racists as well. Heres the solution, there are many different kinds of people in the world, good people, bad people, crazy people, etc. That is all.

Humans are humans... I hope you smart people realize that.

121 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 09:04 ID:FUVWg8lX

Do not do the idea stop in the racial discrimination.
A wrong place cures and is natural.

122 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 11:36 ID:Gk5UA8r9

Think again & again what you wrote here after reading korean newspaper articles and seeing their ridiculous cartoons.
Korean ideology is quite strange and different from us.

123 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 12:25 ID:qNiBrCw2

The same thing would have happened anywhere in the world. Every country has newspapers that print stupid cartoons and biased articles, and they certainly don't represent the views of the country as a whole. The UK has a couple of newspapers called the Daily Express and Daily Mail, which are notorious for distorting the truth to make it fit their own racist agenda.

124 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 12:30 ID:lIJD2iKJ

No, Korean POLITICIANS are crazy. We all know that politicians have nothing to do with human beings.

125 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-20 15:54 ID:pE/N+6Is

Korean are Urine!

126 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-21 11:33 ID:4S8w6KLI

Nu-soku kara kimasuta ( ^ω^)

127 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-21 16:08 ID:7VutnNPV

128 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-22 10:51 ID:LDBOk1IK

All of you please calm down.
Is not it for it to be important to give prayer to a victim?

129 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-23 06:12 ID:x2xtqPM6

When we know impossible demands that from Korea to Japan, we can understand easily the backbone of this crime and Cho Seung-Hui had a typical Korean way of thinking.

In fact, all Koreans are thinking that their unhappy situation was caused by Japan by history!
Because of this, they demand and demand to Japan, but never reflect on themselves.
Generally Korean thinks.
"my misfortune is caused by somebody"
This way of thinking is from their tradition religion "Confucianism".

 This strange way of thinking is called culture of "grudge( Hann )".

"I am not bad! The bad things are all from others!"

If Cho Seung-Hui inherited this culture from parents,
Korea race is not having nothing to do with this mysterious crime of grudge.

This is not racism. This is only the fact.


130 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-24 01:25 ID:Heaven


131 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-25 20:20 ID:Heaven

>>130 unless it's Cho Seung-Hui

132 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 07:23 ID:x2xtqPM6

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today's " hysterics historic news " from Korea!
( This article are written by Korean, Perhaps, you need web-translator to read. )

Korean claim that " At the beginning 20th century, U.S.A. offered a fund and controlled Japan and ordered to Japan to annex Korea. America is one of immoral countries against Korea in the history!"

Hmm, Korea seems to be only one country which have complete morals on the earth! Wow, great!

We may respect Korean!
Hey, you! you must look up to great kimuchies... Korean!

133 Name: America : 2007-04-26 07:37 ID:Heaven

Time we did that again, isn't it?

Hello good people of Japan. We see that you have been keeping your nationalist citizen-militia in fine shape through internet flaming. As dictated by our secret control of your country's financial resources, we order you to annex North Korea post haste.

If you cannot comply, do not show your filthy yellow faces on our bulletin boards again. (Also, Toyota will become a subsidiary of GM.)

134 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 08:41 ID:x2xtqPM6

You must understand "the law of the cursed Korea".

By "the law of the cursed Korea", a country falls if they annex Korea.

This " law of the curse " is absolute in the history.

In the history, Korea obey old China.
As a result, old China was destroyed.

Next, Empire Japan annex Korea.
As a result, Empire Japan was destroyed.

In the next, Korea obey U.S..

At the wars after pacific war, U.S. took Korea to many wars.
As a result,
U.S. had never win wars!
Korean war, Vietnam war! Iraq Somalia, etcetc!
Now, U.S. is one of the most weak country at wartime.

This phenomenon is not confined to the national level.
Unreason misfortune will visit you if you have sympathy to Korean.

" Cho Seung-hi " remind us this law.

Hmm, " the law of cursed Korea" is terrible!!
But now, U.S. have a responsibility for liberation of Korea by win of WW2.

Please take care of them.

Perhaps, unfortunately, most of Japanese never want that cursed poor Korea.

This is true. Relieve, all Korean. (^^;

135 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 13:46 ID:kmINFnR8

Koreans are mentally sick because they eat dog.

