English soliloquy (845)

1 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)04:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

Please talk to yourself in English, and leave.
Others don't need to give a response.

2 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)04:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

This year will be over in three days. I want 4-chan to be
more and more popular.

3 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:01 ID:Heaven [Del]

× 4-chan
○ 4-ch

4 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

I think 4-chan system is better than 2-chan, because the
"sage" system is wonderful. By using "sage" everybody
uses the same ID. If a poster doesn't use "sage", he/she
has to show an independent ID. But how is it possible?
The founder of 4-chan must be a programmer.

5 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

I noticed it for the first time. It's not 4-chan but 4-ch.

6 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's snowy today here in Japan.
In retrospect, however, it was burning hot in this summer.

As almost all Japanese people remember,
there were bad things happening this year, such as
flooding, earthquake, and so on.

Environmental destruction caused devastating disersters.
The world has been crying. And it started to retaliate
against human beings.
What should we do to help it?
Nothing can stop it. The other day, a huge earthquake
happened before flooding lots of nations
surrounding the indian ocean, killing numerous people.

The more prosperous human beings are, the more
unfortunate things happen.
This is dilemma. We live happy to destroy the earth.

7 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's snowy today here in Japan.
In retrospect, however, it was burning hot in this summer.

As almost all Japanese people remember,
there were bad things happening this year, such as
flooding, earthquake, and so on.

Environmental destruction caused devastating disersters.
The world has been crying. And it started to retaliate
against human beings.
What should we do to help it?
Nothing can stop it. The other day, a huge earthquake
happened before flooding lots of nations
surrounding the indian ocean, killing numerous people.

The more prosperous human beings are, the more
unfortunate things happen.
This is dilemma. We live happy to destroy the earth.

8 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:13 ID:Heaven [Del]

What the...?
I'm sorry I didn't want to post the same message.
My mistake.

9 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

South Korean dramas got very popular in Japan this year,
especially among middle aged house wives.
Japanese mass media nicknamed Pe yonjun (a korean actor)
Yon sama( sama nearly means sir).
He made it easier for both Japanese and South korea
to be friends.
According to the TV news I watched before,
those who is learning the Korean language
have been incredably increased in several months.

10 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

Che Ju( an actress also from South Korea) is surely

11 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm very concerned about the big earthquake and
tidal wave. The newspaper says that more than 22000
people were killed by the huge tidal wave. It must have
been more frightening than "Jaws". But a big earthquake
may hit our are as well soon, which has been said more
than twenty years. But we don't still have a big earthquake,
so I feel we may have a big one next year. I'm living on
the seventh floor of an apartment. I'm going to make an
evacuation plan during the Christmas break.
But anyhow I wanna go to a coffee shop to relax.

12 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:44 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'd stay home in this whether, if I were you.

Looking out of the window in my room,
it's heavily snowing outside, tough in where I am.
But it sounds good to me to have some coffee anyway.

13 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)05:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


I think that's a wonderful thing. I'm not Korean, but I am Asian and I'm happy to see that the hatred from sixty years ago is finally disappearing.

14 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)06:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

Let me put you straight.
It depends on what 2ch message board you post on.
The "self-introduction" board (I'm not sure this is it, though)
adopts the same system.

But it's quite a different story about North Korea...
They threatened to blow up Japan by ballistic missiles or
whatever..Well, it's better not to talk about
political matter, I'm sorry.

15 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)06:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

When we think of the past history, it's amazing to me that
the Korean actors and actresses have gained such high
popularity among Japanese people. In a sense some
Japanese people were apt to make little of Korean people.
It's the first time that Korean actors and actresses have
exploded in popularity here in Japan in our history.
And I think this tendency will be good and meaningful
for both the Japanese and the Korean.

16 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)07:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

It stopped raining. I can take a walk.

17 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)09:03 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's funny that this thread made it to 4-ch.

Japanese Monologue Thread @ 4-ch:

English Monologue Thread @ 2ch:


18 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)09:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's terribly difficult to completely understand English
radio programs. I'm now listening to KFNX(Arizona's
Talk Station) through SueferNETWORK. But it's very
fun to listen to CNN news through this radio station.

19 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)12:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have heavy stiff shoulders. I heard only Japanese have
stiff shoulders. I wonder if it's true or not.

20 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)13:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

Cleaning and rearranging my room is really tough job.
It took much longer than I thought. But after
rearranging my room I really feel refreshed. I feel
as if I were in a different world.

21 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)15:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

The period from 29th December to 3rd January is New
Year's break for most Japanese, though it depends on the
companies where they work.
I'm enjoying my free time now. But even if the New Year is
just around the corner, I'm less excited than before.
But I'm looking forward to watching the Pride(Mixed Martial
Arts in Japan) on TV on New Year's Eve. In the past few
years martial arts have gained high popularity. So even on
New Year's Eve two different martial arts programs will be
broadcast on TV. The promoters say they want to get higher
audience ratings than the NHK sponsored New Year's Eve
song show, which has had an audience rating of about fifty
percent for many years.
But on the other hand, the professional wrestling has been
declining in popularity in Japan. We cannot watch the
professional wrestling matches on TV in prime time today.
Maybe the Japanese have got tired of watching fixed matches.

22 名前: Anonymous 04/12/29(Wed)17:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

Again I've stayed up till the wee hours of the night.
I gotta go to bed.

23 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)00:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

I take naps these days. I usually don't. Maybe I am getting older?

24 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)03:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

When I was crossing a street, a car was running towards me
at a violent speed. I was almost hit by the car.
I jumped to the side, when I sprained my right foot.
But the driver went away without stopping. These days
more and more people are getting indifferent to others
and self-centered.

