BREAKING NEWS: Sister kicks brother in genitals (3)

1 Name: NWF Daily News : 2008-08-15 13:32 ID:L2JbT8eG

FORT WALTON BEACH - A family disturbance on Cobia Avenue escalated when a 19-year-old woman kicked her brother in the genitals, Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies say.

She is charged with domestic battery.

The brother said she scratched him, too. A deputy noted he had scratch marks on his back and chest and was bleeding from his ears.

In an interview with the sister, she told the deputy she pushed him, slapped him, scratched him and kicked him in the genitals. The topic of the initial argument was not in her arrest report.

2 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-08-15 15:44 ID:bBryjOLi

ouch! She's definitely not my type!

3 Name: Unverified Source : 2008-08-23 17:19 ID:7yEunhjw

Sounds like someone got jealous of her brother's realdoll.

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