Olympic torch put out twice during relay in Paris (24)

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The Olympic flame had to be put out twice during the torch relay in Paris due to fierce protests against China's handling of the unrest in Tibet.

Under heavy police security, the relay started at the Eiffel Tower on Monday. But on several occasions, police put the torch inside a police vehicle.

A spokesman for the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee said the relay organizers extinguished the flame twice to ensure safety.
The spokesman said the torch was re-lit using a stored flame.

2008/04/07 23:48

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THe Beijing Olympics should be canceled unless China stops oppression in Tibet.

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who cares about tibet? it's fun just to see the chinks squirm

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The Chinese own so much of the US national debt that they could go ahead and use nerve gas on Tibetans and the US would still have to show up.

We should probably see crackdowns on pro-Tibet protests in the USA pretty soon just to make sure the Chinese don't pull the plug on our financing.

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It was put out five times in Paris, you damned Red sympathiser.

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lol yakniggers

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I find the whole thing strange.

Leftists are commonly confused with communists, but the hollywood crowd and human rights promoters trip all over each other to protest against China for Tibet (which when independent was somewhat of a theocracy).

It's like how die-hard right-wingers side with a Iranian feminist that condemns Islam for oppressing women.

Do they ever see themselves? I don't think so.

9 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-04-10 07:27 ID:Heaven

The average 'hollywood' leftist is more into altruism than communism. They might be attracted to communism as an ideology, but no Marxist state thus far has been able to resist dismantling the democratic process and oppressing its citizens (Chile might have if the CIA hadn't fucked things up,) thus making them unattractive to all but the most extreme political wingnuts. Not to mention China is hardly communist anymore, since they discovered half-assed capitalism works a lot better than half-assed Marxism.

As for Free Tibet, that's a distant memory and the Dalai Lama is a pretty chill dude, so obviously China are the bad guys here and the Tibetans are as white as snow. lulz

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Lama is one evil son of a bitch, but hey which religious leader isn't^^

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"The torch you probably will take from the Tibetan person"the spy whom China?



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The video seems to presume that had the Chinese takeover not taken place, then today in the 2000s there would be no secular education and that disembowelings would still take place in Tibet? Yes, Tibet may have been more like a medieval European country up to the Chinese invasion, but I personally don't think that could have lasted if the country wanted to be taken seriously by the international community.

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Not necessarily. They might have discovered oil.

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Olympic Ghost / Demon / Time Traveler @ Torch ceremony 2008


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Ah oil, the feudal religious despots best friend in the modern world.

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Nothing is made public though Tibet is an epicenter.
The damage situation on the side of China of the quake damage is only made public.
(Though the earthquake shock is being observed by Thailand. )
Chinese says, "One China". However, they seem to think Tibet to be another country.

Prime Minister Fukuda in Japan that declares the support of China that suppresses human rights should retire at once though I am Japanese.
Most Japanese hope he retires ,excluding the journalist and some bureaucrats.
(The journalist in Japan hopes for the moneymaking in the Olympics.
It is reported that the organization of evil named RWB is planning the obstruction of the Olympics that is the festival of peace. )

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I present to you: Should Tibet be free?

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