Koreans are ugly square-shaped face because they eat dog.

Koreans are stink because they eat Kimuchi.

So, let's terminate Koreans.

136 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 13:46 ID:kmINFnR8

Koreans are mentally sick because they eat dog.

Koreans are ugly square-shaped face because they eat dog.

Koreans are stink because they eat Kimuchi.

So, let's terminate Koreans.

137 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 13:54 ID:Heaven


138 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-26 23:58 ID:X6lqJLd9

Man, anti-Korean racists to the max! D8

139 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-27 00:03 ID:Heaven

You must remember.
" Racism against Japan " is more terrible.

140 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-27 02:02 ID:Heaven


141 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-28 13:32 ID:TC3G/+JV

142 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-29 00:26 ID:TfLKGimf

  • Akiraakira Asahara → Aum Shinrikyo leader. It is a scattering indiscriminate murder as for sarin. Lawyer Sakamoto family slaughter. An overseas newspaper is korean and writes. Gendai Weekly is a scoop. It talks voluntarily by the talk before the event. - Child bloodshed of Mamoru → Osaka Ikeda elementary school between houses. 15 murder people every eight people are minor and serious injuries. Korean people village coming from
  • East Shinichiro → Seito Sakakibara. Neck switching off apprentice in Kobe. The school gate is decorated with the severed head. Two person murder. Korean people in former Japan
  • Curry event with Masumi Hayashi → Wakayama poison. 63 poisoning people every four people are injured. Naturalized citizen
  • Video shooting and torso murder that rapes Ogenshiro → Kanagawa naturalization person and two (Canesacane) women of British people Australian people
  • Dog lover serial killer in Sekine former → Saitama. Four people are murdered. Nichira is incinerated with the reduction taking drum, and it throws to the river.
  • Korean people in Japan who has it throw out Masato Okazaki → Nara rock to several-time girls' head and die
  • Kim Mins → South Korean international student burglar murderer. A Japanese elderly couple is very killed and wounded with cutlery.
  • Professor of Riazumaitsu → South Korean spindle tree country university. Japanese actress N is raped in Tokyo while coming to Japan for the play seeing.
  • It comes to Japan by the escape purpose while putting on the wanted list in Cane → South Korean sexual assault. 100 housewives or more continuous are raped in Osaka.
  • Money radish → South Korean's rape continuous child abuse assault homicide. Girl death of six people
  • "Use of the crumb crusher" person related to → of Shoichi Lee South Korean Tokyo television is raped and 140 introducing by him/herself girls are raped.
  • It invades from Shizshuu 1→ South Korean Tottori University Wautayama veranda to woman's room and nine people are raped.
  • → South Korean Nagano "Look for the cat together" of the Cho this morning and the girl of four years in the elementary school are raped.
  • It threatens with and Sonte → South Korean Yokohama cutlery, and 14 girl school children are raped.
  • The threat hands and feet are raped with Sonnaoyoroco → South Korean Tokyo knife and after it blindfolds it with the bind undergarment, 19 housewives are raped.
  • The wound is made to be received by the Korean University school fresh lagoon wooden sword of Saisatoshiei → North Korea census register, and two 18-years old girls are raped in the car.
  • Korean University Couu ditto and accomplice of money Nominol → North Korea census register. Besides, the accomplice of another year of 19(Korean census register).
  • Taa → South Korean cult "Providence" founder of a religion. 1000 Japanese, 100 Taiwanese, and U.S.-Britain French people, etc. are raped.
  • ..violation.. . of stabbing Hiroshiocona → South Korea census register Aum Supreme Truth religious cult executive and event of Hideo Murai stabbing to death to deathIs it participation of North Korea in the back?
  • National Police Agency chief Takaji of Kunimatsu sniper case. The badge made in North Korea is discovered from the vicinity of the site and won coin in South Korea etc. are discovered.
  • Setagaya family slaughter event. The gathered fingerprint is South Korean's man and is corresponding. Cooperation cannot be received from the South Korea police.
  • Tokyo property person murder-robbery event. In South Korea, the wristwatch that is deprived sells it. It is investigating thinking the crime of the South Korean group.

