Confessed Serial Killer Charged In Indianapolis Slaying (2)

1 Name: The Indy Channel : 2008-04-10 23:37 ID:psmn2KGk

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana prosecutor said blood from 10 different victims was found inside the truck cab of suspected serial killer Bruce Mendenhall, 56, who was charged Thursday with a slaying in Indianapolis.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi charged Mendenhall, of Albion, Ill., with murder in the July 2007 slaying Carma Purpura, 31, of Indianapolis. Mendenhall already faced three murder charges in cases in Tennessee and Alabama.

Purpura's body was never recovered, but Brizzi said DNA tests link some of the blood from Mendenhall's truck cab to the woman's parents.

Investigators also found her cell phone, ATM card and clothing she wore on the day she disappeared, Brizzi said.

"Essentially what this serial killer is accused to have done is put the victim's head inside of a Saran wrap, duct tape, electrical tape around the neck and then execute the people with a .22-caliber handgun, which was also recovered in the cab of the truck," Brizzi said.

Mendenhall, who confessed to eight slayings including two in Indiana according to police, is being held in Tennessee.

"The cab of the truck was literally awash with blood," Brizzi said. "DNA analysis … shows that it's not just the blood of one victim."

Purpura was last seen July 11, 2007, at the Flying J truck stop on Indianapolis' south side.

Mendenhall told investigators that he killed a woman he picked up at the truck stop and dumped her body in a trash bin near a restaurant off Indiana 37 just south of Interstate 465.

Police searched the bin and others at nearby truck stops but found nothing. Mendenhall remains under investigation in several states.

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