Sex, rape & slaves inserted in sick holiday menu (25)

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Outbound travel has been hit hard this year by such factors as the war on Iraq and the SARS outbreak, but plenty of Japanese have headed overseas on underground tours involving sex, slavery and savagery, according to Tokusatsu Shinsengumi.

For Japanese men sick of plying professionals, there are always the rape brokers of Vietnam - touts who'll apparently drag a woman off the streets so a Japanese man can violate her.

In Ecuador, Japanese can, according to the men's weekly, hunt for children in a different manner as they are armed with a rifle and permitted to track down a youth let loose in the jungle. About 10 Japanese have so far taken part in the tours, with only three getting a shot off at their target and no fatalities reported.

Japanese are tapping into the underground in European countries, too. Belarus attracts a monthly gathering of people from all over the world for its sickening slave auctions.

"Customers are looking for something different these days, right? Eastern Europeans or South Americans just aren't good enough any more. So, I decided to get myself some black women. A coordinator I know told me about the slave auctions in Africa and asked if I was interested in taking part. The coordinator's job is to bring foreign women to Japan. He said he was going to the auction again. I thought it looked interesting, so decided to tag along with him," the operator of an Osaka bordello tells Tokusatsu Shinsengumi. "It was held in Kenya. They brought out over a dozen young men and women and lined 'em all up in front of us like they were products. I asked who they were and was told they were all people badly in debt. Just looking at what was going on, I couldn't possibly buy anybody. I came home empty handed, but I've heard of sex businesses in Japan that use slaves. If they ever got picked up, there'd be an almighty uproar."

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mean ruthless

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Link is broke...repost the article here if you saved it or link us to its mirror.

It does not surprise me. The Underclass has always been pawns of the elites throughout history.

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Ya, who said slavery is ended in our time, Hmmmmph!

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This article has raised terrible anger in Japan now.
Many Japanese are poor at English, so they haven't found the fact that false articles written by the Australian writer have been delivered to the world!
This writer seems to have been asked by Korean authority in this newspaper publisher.
Yesterday, anti-Mainichi Paper demonstration was performed.
It will be also performed in the future.
We are always seriously bothered by Korean's fictitious stories.
The biggest problem for us is that larger media,especially like Mainich Paper, are strongly affected by Korean power now.
Anyway,real Japanese people are very very angry with this article!
And you should know that there are real Japanese and pretended Japanese even in Japan now!

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the journalist is Australian.
why did you say about korean´╝č

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a representative of Mainichi is a Korean.
and Mainichi is anti-japanese media.

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>a representative of Mainichi is a Korean.


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Japanese set the blogs on 'sleazy Australian' writer
Justin Norrie, Tokyo July 5, 2008

NOT so long ago Ryann Connell, an Australian journalist based in Japan, pointed out happily that he was doing his "dream job".

Since accepting police protection from incensed Japanese last week, the chief editor of the Mainichi Daily News English website has been more circumspect.

In the past month the 39-year-old, originally from Melbourne, has become one of the most reviled figures in Japan, where thousands of posters have flooded chat sites to decry the "sleazy Australian journalist" who they feel has deliberately besmirched Japan's image around the world.

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On the bright side, you don't live in a country where the wealthy actually keep third-world immigrants as slaves while calling them "maids."

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Hmmm.....thats quite a true statement...

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waiwai will be back!!!!

2ch have made this a certainty. Thanks for the publicity!!!!!

Long live waiwai!!!!!!!

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I can see where the 2ch'ers and bloggers are coming from here, although I always thought it was obvious that WaiWai was Pravda/Daily Mail/NY Post grade journalism anyway.

Fortunately, it seems that these recent developments will in no way affect the availability of SAITAMASAITAMASAITAMA-related news on MDN.

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At least you do not live in the US. Here everyone is a terrorist and we maintain secret torture jails in the name of freedom and Christianity.

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I scared..........

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lol waiwai

now the link to the article gives an error message.

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WaiWai has always been obvious bullshit, trying to pass off as believable because those chinks are darned funny, ain't they?

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Something like this wouldn't surprise me, Japan is fucked up in many respects. Their education system and entire society is a constant competition to be better than everyone else, and so there is no time for things like sex and the like for many. People end up dissatisfied with their lives as generic businessmen and become depraved fetishists. Although I live Japan, there are certainly some aspects of the country that I loathe.

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Wouldn't this be on par with The Onion here in the US? It's all fun and games until some idiot takes it seriously. :P

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Not really, because MDN always tried to pass off WaiWai as being real.

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