New Infectious Disease in China (2)

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A new infectious disease is spreading in large areas of Mainland China. Symptoms are similar to AIDS but it spreads faster between family members, even via bodily fluids like saliva.

Mr. Lin from Yunnan Province caught a disease last May, unlike anything he had seen before.

[Mr. Lin, Yunnan Resident]:
"This disease destroys immunity cells just like AIDS. The lowest amount of immunity cells of some patients is only 200, mine is 400. The doctor couldn't find many antibodies, so he called it 'Fear of AIDS' disease."

Preliminary research shows that patients have symptoms of fatigue, chronic diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, and weakened immunity. But doctors cannot find any sign of the HIV virus.

[Mr. Xue, Hunan Resident]:
"A huge number of people caught the nameless virus but the doctors cannot make a thorough check. So they make a conclusion that it's a 'Fear of AIDS' disease. The symptoms are very much like those of AIDS."

Because the Chinese Ministry of Health doesn't recognize the disease, it has not carried out any investigation. However, patients feel very horrified and sad when they see their family members and friends become infected by coming into contact with their saliva or sweat.

[Mr. Chen, Shanghai Resident]:
"We hope that media reports can pressure the relevant departments to pay more attention to the disease. Do not make any irresponsible conclusions and say it is caused by fear or psychological effect – it is a real virus. Many doctors, including doctors from Beijing also say this is an infectious disease."

Doctors from mainland China also believe patients might catch the disease. However, the exact number of people infected remains unknown and what the mortality rate is, and how many have died from it.

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