Living next to Obama's house sucks! (5)

1 Name: Unverified Source : 2009-09-21 21:12 ID:hcdZ383o

Read this article about a guy trying to sell his house that is next to Obama's in Chicago:

Ok...WTF...the Secret Service blocks off the street and now you need a "background check" to access your own home or sell it? So much for property rights and home ownership in America. What happens if I do not pass a background check? I have to move or sell or just give it to the govt? I am sure the limousine liberals just love the idea of "people must be cleared to live next to the magic black man" but as a "common person" this is a real pain in the ass for those poor bastards who live there.

Just my two cents, but seriously...who in their right mind would put up with this? So he is the what? All that means is he was a better liar to get into office than the other guy and since America has rigged elections, does it matter he was the better liar?

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Just my two cents, but you're a fucking loon.

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How do you figure sport's fan?

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I wonder what Barry Soretino's house is worth.

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