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So I wonder if all overed in a mixture of gamericans

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I am Japanese

The force required to protect the lives of the world world
Please help! There is little time remaining

Nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan is highly toxic plutonium around the world, strontium, iodine, threatened the health of people scattered cesium

Despite the radioactive material is scattered around the globe with just a single point of meltdown in the region of Japan

Japan, now lets spread radioactive material world of dark debris caked all over again in all 47 locations across the country!

Thank you, the government and the press

3 Name: Unverified Source : 2011-05-04 19:13 ID:sUrrLMnd

There's nothing to help anymore.
Soon there will be very likely more accidents, just watch news over the world closely. Everywhere you will find "small"(official) accidents.

R.I.P. World.

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