25 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)10:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have to make a sectional bookcase. It's my last
job this year. Assembling a lot of parts is not that

26 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)11:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

Oh, my God!!
My CD player is out of order now!

What should I do?
I burned something on a CD-R and when I put it in the player
so that I would listen to it, that happened!
Can burned CDs break CD players down?
Things like this has never happened before.
I'm so depressed.

27 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)11:26 ID:Heaven [Del]

It took about two hours. I have to make one more
for my wife. I wanna finish ASAP.

28 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)11:58 ID:Heaven [Del]

What took you two hours?

29 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)14:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

Now everything's over. I really feel relaxed. Tomorrow
I gotta watch MMA. It will be so exciting.
New Year's Eve is a big event in Japan. We eat
buckwheat noodles, listening to a Buddhist temple
bell. When I was young, I went to a shrine at mid-
night, and waited for the gate of the shrine to open
for more than one hour. Famous shrines were packed
with more than one hundred thousand worshippers.
But I don't go to a shrine at mid-night any more,
because it makes me so tired and I want to get
enough sleep nowadays.

30 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)15:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

I hope that 4-ch will be one of the biggest message boards
in the world in the near future. But same type of English
message board, "World 2-chan" couldn't last and was gone
aftera all. I want more and more people to post in 4-ch.

31 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)16:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

Then ask them to come.
Few people read the Anonymous thread on 2ch, now that
the thread does not work to attract people to 4ch.

32 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)16:54 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's very difficult to express daily trivialities in English.
Maybe our brain cannot cope with two languages.
My English has been highly influenced by my native
language.  I think even bilingual children cannot be free
from the influence of one language, which is usually the
language that they learned from their mother. If we want to
speak two languages perfectly, we need two brains.

33 名前: Anonymous 04/12/30(Thu)18:00 ID:Heaven [Del]

The last day of the year has come. More than 20% of men who are
over forty are still single in Japan today.

34 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)02:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's snowing. I can't go out on New Year's Eve.

35 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)03:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

It' fun to cook New Year dishes. Oh my, I forgot to buy rice yesterday. I gotta go to a shop to buy rice.

36 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)05:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

Lucky for me, I was taught the English language before any other languages, which means I do not have to learn it later on in my life. However, learning Japanese has been somewhat difficult, due to the grammar and kanji. I would also like to think that this small passage uses correct English spelling and grammar, since all of my sentences contain at least one verb, and are clear, concise and properly puctuated, unlike a lot of other posters in this thread.

37 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)05:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's already past 2:00 p.m. here in Japan. We have only
ten hours left for this year. I hardly wait to eat "Toshikoshi
soba=年越しそば" (buckwheat noodles eaten on New
Year's Eve) .

38 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)08:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

Business Eikaiwa is the best material for learning English.

39 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)08:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

It will start soon. I'm so exited. I feel so good on
New Year's Eve this year. I hope I'll have a lucky year
next year.

40 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)09:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

Expressing one's feelings is one of the best way to get rid
of one's stress.

41 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)13:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

Good English is wonderful, but it is not something to flaunt in front of others who are less fluent than yourself. Rarely outside of writing is there ever a need for perfect English, and having a good grasp of spelling and grammar does not guarantee that you will remember not to write excessively long sentences.

42 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)15:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

I watched two TVs at the same time, because two TV
programs I wanted to see were broadcast just around
the same time. I want to stop it next year, no, this year
because it makes me very tired.

43 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)15:39 ID:Heaven [Del]


44 名前: Anonymous 04/12/31(Fri)16:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

I just came back from year's first visit to the shrine.
Many people visited the shrine. Interestingly enough
a lot of young people were hanging around there.
They must have visited the shrine not to pray but to
meet their friends. All of them had a cell phone, and
were often sending email to someone, or reading email,
or just talking aloud.
Lonely people tend to be attracted to the place where
a lot of people get together even if it is a shrine or
a temple they are least interested in in their everyday

45 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 04/12/31(Fri)19:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Something I was thinking about recently...

The language you learn as you grow up is taught so much by example, and eventually becomes such a tool you use it instinctively, that it's easy to do a lot of things without consciously realising the rules behind them.

If you attempt to learn a new language in later life, your earliest references will probably include a lot of rules on grammar, spelling, and why words are formed in different ways, and even then it's difficult because you don't have the same level of experience to borrow from.

So, even though they sometimes make mistakes, people learning a second language probably know more about how it actually works than most native speakers do.


46 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 04/12/31(Fri)22:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

I am not going anywhere for New Year's Eve.
I will be sitting in my room, in front of my computer
or reading a book.

Later I will watch the fireworks from my window.

47 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)01:34 ID:Heaven [Del]

According to the weather forecast, it was to be cloudy or
to snow on New Year's Day all over Japan. But to my
surprise it's a sunny, wonderful day in our area today.
What happened? It may be a nice year this year.
I will be able to go to a shrine this afternoon. Now I'm
looking forward to New Year's cards being delivered.
I want read them ASAP.

48 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)04:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

I got New Year's cards from some persons who I seldom talked
with in my workplace. There are some people everywhere in the
world who have a strong sense of duty.

49 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)05:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

I wonder if I can improve my English skills this year.
I feel it hasn't changed at all in the past few years.

50 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)08:01 ID:Heaven [Del]

I ate too much. During New Year vacation, I'm apt to eat
too much. Tomorrow I gotta eat much less.

51 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)11:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

Sleeping is the best way to relax.

52 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)14:33 ID:Heaven [Del]

I watched a video. The content was that a star was to hit
the earth, and scientists tried to change the orbit of the
earth and they succeeded.