143 Name: Kira : 2007-05-01 09:33 ID:GLSAU5+M

Don't hate korean... Don't hate any race.

I mean I don't hate any race...

I mean Should I hate Brown people because they killed many people through the terrorism?

Should I hate blacks for many violences?

Should I hate Japan for taking over korea for many years in the past?

Should I hate white people because they made bad decisions such as war in Iraq?

Should I hate North Korea for being a communist and not joining up with South Korea?

The answer is A BIG DEFINITE NO!

Why because that's not true.

It's just few of those individuals and the government who does things...

Not all people should get blamed at this... People who should get blamed for these are people who are evil that do those kind of evil things.

If you are going hate people then hate people who made wrong decisions and did 9/11, War in Iraq, Virginia Tech, etc.

Yes, I am a Korean. But I just want to defend those people who are innocent but are being hated because of different skin colour, culture, and ideals.

Thank you all. I hope you will respect everyone and only hate those are doing wrong deeds.

144 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-05-02 02:34 ID:/2RbhlCm

You japanese should think before insulting Korean!
Korean is responsible for surpreme animation on Japan "MUSASHI GUNDOH"

145 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-05-03 04:50 ID:+zzD5IVR


There're 10 major family name of South Korean.
Those family name occupied 64% of South Korean.
Take care of around you!!

Lee, Kim, Pak/Park, Choi, Jun, Gang, Cho/Jho, Yun, Jung and Rim.

Those family name are not for Japanese.

146 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-05-04 14:33 ID:gltTFA2j

Why they did not talk about all prostitution broker were Korean.
Evidence (Korean AD, Korean Broker name.)
(There is no evidence to Japanese has go profit by comfort women)
Korean prostitution AD ( For UN military from Korea City Office)

147 Name: noname : 2007-05-06 18:19 ID:gcfi5cIv

일본놈들! 신났구만... 한국 까대니까 좋냐? 일본판 2ch로도 모자라서 아예 영어판까지 만들었구나. 멍청한 새끼들! 언제나 남을 까대기를 좋아하는 천박한 섬나라 난장이들... 천박한 놈들!!!

149 Name: <丶`∀´> : 2007-05-21 21:26 ID:5ixvXY5N
Korea is country of pitiful copy

150 Post deleted by moderator.

152 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-05-24 03:54 ID:x2xtqPM6

This is Korean noble "demonstration."
Korea citizen group tearing the body of living pig to protest movement of the military authorities corps.

Hmm,, this cultural background.....We can understand the behavior of Cho Seung-Hui easily.

153 Name: I`m here : 2007-05-31 07:05 ID:bv8/+1LU

Jap is monkey.

that`s all.

very 'kusai'.

154 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-06-12 04:19 ID:oZavZ50o

What? Kimuchi smell?

155 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-06-25 03:12 ID:SZoCEkoQ

Barbaric acts of Japanese emperor which prohibited a Korean strange custom.
(During Japanese annexation)

  1. [A trial stomach]

In Korea that "is only the tool that a woman bears a child" "a tool (a woman) must not be a defective article". Thus, I let a man saying with "a kind man" violate a daughter to prove that it "is this street, the body which can become pregnant" and let I am in condition to have become pregnant and put a sedan chair. Korea governor-general's office prohibited it so that a right of inheritance of a born child became a problem.

2. [a lick shit]
A folk remedy to judge that I have human feces, and physical condition of the person improves if the taste is bitter, and physical condition turns worse if sweet. It was forbidden after Japan-Korea merger to be in sanitary.

3. [Defecation on a street]

A figure of the common people playing the stool in the British
traveler's diary that visited Korea of last years of Rhea
Dynasty is recorded. The Korea governor-general's office gave
an order to prohibit defecation on a street many times, but
there was not the effect.

4. [A weak constitution dance]
Traditional arts laugh of the people whom I pretend to be a
physically handicapped person and a sick person exaggeratedly
and make a physically handicapped person and a sick person
laughing stock, and watched it. It was prohibited from it
being preferable for a Japanese sense with Japan-Korea merger
promptly, but revived after independence.

