Gundam goes platinum (3)

1 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-09-07 16:06 ID:r1QJUu+f

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A pure platinum figurine from the popular anime character Mobile Suit Gundam is displayed at Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry's Shinsaibashi branch in Chuo Ward, Osaka, on Thursday. The 12.5-centimeter-tall, 1.4-kilogram figurine, which is not for sale, but valued at 30 million yen, is an 89-piece recreation of the first Gundam model. The shop hopes people in their 30s and 40s who enjoyed the Gundam TV series that began airing in 1979 will stop by to see the figurine, whose head is decorated with a 0.15 carat diamond.
(Sep. 7, 2007)

2 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-09-22 02:08 ID:sCLZSeUB

That's it. I'm making a pilgrimage to see this.

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