53 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)15:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have to make my New Year resolutions.

54 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)16:41 ID:Heaven [Del]

A half moon, Orion's Belt, Sirius are shining so beautifully
in the night sky.

55 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)17:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

I was born in the year of the Rooster in the 12-animal
Oriental Zodiac.

56 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/01(Sat)22:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


Me too. I am a metal rooster!

57 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/02(Sun)00:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

Only one more day. I feel sad. I want to get something
that gives me permanent peace and satisfaction anytime
and anywhere.

58 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/02(Sun)02:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some people in 2-channel are so disgusting.

59 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/02(Sun)05:33 ID:Heaven [Del]

Bob Sapp fought against Vanna for the first time
in his life on 31 last month on K-1 ring, and
when in the third ining, it happened!!
"I can't no more", he said to his seconds, whining like a poppy.
I thought my ears deceived me at first, but it was true.
A massive, heavy, and ugly man like him shouldn't have
said things like that.
Many Japanese have been fans of him, but...
Who could give up so easily if he were a fighter?

60 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/02(Sun)10:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

Bob Sapp is over. He got a lot of money. Now he can't
be hungry. After all he has proven to be a second-class
fighter. But on the other hand, Fedor has proven to be a
real first-class fighter. He is not only strong but also

61 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/02(Sun)14:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've remembered that I didn't take a bath last night.

62 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/03(Mon)01:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

The last day of my vacationl. What should I do today?
Fisrt I have to think about it.

63 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/03(Mon)03:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm gonna a rental video shop.

64 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/03(Mon)15:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

Expresing one's opinion in a foreign language is very

65 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/03(Mon)16:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

My work will start tomorrow. Frankly speaking,
I want to enjoy more holidays. But it can't be
helped. I have to work for a living.
In a sense I envy students, and often look back
on my college days with nostalgia. They really make
me feel nostalgic. I enjoyed chatting about this and
that with Te at his room till late at night.

66 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/03(Mon)18:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

I understand that growing up means to realize that you have to give up a part of your life in order to live at all.
But I don't understand why it has to mean that you have to give up more and more as you grow older.

67 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/04(Tue)14:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

A child who is under ten can learn any language
perfectly, if it is brought up surrounded by that
language. But after this age the ability to learn a
foreign language perfectly becomes less.
And it's impossible for grown-up people to master
a foreign language perfectly. But why?
When we are grown up, the habits of our own
language become too firm, and so it's impossible
to break those habits, in other words, our native
language won't let us learn a new language, that is,
a new habit.

68 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/05(Wed)14:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

Too tired. I did it too much.

69 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/05(Wed)15:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

To post on a message board, you have to be able to write your message without having difficulty, otherwise you can't continue posting.

70 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/05(Wed)20:20 ID:Heaven [Del]


Did what too much?

Smoking cigarettes and drinking a few beer has become a habit of mine recently.
I wonder if these are symptoms of me growing old.

71 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/06(Thu)08:54 ID:Heaven [Del]

Posting in a thread is fun. I wonder why so many people post
not their feelings or opinions but only trolls. Posting only meaningless trolls will make them bored in the short run. I can't stand such boredom.

72 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/06(Thu)14:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

Stupid people don't know what they are doing. They are like stray dogs. The mentally sick guy is The mentally ill guy is a nuisance to all the posters in that thread, but he doesn't notice it. He thinks everybody makes him pleased.

73 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/06(Thu)16:06 ID:Heaven [Del]

I ironed my shirt myself, and have a dull pain in my lower back.

74 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/07(Fri)11:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'll have three days off. What should I do? Maybe relaxing at
a coffee shop is the best.

75 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/07(Fri)13:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

Brain studies have indicated that children under the age of 13 utilise a different portion of the brain to learn languages. I wonder what this means for me? I would like to learn two or three more languages, but I am already much older.

76 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/07(Fri)17:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

Me,too. I feel very sad. I wish I were a child under 10 now.

77 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/07(Fri)21:46 ID:Heaven [Del]

You are always as young
as you feel

78 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)02:54 ID:Heaven [Del]

Time and tide wait for no man.

79 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)04:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

What should I eat for lunch? I may go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, but it cost a lot, and I may not be able to eat that much.

80 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)08:08 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's too cold in my house, though I use the heater. I have a
headache because it's too cold.

81 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)11:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have to review what I studied in class today.
Five hours worth of study will be killing me.

Incidentally, it was very cold outside.
If it had been strongly windy, I woundn't have gone to school!

82 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)11:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

When my girlfriend gets in a bad mood or looks irritated, I can't stand it. Then I shout at her. We may break up. I can only love the girl who is nice to me.

83 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)13:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

Whenever I get angry at her, we make up sooner or later. Maybe we are made for each other. But how long?

84 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/08(Sat)16:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

UN officials say over 150,000 people died in the tsunami disaster, leaving a large number of children separated from their parents. UNICEF has also expressed concern about increasing cases of child trafficking. They say criminal syndicates are likely to take advantage of the chaos. I wonder why some people can do such bad things.

85 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/09(Sun)04:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm in a depressed state. I can't commit myself to anything. I feel I'm a faliure in life. I couldn't be promoted to department chief. That's the main cause of my depression.

86 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/09(Sun)15:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm sleepy. I wanna sleep, but first I gotta take a shower, which makes me tired.

87 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/09(Sun)15:57 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's very difficult to distinguish between self-love and true love. Even if I say that I love my girlfriend, in most cases it would come from self-love. That's why many people break up so quickly. So I can't judge whether my love toward my girlfriend is only self-love or true love. Even if I want to sleep with her, it comes from my sexual desire or loneliness. But on the other hand I feel something which is different from only sexual desire or self-love. But I don't know what it is.

