2ch going to be closed on 22th day of this month (113)

1 Name: 774 : 2007-01-13 08:54 ID:uNjirKg9

hey I'm one of the 774 from 2ch

for does people who likes 2ch

please save them....

heres a quick info

1.35years old salesman's private information leaked out to 2ch
2.salesman's sued 2ch for $50,000
3.the owner of 2ch can pay this amount of money but if he does,
many other people will sue 2ch just like the salesman
4.If the owner of 2ch won't pay the money the 2ch will be closed

theres more info but It's too hard for me to translate...

(only for people who can read japanese)
if you were intrested,check out here

18 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-14 05:31 ID:5UwvKd0m

 <丶`Д´> < ここまでは我慢できた

ウ リ 用 し お り
 <; `∀´> < ここまでは我慢できた

19 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-01-14 05:31 ID:5UwvKd0m


hwabyu━ l|l l|l ━ng!
 (⌒;;..  ∧_,,∧    またカナダ人ニカ!!
 (⌒)人ヽ   ヽ、从
   从ノ.:(,,フ .ノゝ⊃
 人从;;;;... レ' ノ;;;从人

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