Anonymous Threatens Mexican Cartels (1)

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How Anonymous is threatening a Mexican drug cartel
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If you ever thought of all anonymous Internet users as cowards behind a keyboard, it’s high time to think again. According to reports, Anonymous Mexico is going head-to-head with one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world, the Mexican cartel Los Zetas. Not only has the hacktivist group threatened to reveal names, but it has also started making good to its threats.
How did it start?

Anonymous’ campaign against the cartel could be a response to the alleged kidnapping to one of the group’s members in the city of Veracruz, if a video published on YouTube several weeks ago is to be believed. In the video, a man wearing the famous Guy Fawkes mask expressly threatens the cartel: if the hostage is not released, the voice says, Anonymous will publicly name and shame policemen, officials, taxi drivers and journalists it believes to be linked to the cartel...

My take on this is that until now Anonymous' "merry prankster" antics have been a minor diversion on the world stage, minor comedy. When Anonymous defaces the Scientologists' web pages, no one much cares. When they make vague threats against AT&T for blocking a Web page they like, no one much cares. But now they appear to want to wage war against Mexican organized crime groups that have more wealth and more resources than most governments on this planet do. And it's possible that a randomly selected Zeta hoodlum may not be very technically inclined--but the top bosses have billions of dollars to spend, billions with a B, and there is no shortage of technical talent for hire in this world, and Mexico's narco-Mafia is nothing if not ruthless.

One wonders whether Anonymous knows what he's starting here.

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