88 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/10(Mon)03:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

It takes a long time to decide what to do. I did almost everything. What would be the best way to feel most relaxed.
Today it's a national holiday, Coming-of-Age Day. Many people have become 20. I envy them. I felt happiest and most free when I was around 20. I went to that movie theater for the first time.

89 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/10(Mon)12:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

I wasted a lot of time. But wasting time is, in a sense, important.

90 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/10(Mon)14:33 ID:Heaven [Del]

I need to study more. Off to university I am!

91 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/10(Mon)15:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Again I have to go to work tomorrow, though I don't want to. But I don't know the exact reason why I don't want to go to work. I get along with my boss and coworkers at the office. The salary is not bad, and I have more days-off than my friends who work for different companies. I can make a lot of free time for my hobby, but I can't bring myself to work there. Maybe I haven't been able to promoted to the head of the section or I'm getting older and can foresee my future . When we can see what the future will be like, we can't be excited. Anyhow I have to fight depression.

92 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/11(Tue)15:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

Did you arrange to meet her? What tibme were you to meet? She went to the Shiga Highlands. I'm gonna talk with my teacher about high schools.

93 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/11(Tue)15:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

I met a thalidomide lady. I couldn't say anything. Because she cannot be worried about anything. She has to just accept reality as it is.

94 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/11(Tue)17:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

Last year my hopes faded away. I thought there was absolutely no hope. But hopes have risen thanks to her. I've found myself in hope. My future looks hopeful.

95 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/12(Wed)09:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

I got drunk last night,
then woke up today to find that I was late for a meeting.
When I went there in a hurry I found it had been cancelled.
Now I can't go back to sleep.
I need a better schedule plan.

96 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/12(Wed)11:40 ID:wTwb0xQN [Del]

It's freezing today. The weather forecast said it would be -17°C overnight on Saturday. So cold.

97 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/12(Wed)13:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm wondering where he lives. He uses Celsius. Does he live in Hokkaido in Japan?

98 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/13(Thu)13:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

if you cannot write English well, don't get me in the pop-up windows in Yhaoo Chat. I can't believe it. Even if I send some message, the guy never gives re a response. Get out there.

99 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/14(Fri)14:03 ID:Heaven [Del]

I drank. Today I was able to drink with comfort. I could have a comfortable talk with my coworkers. I may be used to the new work place before I'm aware of it.

100 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/15(Sat)07:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

i captured a video tape on my pc.

101 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/15(Sat)14:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've written out. Writers must have a hard time.

102 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/16(Sun)13:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

Kyoto was a better place than I had expected.

103 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/16(Sun)16:25 ID:f5z0L/KT [Del]

Last night there was freezing rain. Today, the sidewalk is treacherous.

104 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/17(Mon)14:53 ID:CAGbuM9n [Del]

First I break my hand, then I get killer diarrhea and can't get out of bed all weekend. Life sucks. CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIN blarg.

105 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/17(Mon)15:03 ID:Heaven [Del]

When I first broke a bone in my body (it had been my left hand), I laughed all the way home from the doctor. The night before, I had been falling from a pole, stealing a street sign. I was under drugs during that time, so I didn't really realize it and later even got into a serious fight with steel pipes. It was a riot but of course I had to pay for it eventually. So my laughter was kinda directed at my hilarious youthful idiocy.

106 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/17(Mon)15:08 ID:Heaven [Del]

I don't know why I love her such a long time. It's been more than ten years since we got married. But the longer I live with her, the more I get to love her. She also says the same thing. We are made for each other. But one problem is that if she happens to die for some reasons, such as s traffic accident or
cancer, I won't be able to live any longer. Perfect love relationship exists. At least I've been able to prove it myself, though I never believed it when I was young.

107 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)10:11 ID:07QZr637 [Del]


108 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)12:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

He is amazingly stupid. He cannot so much as understand the title of this thread. He must be ass-hole. But it's deplorable. He should've not come, otherwise should've studied harder.

109 名前: Sling!myL1/SLing 05/01/18(Tue)13:52 ID:SWfvwBeb [Del]

English soliloquy = イギリスの独白

110 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)15:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

Don't be so hard on him.
He was just acting like a child.
Deep down, he muct have wanted to communicate.

111 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)16:00 ID:Heaven [Del]

Only this thread attracts people. In other words too shitty thread cannot attract people. After all people want to get something useful after reading messages.

112 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)16:57 ID:Heaven [Del]

That's right. When we read a message board, we expect something useful for us. It may be only to get rid of our stress. But if the message board cannot make people get excited or arouse their interest at all, the board will naturally die.

113 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/18(Tue)19:11 ID:r/zVCeO4 [Del]

> It may be only to get rid of our stress.
It's a funny thing...
We read message boards to relieve our stress,
but people writing mean things on message boards make us more stressful.
But we read them anyway because it's better to communicate with people than just watch television.
All in all, it's a rather sadist and difficult type of entertainment.

114 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)13:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

You are mistaken. When we want to relieve our stress, we feel like writing out what's on our mind. It's much better than reading others' messages. I think writing out what we have in our mind is the best way to relieve our stress. But we want to read as many messages as possible when we want to get some information or want to know something important.

115 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)13:58 ID:0TtfkeNA [Del]

I felt like a change from my usual lunch today at work and went to the Japanese restaurant and tried some Chapon Ramen. I like it. The other thing that I have noticed is that Japanese food is more attractive to look at; I would love to have those wax pieces of dishes in the restaurant in my home.

