What's that mystery meat at Taco Bell? (4)

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http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jyQUqgmRJwLXZ3mbpF_aPjyESrVg?docId=ffb11026731745f8a1c8706d496f311e <-- Lawsuit reveals Taco Bell doesn't use real meat. When asked for comment, this Taco Bell ran inside a KFC to hide in shame: http://i.thestreet.com/files/tsc/v2008/photos/all-pics/companies/k/KFC-and-Taco-Bell-inside-small1.jpg

For those outside the USA, "Taco Bell" is an American fast-food restaurant chain, selling inexpensive pseudo-Mexican food.

There have been rumors about the quality and origins of the meat they use for many years, but there are similar rumors about every fast-food restaurant chain. Probably all are true. (;;o_o)

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Burger Lord, anyone?

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This is kind of thing is one of the reasons I actively avoid fast food restaurants.

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if Taco Bell's top management were smart, they could spin this. "Low-cholesterol meat blend, high in vitamins and fiber," etc. Lots of American consumers seem to want to hear that kind of thing. It might even bring about a net sales increase for them. They don't seem to be making the effort, though.

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