5. [Topless Chima Chokoli]

According to the reputation, it is the Chima Chokoli which let a chest crop out. Because wearing was forgiven only by the woman who delivered the eldest son who was an inheritor, it was a pride for a Korean woman before Japanese merger. picture before and after Annexation

156 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-02 15:11 ID:rloaVeks

4. [A weak constitution dance] in Korea

157 Name: Nobody : 2007-07-08 06:55 ID:RnpJMk+K

I'm from the U.S.A. and I find this whole thing here to be really damn funny. Once you get to this side of the prime meridian, everyone without eyelids seems the same... like Mexicans lacking eyelids!

158 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-08 22:59 ID:uRT5ZilT

I like Korea and I like Japan. When you consider the situation, the conflict is usually always political, not cultural. The Japanese like Korean cultural imports, and the Koreans have been embracing Japanese culture since the 90's and before. But, when the highly politicized nationalists start attacking the culture of the other nation for political reasons, that's when it gets really ugly.

I guess you just have to pick a side and be happy.

159 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-11 09:50 ID:GLSAU5+M

People who hates korea or japan are just stupid in my opinion I mean they are both great countries. If you haven't visited there and saying stupid things like "I hate ____" are dumb. I mean do you even know their history and their feelings? Well do you? And don't assume things because of rumors and such!

160 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-12 07:53 ID:FOVpjsQO

Your lack of vocabulary (stupid stupid dumb) and mention of "history and their feelings" makes me want to say "please stay out of this discussion till you grasp the basic facts about life."

161 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 09:28 ID:GLSAU5+M

Facts about life: I have to stand up to people like they 160, who thinks he is all high and mighty. Sorry but I am not cocky and arrogant.

162 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 09:29 ID:GLSAU5+M

*(take out they) so late here

163 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 14:34 ID:LBwGH3L5

Japan has superior culture. Why korea want to be korea?

164 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 15:28 ID:Heaven


Korean culture may not be as famous, but it's rich and distinct, and growing in impact along with the economy (strange how cultural impact coincides with economic footprint, isn't it?). Korean movies are increasingly popular worldwide, as is Korean music and games. And Korea, being the world's most broad-band penetrated country, also has the only mainstream eSports scene in the world.

So stop bashing Korea, even if they do eat dogs (at least the older generation) and believe in shamans and fan-death.
The young Korea is something different.

165 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 20:11 ID:Heaven

>>161 yes you are, because you are a woman.

166 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-13 20:15 ID:bUiJZ+tS

Nothing against you. Nice culture, although it looks too imported. I'm not sure that they have any proper history to base their future on. Just another modern liberal nation with no history. Good bye to you when oil runs out or USA goes away.

167 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-14 05:25 ID:4A7xfiCr

Just so you know, I'm not Korean, so I have no bias here.

There's a lot of rich Korean history, I think you're mistaken.
Especially if you're into Japanese culture/history, you should know that a lot of Japanese history/culture is shared with the Korean civilizations that thrived there in the beginning of the last millenium. Japan without Korea would be like England without ancient Scandinavia (that's actually not such a bad comparison).

Political-economics are very important in history, they define the strength of culture in our historical perception. Korea as an imperial state spent most of its history as a tributary state to China, so the poor sucker has got a big neighbor to over-shadow it culturally, as economically, despite the fact that it was the birth-place of some very great technological innovations and cultural developments.

  • Things like metal moveable type, the Hwa'cha (like the first rocket loncher), the first armored war ship, and other stuff.
  • 1,500+ years of rich art history some of which is quite distinct, like Korean celadon pottery, Silla Jewelry, Goguryo murals that are very unique.
  • Unique musical tradition, clothing, language, writing system, tea ceremony, tang soo do...etc. etc.

I guess in recent years in the later periods of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea really stagnated as a state and was very economically poor, and likewise, made a small impression on the western (and Eastern) colonial powers. For them, Korea was just a quaint, socially-backwards little peninsula stuck in the middle of the great imperial interests of its mighty neighbors on at least three sides.

168 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-14 09:00 ID:wgqAISIu

It is true that Korea has lots of unique things. Japan and korea (even china)'s cultures are a bit similiar due to the japan invading china and korea back in the days before WW2. But if you notice their languages are different and same with fashion, entertainment etc.