116 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)16:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

I had to go to bed much earlier. Today I was to go to bed early. But I'm still awake. I made a mistake again. I'm too weak-willed to do what I've wanted to. Alas. Tomorrow I'll be so sleepy at school again. How stupid I am!

117 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)16:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

Is there someone here who wants to talk about
sports/dramas/music, and stuff?

118 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)19:06 ID:Heaven [Del]



I am mainly listening to WFMU these days (http://4-ch.net/music/kareha.pl/1101581532). I don't really have the money to buy new albums. Occasionally I download an album, but not that often. The Kazuki Tomokawa CD I ordered over a month ago still hasn't arrived.

I need music to feel good, I think. New, good music, most importantly. It's almost the same as with women. First of all, I have to dig a song or a band, of course, their style, their feeling, etc. But if there's not enough variation I lose interest sooner or later. I believe that's also why there will never be an end to art. People will always want something new that is going to excite them.

119 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/19(Wed)19:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm sick today. I had some chicken noodle soup. It came in a really really big can. People say it doesn't really help you with the common cold, but I don't agree. What part of "fortified with 13 basic preservatives and salts" don't they understand?

120 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/20(Thu)02:00 ID:Heaven [Del]


Normally preservatives aren't considered a good thing.
Did you mean "vitamins and minerals" ?

121 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/20(Thu)13:53 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some women cannot speak true mind even if they love a man. I feel sorry for them. They may be timid.

122 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/20(Thu)16:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

"Truth" isn't a woman's business.

123 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/20(Thu)17:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some women do not know their own mind, or what they truly want from a man until their late twenties or early thirties. It can't be helped, I guess.

124 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/20(Thu)21:09 ID:Heaven [Del]

Men, on the other hand, know what they want from a woman from Day One. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

125 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/21(Fri)10:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

I want sexual satisfaction from women. I love the girls who's thighs are a little bit fat but whose calfs are thin. When such girlz wear a mini skirt, I can't stand it, though my dick is standing.

126 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/21(Fri)16:16 ID:Heaven [Del]

Several whiles ago, my big sister almost shouted in my house.
It's 1:00 AM here in Japan!!
I almost fell asleep then. My drowsiness
is completely swept away then.
Now I can't sleep.(So I'm have a look at 4ch...)
I hate it. A test is waiting for me tomorrow.
The drowsiness is replaced with anger now.

127 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/21(Fri)16:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm wondering whether 126 have come here from Monologue Thread on 2-chan message board. I'm curious to know how many people here post on "Monologue Thread" on 2-chan message board.

128 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/21(Fri)17:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

Women often say to a man, who wants to make a girl friend,"Be possitive. Go for it" if it has nothing to with her. But when it's her own matter, she tends to run away.

129 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)08:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

Women's heart are really incomprehensible. I don't know why my girl friend loves me. I made a pass at her only to play. On the first day she came to my house, I made sex with her. I thought she was a play girl. To my surprise she was a virgin. Since then she has been staying in my apartment. We can guess neither our future life nor women's mind.

130 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)12:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

Women'a are like animals. If you can take good care of them, they will be like your servants. But if not, they will bite you.

131 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)13:06 ID:Heaven [Del]

"Good dogs don't bite", said Angel, a good vampire who
helped Buffy out when she was faced with the three,
who were subservient to the Master of vile vampires in
Sunny Dale.

Well, do you know about Buffy the vampire slayer, a TV drama?
I'm a fan of the TV drama. As a matter of fact,
I have DVDs of it. Buffy is very cute and attractive.
So is Willow!! I love them. And the opening music is really
very cool.
A sad thing is, however, that
you can only buy season 1&2 of Buffy in Japan...
What's more, the Japanese versions costs you
a lot more money than the original versions.
I don't like it.

132 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)13:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

My girl friend's that part is too good. I wanna leave her, but my body wants her body. It's a big problem for me. I'm like a drug addict. Whenever I meet her, we'll make love. How can I break up with her? Even now I wanna make sex with her. As a wife she is not good, because she says she hates housework and children. What should I do?

133 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)14:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'll give you the answer.
You two'll end up in divorce soon.

134 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)15:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

We cannot get divorced because we haven't got married yet.

135 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/22(Sat)16:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've gotta go to bed now, otherwise I'll be so tired tomorrow. But I wanna go to other countries or jsut travel around the world. When can I realize my dream? I hope my dream will come true.

136 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/23(Sun)06:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm too sleepy. I want to get some sleep. They are so cute. It's no wonder that he did that.

137 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/23(Sun)09:00 ID:Heaven [Del]

Who's so cute that you thought he did what?

138 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/23(Sun)10:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

Don't ask any deeper question. It's hard to answer on the Net.

139 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/23(Sun)11:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

Most men tend to break up with strong-minded women. So many strong-mined and simple women won't be able to lead a happy life. Men usually want healing from women.

140 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/23(Sun)14:29 ID:Heaven [Del]

Even if she is strong-minded, if she is wise, she lead a happy life. Those women who are strong-minded and stupid can't live a happy life.

141 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/24(Mon)13:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

When she hurt her feelings, I also feel great pain in my heart. I can't stand the pain. So I sometimes feel like leaving her. But it's impossible, because it makes her feel unbearable pain. When we can love each other, in a sense it's lucky, but it's very tough from time to time. Love sometimes gives us a hard time.

142 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/25(Tue)06:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why does she hurt her feelings on her own?
Is she so pesimistic that she can't help blame herself
for everything?

143 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/25(Tue)11:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

Today she's got finer. I also feel happy. I like her smiling. Her smile makes me so happy that I can forget all pain I had yesterday. But interestingly enough when I met her for the first time ten years ago, I didn't feel love for her. Rather it was she that said first, "I love you". But the more I knew her, the better I got to love her. Now she is my treasure. It's been ten years since we got to know each other. I don't know how long our relationship will last. But I've decided to share her pain as long as I can live.

