Federal Way women claim sexual assault by ghost (2)

1 Name: KATU : 2008-04-25 18:57 ID:BMEsQTv7

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Two local women claim they've been sexually assaulted by ghosts.

According to a police report, the two women told officers a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and having intercourse with them at their apartment in the 28600 block of 25th Place South.

One of the women said the assault began when she lived in Kent and followed them to Federal Way. The second woman said her encounters began recently.

The maintenance man in charge of the apartment complex said the women keep calling him saying the ghosts are raping them on weekend nights. He finally told them to call police.

It's an odd case for cops, but it's right up Ross Allison's alley. He's a ghost hunter.

"Cases like this don't pop up that often," he said.

With the emergence of the Sci-fi channel's hit show "Ghost Hunters," paranormal popularity is soaring. And Allison says as the number of ghost shows grows, so do spirit sightings.

"And so they start to label every little interesting thing happening in their home as paranormal when it might just be a house creaking," he said.

Candid questions help ghost hunters sort the eerie from the unstable.

"A lot of times you'll find it might be medications that they're taking or something psychological," Allison said.

The ghost hunter took a walk through the apartment complex where the women say a spirit has haunted them for two years. He said he would need a psychic to check for the presence of a ghost.

Police declined comment on the unusual report other than to say they do not have any investigative leads.

And the women themselves - well, they weren't anywhere to be found, just like the ghost.

2 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-04-26 09:52 ID:ThI9WO+F

Incorporeal beings can only rape corporeal beings if they have magical, +1 or greater genitals.

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