[Nissan]Shift The China?[Richard Gere] (2)

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Nissan ★ agonizing choice "is important for China than Richard Gere"
CM row in the last minute Tibet

Speaking of Richard Gere and you know, the big-name actors in Hollywood. The Nissan is to appoint Gear CM
Last minute. The Nissan gears and the cold war between quotation likely.

The company commissioned the car in gear appeared "TIANA". Adults luxury sedan concept
In 2003, which was released popular car models. Industry officials say.
"Nissan is refined atmosphere gear to appoint a study to assess. Appeared to continue negotiations, March 7th
Decided to adopt. 3 is scheduled in late formal introduction of the new contract, on April 9 to 11 to make shooting
Could be. Gold contract is 160 (1 6000) believed. "

However, the move to pour cold water incident. Tibetan uprising. On March 10th unrest in Lhasa
Tibet Autonomous Region from the beginning to expand in one sitting. One theory also reported 130 people dead.

This is why riots, which caused Nissan to be half-hearted?
Actually gear from the previous assistance to the Dalai Lama, the Chinese government has been repeatedly criticized.
1993 Academy Awards ceremony, "China repress Tibetan government," he said. This time
Calls to boycott the Beijing Olympics.
"After such gear to appoint antagonize the Chinese government is inevitable. Nissan China at the end of the 2
08 year's sales target of 500,000 units announced. Offend the Chinese government to achieve the goal;
Rather, could be booted out of the Chinese market and concerns, decided to suspend 18.
Sign a formal contract on the eve because it is not, but it is as good as signed. Gere said
"Broken promise" to show discomfort, poised for a legal battle that show? If Nissan is
I paid 160 million dollars as a further penalty may be required to come "(made out of

Nissan public relations department contacted facts, "I can not comment" answer.
China and the Tibetan government riots板ばさみsuffer from Nissan. Research prior added.

(Japanese reaction)

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Source magazine is not credible because I do not know the truth

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