144 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/25(Tue)17:08 ID:7tEEB1dd [Del]

There msut be some differences between Japanese way of thinking and that of Americans. That would be one of the reasons why anonymous threads attract few English-speaking people.

145 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/25(Tue)18:31 ID:Heaven [Del]


I don't know about that but it's funny how Japanese people assume everybody who speaks English online is an American. Maybe that has got to do with the fact that Japanese people mostly talk in their own language online and thus expect everybody else to talk in their respective languages, too. But most Europeans, for instance, can talk English pretty well and they can be found around big English websites whose content hasn't spread out to other websites in French, German, Italian, etc. Take WAKAchan or 4chan: Big imageboard communities that were established by English speaking people and in which English the lingua franca. But the userbase is very diverse and consists of people from all over the planet.

146 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/26(Wed)12:29 ID:Heaven [Del]

> and thus expect everybody else to talk in their respective languages, too.
So everyone speaking english would be from England? Heh.

147 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/26(Wed)14:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

To make a goal in life is very important.

148 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/26(Wed)14:25 ID:Heaven [Del]

Setting your goal in life is very important. Whatever you do, you should aim high.

149 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/26(Wed)14:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

Yeah, I'm going where I'll be.

150 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/26(Wed)17:38 ID:Heaven [Del]

How would you know if you are meant for high aims if you haven't realized the lower aims first?

151 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/27(Thu)07:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

No need to tell you about that.

152 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/27(Thu)10:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

I realized my first goal. But the problem is that I cannnot set a new goal.

153 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/27(Thu)12:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

Your first goal is yet to be reached.

154 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/27(Thu)15:41 ID:Heaven [Del]

There are some strange people everywhere in the world. Only good people make our world boring, I think. Strange people make us laugh. They exsist in order to make us laugh.

155 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/27(Thu)23:44 ID:Heaven [Del]

Like you!

156 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/28(Fri)14:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

155 makes me laugh. This type of stupid guy must be 100 %Japanese.

157 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/28(Fri)20:24 ID:Heaven [Del]


158 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)00:53 ID:OAXioq9u [Del]

Good people can make you laugh, too.

I'm sure there are a lot of good people posting in this thread. People I could sit down and have a beer with someday, when I travel around the world. :P

159 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)02:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


You are more than welcome to come around to my place and have a cold beer, for as long as you don't drink it warm.

160 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)09:53 ID:Heaven [Del]

My head hurts from drinking too much yesterday but my muscles feel great from a great powerwalk I did on my way back home through the snow.

161 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)15:01 ID:Heaven [Del]

She is too weak. It cannot be helped.

162 名前: Anonymous 05/01/29(Sat)15:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

I wonder if people in this thread would be bothered if their mistakes in grammar and spelling were pointed out.

163 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)15:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>162 Don't worry. Please do as you like.

164 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/29(Sat)17:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

We can guess the existence of God when we see the harmony of the universe. Who or what is the creator of our universe? By contingency or something beyond our understanding? Like this, we can, to some extent, have a rational approach to the existence of someting we cannnot completely understand. But that's all we can guess. We cannot decide which religion is best.

To have faith is very significant. Most people are not so strong as to endure every hardship. If we have the right faith, can we make our world peaceful. The most regrettable thing is that there are always wars and battles among religious nations, for some countries in the Middle East. It's very hard to believe that very religious people are always fighting and killing a lot of people. What is worse, they are saying that they are doing such things for God.

If we, without doubt, believe everything a religious group says, it would be dangerous, and we would be, to some extent, brainwashed. But even if we are brainwashed if we feel happy, it would be meaningful at least for ourselves. We tend to cling to something. Some cling to religion, some to their company, some to their hobby, and others to the Internet. We all have the right to do anything we want as long as we don't destroy others' happiness.
But what is it that we have to be careful? Brainwash or right faith? It's impossible.
What we have to keep in mind is whether the religion we want to believe violate the law or not.

165 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/31(Mon)09:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why do people stop fighting. Especially women are so sneaky in fighting.

166 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/01/31(Mon)14:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

Dogs and cats have claws.
Men and women have fingernails.
But only cats and women use them as weapons.

167 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/01(Tue)11:25 ID:Heaven [Del]

I love her too much. I make sex with her every night. I love not only her body but also her heart. She is perfect.

168 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/01(Tue)11:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

To speak English two minutes a day is the best way for you to master English.

169 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/01(Tue)21:06 ID:Heaven [Del]

Only two minutes can help?

170 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/02(Wed)13:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

I took a threatening attitude toward her and him.

171 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)00:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

They will turn their back on you in return.

172 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)06:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

Do you know "The Juon 呪怨"(movie) is going to be
open? Guess who's the main character.
It's Sara!!The vampire slayer!!

I love her. She's cute and cheerful, as I said before.
She seems to have gotten thin unlike before.
I wonder why...She was more attratcive before with a little
wight on her.But still she's nice.
I recommend to you to check it out.

173 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)08:38 ID:OBXVI2pf [Del]

このすれおもすれー( ^ω^)

174 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)09:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


What? Talk in English, please!

175 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)10:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

She talks too much. Usually men don't like women who talk too much. I also hate women who talk too much. What is worse, she is aggressive. As is often the case with shitty and stupid uggly women, they often take an aggressive attitude toward the man they live at bottom heart. It's meaningless, because I hate you. I wanna spit on her.

176 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)10:49 ID:OBXVI2pf [Del]

this thread is interesthre- ( ^ω^)

177 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)11:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


Thank you. I think so, too.

