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1 名前: Anonymous 04/12/21(Tue)05:51 ID:YsFXV9je [Del]
Posting in case one of you bilinguals here feels like contributing.

2 名前: Anonymous 04/12/27(Mon)07:48 ID:b3u3808g [Del]

Neat. Too bad I'm not bilingual. I only speak English and ebonics.

3 名前: Anonymous 04/12/27(Mon)16:40 ID:Ihlt09cP [Del]

I should also point out there's an English textbook too.

4 名前: Anonymous 04/12/27(Mon)21:34 ID:Heaven [Del]

fo shizzle.

5 名前: meme 05/02/18(Fri)17:02 ID:mSFtFvQ4 [Del]

I'm searching for japanese book+cd can anyone suggest any title?

(need to focus on kanji)

6 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/19(Sat)02:05 ID:YOSE9uQ3 [Del]

Situational Functional Japanese by Tsukuba Language Group

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