Ministry of Silly Walks (5)

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British propose Teaching children how to walk

A teachers' union has suggested the national curriculum should be torn up and children taught life skills instead, such as how to walk.
The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) said children could learn a lot from walking because you need to adapt your technique according to your environment.

Speaking earlier this week, the acting deputy general secretary of the ATL, Martin Johnson, said: "There's a lot to learn about how to walk. If you were going out for a Sunday afternoon stroll you might walk one way. If you're trying to catch a train you might walk in another way and if you are doing a cliff walk you might walk in another way.

"If you are carrying a pack, there's a technique in that. We need a nation of people who understand their bodies and can use their bodies effectively."

His comments came as the union called for major changes to the education system that included the abolition of national examinations for pupils. The ATL would prefer a system where children were assessed by teachers.

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> The ATL would prefer a system where children were assessed by teachers.

nice idea, but then how do you assess the teachers?

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Well, I suppose if they can navigate the hallways without falling, they know how to walk.

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Didn't everyone learn how to walk before they even started school?

This class sounds like maybe it should be for the "special" kids, but even they aren't that dumb and some of them can't even stand up anyways.

It is not so hard to walk properly and it is very easy to meet the pace of different environments. Like when you are walking around in a large busy city where everyone is in a hurry, would you walk very slow and bump into people? I don't think so, unless you are trying to be an ass on purpose.

5 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-04-03 14:22 ID:Z836y0zN

here in the uk you get a lot of chav kids (so, generally poor) walking with fake limps or really exentuated swaggers (this is for the boys that is) in an attempt to look tough. also theyll be postural benefits i suppose. but really, i dont think it will make much of a difference to how kids walk, because what theyll have a 10 minute lesson once a year or somehow and they wont be constantly reminding themselves of good walking posture etc.

i think theres also probably the agenda of wanting kids to walk as exercise so that we dont end up with more of an obesity problem in 10/20 years (which is where we're heading now). with plans attempting to reduce traffic (which are failing miserably haha congestion charge anyone? yeah..) the government is going to want people to feel comfortable walking because theyve done it since they were kids, rather than them getting really fat and then when theyre 30 they suddenly find they have to be able to walk to work because they dont want to be taxed for driving.

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