I'll prepare lunch soon and then go to school. I haven't decided on any particular dish, yet.

178 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)13:06 ID:Heaven [Del]

Sara is my best.
Wish she'd married me.

179 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)13:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

Think you'll change your mind if you watch Sara on TV.
She's very aggresive(in a positive way) indeed,
but also she's been highly respectful about her boy friend..
That's why that guy (I don't know what his name is) must've
decided to marry her. Sara is physically strong, and
mentally straight. Everyone loves her, I guess.

180 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)15:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

I like the women who are a little aggressive, but wise, but hate the women who are not only aggressive but also stupid. Aggressive and stupid women are the worst. Stupid women tend to take the aggressive attitude toward the man they like at bottom heart. In other words their heart is distorted.

181 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/03(Thu)16:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

You can tell by how these kind of threads usually come to talk about women that mostly-to-only males are posting on here.

182 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)01:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Of course. There are no women on the Internet.

183 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)05:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

Especially, here on 4ch, right?

184 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)07:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

Crying for love at the center of the world.

But where's it?
I don't know...Very ambiguous.
Do you know where?
Do you want to go there?
Do you want to cry out for love there?

185 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)10:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

To learn technique is very important in ordinal human communication as well as sex.

186 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)13:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why can some couples buy children from the group that sells children illegally. Do they want to use the children as their servants or want to make (children) porn films? In Sumatra bad people capture a lot of children and sell them. They have taken advantage of the chaotic situation brought about by big tidal wave, tsunami, which happened last year. In any case it's hard to believe that there are such cruel people in the world. T

187 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/04(Fri)16:29 ID:Heaven [Del]


Sounds like an excellent plot for a lolicon manga.

188 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/05(Sat)02:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

That's really tragic. I wonder what can be done.

189 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/05(Sat)15:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

So many men. So many minds. I joined a drinking party. I could not agree to their opinions. Because I don't know how to know whose opinion is the best.

190 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)02:58 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm gonna buy a new car today. But I don't wanna buy it on a monthly installment plan. I'll pay in cash. I have to lower the price of the car.

191 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)04:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

Do you really have that much money?
I think a new car would cost you at least \1,000,000.

192 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)09:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

I was able to beat the price down to 1150000 yen. So I'll buy it next Sunday. Now I have 2000000 in cash. So it's no problem to buy in cash. I'm gonn buy a Passo.

193 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)14:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

My wife massages my shoulder about 30 minutes every day after I come home. I talked to my friends about it. They were very surprised. I thought it's usual.

194 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)15:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

I feel under pressure when I'm relied on by others. Because I have to meet their expectation.

195 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/06(Sun)23:33 ID:X22tyLdc [Del]

I don't know if it's anxiety or something, but I always feel under pressure around people. (_ _)

196 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/07(Mon)00:43 ID:2mghd95o [Del]

i dont know why but now i feel very anxietys. I read articles on american "outsider-artist" Henry Darger(1892-1973) and im shocked. He has very poor childhood hes mother died when he was four and father can take care on him, and died soon too
and he was sent to shelter. He feel isolated and lonely and can communicate with people surrounding him. He worked as janitor and lived in cheap flat. He has written 15000 pages. book called "The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, as caused by the Child Slave Rebellion" and made hundreds of amazing watercolor illustrators but he hasnt show it to anyone. He doesnt have family or friends and died in poverty alone T_T....
i think he was not autist, he was so crazy becaus tramautized childhood... hes paintings and book are horror
really horror
"Another curious feature of Darger's paintings is the androgynous rendering of his female subjects. Darger equipped each naked little girl with a simply drawn, hairless penis. Critical conjecture regarding Darger's anatomical knowledge or lack thereof, his consciously symbolic or unconscious intentions, and his character in general, abounds."
after read about him i realized how important that in fact human life is such nightmare if you dont socialize and stay isolated..
but thats not only problem im bothered.
i have very small free space on my hdd(60GB) im download movies and filled my hdd with movies
i can download movies now ! i really need to buy another hdd..
i space only for a movie!! im downloading one movie from bittorent but its strange downloading

197 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/07(Mon)14:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

When she is in a bad mood, I quickly feel melancholy. I'm easily influeced by her. I have to be careful about it.

198 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/07(Mon)18:14 ID:BJ3vDp4L [Del]

Today I has drawn some pictures and did nice job in photoshop and illustrator. Im quite pride of myself!

199 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/07(Mon)18:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

X Today I has drawn
○ Today I have drawn

X Im quite pride of myself!
○ I'm quite proud of myself!

200 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/08(Tue)10:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

My car has a flat tire all of a sudden. I was able to drive well the previous day, but when I tried to drive a car early morning, I found a flat tire. So I had to have my towed by a tow car. It was so expensive. This Sunday I'm going to buy a new car. So but I have to pay a lot because I have to drive the present car about 10 days by the new car comes.

201 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/09(Wed)02:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

My car has been dead for half a year. I'm too lazy to push it out of the garage and jump-start it. Besides, I'm at school right now...my car is at home, a thousand miles away.

202 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/09(Wed)10:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

The price of the car has been reduced by 215000 yen. Is it good?

203 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/10(Thu)14:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

I tested one's salesmanship. After all N is the best. Selling goods is really a hard job

204 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/10(Thu)20:23 ID:H3WGex7n [Del]

I think that write in such threads are useless. I'm really want to learn how write in english correctly, so I better turn my PC off and start to read english grammar book!
I can read well(and watch movies with english subs) but I can't write.

205 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/10(Thu)21:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

I feel like shit. Can't call myself a man anymore.

