riaa must fine for actual damages (1)

1 Name: Newshound : 2007-01-06 21:36 ID:c/FCY5o7

RIAA must disclose actual damages for file-sharing

RIAA's price secrets probed

Damned if it tells, damned if it doesn't

By Nick Farrell: Friday 05 January 2007, 07:45

A FILE SHARING court case is getting the RIAA deeper into hot water, this time over the matter of pricing.
For ages the RIAA has been claiming in court that the amount of damages it needs from pirates is $750 per song.

This figure is being challenged in the case of UMG v. Lindor where the RIAA is being told that it must come up with a more realistic figure and closer to the actual damages involved based around the wholesale price for a single.

Observers have been wondering why the RIAA has been fighting to keep its wholesale pricing secret.

Many assumed that it is because the figure is only 70 cents a single. However, according to Ars Technica, the reason might be a bit more important than the problem of file sharing.
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