169 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-14 17:31 ID:uRT5ZilT


When did Japan invade China before WW2? Are you talking about the first Sino-Japanese war 1894-1895? That was a small war by comparison to the second, and not really an invasion. In either war, though, I wouldn't say Japan had that huge a cultural influence, certainly a political one though.
And in Korea, Modern Korean nationalism essentially rose out of Anti-Japanese resistance, they did they're very best to reject the Japanese cultural impositions of the colonial era.
Chinese and Korean political attitudes are very different from those of Japan as well.

170 Name: 166 : 2007-07-14 20:43 ID:kXxzIbo8

And I'm not Japanese, and I'm from a country that sent soldiers to support the south during the Korean war.

We both have to admit that a culture that has spent some time without external influences has -inherently- a more nationalistic tone and feeling.

Therefor I theorize that such nationalistic nations will survive various hardships better than other multicultural nations of the same caliber.

So, that is why I said the things I said about Korea. If you accept my theory, you will admit Japan is superior to any other nation in the world.

171 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-20 17:09 ID:1W0OI7xF

Today's Korean in Japan (ZAINICHI)
Korean makes Japanese girl to be sex slave.
But Japanese police dose not arrest them.
(You can know from 「Miss Luice Blackman 」)

        English girl was killed by ZAINICHI in Japan.

and All sex Broker was Korean around WW2.

174 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-12 22:16 ID:EZmI4efe

Are Japanese people really this retarded in real life? They act like fucking kindergardens with some inferiority complex towards Koreans.

175 Post deleted.

176 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-16 23:21 ID:GDRrF46S

LOL.inferiority? Go to mental hospital hahahaha

177 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-17 04:06 ID:txYsMivn

Politics since indiscriminate violence ended after WWI suck ass, end of story, it is impossible for people to get along without being total asses to each other.

178 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-18 08:26 ID:PXxzfoA1

I've hypothesized: the relationship between retardedness and loudness is directly proportional.

As for me, I like to think that I'm a friend of everyone.
I am a friend of you.
I am a friend of you.
I am a friend of you.
(You can't see it,but I'm point at the screen.)

179 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-19 04:24 ID:g5yOgfrV

Can that be 'with benefits'?

180 Name: The Internet Pirate : 2007-12-25 20:58 ID:xx2XcSTL

This is the biggest load of garbage ever.
The nice thing is this shows tht the koreans hve indeed come along way from few years ago.
We only ever went to Battle during the Korean War because they wanted us to help them.

Whoops, That destroyed the whole argument.

Dun believe it? Go read a history book. In fact, look through 3 differant authors who wrote about the same subject. You'll find the informtion varies (Sel outs!) But the base facts remain the same.

181 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-12-26 12:54 ID:u4WgwKEv

182 Name: dfasdf : 2007-12-27 21:56 ID:mpfrUfwh

You're all retarded. it's laughable that you're all whining and bitching and moaning over whose dick is bigger than whose you pathetic hemroids.

whiteys niggers japs chinks koreans none of you are superior than the wart growing on my asshole. now kneel down and worship me or i will put your wives, hubbys, sons, daughters, parents, friends in a meat grinder and make a burger out of them. then make you eat them.

183 Name: dfasdf : 2007-12-27 22:16 ID:QMLlUY34

vietnam should ask first if it wants money you idiot, is that so hard to figure? you get nothing unless you ask

184 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-01-01 20:31 ID:+4TTA2u/

South Korea demands additional crackers. Their fiber intake has been lacking lately.

185 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-01-19 15:45 ID:E1uG7Tgn

Why are Japs so obsessed with Koreans? Whenever Koreans are mentioned they flock like birds to harass them. What did they ever do to you?

Most sane people tend to ignore or avoid things they personally dislike. Yet these non-nonsensical spamming japs do the exact opposite. I guess thats what you get when you gather a bunch of jobless virgin social outcasts from Japan and let them scapegoat another country.

I find all this crap written by some of you to be beyond retarded. I know 4-ch is juvenile at times but come on there are limits.

186 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-01-21 01:26 ID:UaA80bIJ

>>but come on there are limits
>>come on there are limits
>>on there are limits
>>there are limits
>>are limits


    , ,  
 ( ‘д‘)
   ⊂彡☆))Д') >>185

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