206 名前: Sling!myL1/SLing 05/02/10(Thu)23:38 ID:Heaven [Del]

x I think that write in such threads are useless.
o I think that writing in such threads is useless.

oo I think that writing in such threads is good practice. ^_^

207 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/11(Fri)02:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

I really want to learn how to write in English correctly, so I'd better turn off my PC and read some English grammar books. My reading skills are up to par, and I can even watch movies with English subtitles, but I just don't know how to write well! :(

(that really applies to 90% of the English-speaking Internet, so don't worry too much *laugh*)

208 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/11(Fri)03:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

Salespersons are always feeling under a lot of pressure. It's no wonder so many salespersons quit their company in a year.

209 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/12(Sat)03:13 ID:Heaven [Del]

I wanna go to LA, but it costs a lot. Traveling abroad in summer costs three times more than traveling in spring. But the problem is that it's difficult for me to make time to visit LA in spring, because I have to take paid holidays.

210 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/12(Sat)03:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

I just wonder... Is listening english audiobooks any good? I want to download random audiobook to figure how pronounce words correctly...

211 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/12(Sat)09:12 ID:Heaven [Del]


I have an exgirlfriend in LA. I want to visit her, some day...


If you get the idea what it exactly is they are saying, sure.

I found it to be more of a help to watch undubbed movies and TV shows where you can actually see the movement of the lips of the speakers. It helps a great deal in getting a better feeling of the language.

212 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/12(Sat)09:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm gonna go to eat Korean-style barbecued beef

213 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/13(Sun)00:18 ID:u+X6ip9y [Del]

I dont know why, but recently my mood changing like crazy, From high and satisfed to lowest mood ever possible.it's so annoying, that I can't even do things right. Imagine that I wake up at weekend in very good mood, but after few hours it's get so low that I can do nothing, just lie on the bed and thinking about stupid things!
I hate this.

214 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/13(Sun)01:16 ID:Heaven [Del]


Congratulations: You are finally becoming a woman!

215 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/13(Sun)10:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

My girlfriend is getting stronger and stronger in sex. Recently she has been too sexy, so I feel like attacking her when she wears a short skirt with her knees shown. I may shorten my life.

216 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/14(Mon)10:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

I got three chocolates, but they are all obligatory. I don't feel good so much.

217 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/14(Mon)12:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm preparing a trip to TX to visit an ex gf of mine. I have no idea when I will be done preparing.

218 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/15(Tue)11:03 ID:Heaven [Del]

I sometimes feel happy, but sometimes feel depressed. It may be my life. There are ups and downs in our life. I have to learn how to cope with the times I feel depressed.

219 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/15(Tue)16:21 ID:P1U7NcCm [Del]

I feel happy when i did something good(well "good" isn't right word, "value" is better) like drawn good picture or made good looking design. but when I dont do it, I often feel horrible.

220 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/15(Tue)16:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

damn forgot about sage...

221 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/15(Tue)19:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

The 1st rule of English soliloquy is: You do not age English soliloquy.
The 2nd rule of English soliloquy is: You do not age English soliloquy.

222 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/15(Tue)19:07 ID:Heaven [Del]


× value
○ valuable

× drawn good picture
○ having drawn a good picture

× made good looking design
○ having made a well-looking design

223 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)03:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

I think it's okay to age this English soliloquy thread - it's one of the most alive threads right now and deserves to be seen.

224 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)13:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

I love this thread. This is my favorite thread among all threads including 2-chan. English monologue in 2-chan is getting less and less interesting. I want this thread to be more active and to catch more people.

225 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)14:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

× having made a well-looking design
○ having made a good-looking design

226 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)15:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

What did you correct it for?
No body cares a mistake or two in a sentence exept you,
as long as it somehow makes sense.

227 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)17:09 ID:jn5fV15H [Del]

because it is perfectly correct to write good-looking, like he did in the first place.

228 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)17:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

> because it is perfectly correct to write good-looking, like he did in the first place.

But well-looking isn't incorrect, as you suggested. In fact, as an adverb, well suits the purpose of the sentence better.

229 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/16(Wed)20:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

"well-looking" seems like it would mean "looks like a well".
"good-looking" is a common term.

230 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/17(Thu)00:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

Could you tell me what "take me out of running" means?

231 名前: bink 05/02/17(Thu)06:00 ID:Heaven [Del]

Hello to all. I am an English-speaker from America. I must say this thread is very interesting and for the most part your grammar and spelling is very good. Thank you for your comments, and please do not stop posting. Sincerely, bink

232 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/17(Thu)08:51 ID:41FQwHrs [Del]

"Take me out of the running" usually means "do not consider me", often in a selection context.


"Please take me out of the running for class president."

"I have found another job - please take me out of the running for the position at your company."

233 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/17(Thu)14:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

I want to be born under a lucky star. But as a matter of fact, I was not. I want to be a famous person. But maybe I won't be able to.

234 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/17(Thu)16:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

Thanks to you!
The meaning suits the context.
I'm clear what it means now.

235 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/17(Thu)17:09 ID:O3yIKK3M [Del]

I is a such boy where goes on my head.

236 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/18(Fri)10:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

Influenza is prevalent. Quite a few have been in bed with an influenza. This year you have pain in your throat, too.

237 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/19(Sat)11:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

I can't take a day off more than three weeks. Tomorrow is Sunday. But I have to go to work. I'm too tired.

238 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/19(Sat)14:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Controling myself is so difficult.

239 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/19(Sat)16:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

That you will cry out even out on the street if you fail?

240 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/20(Sun)10:12 ID:Heaven [Del]

They came to my surprise.

241 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/21(Mon)10:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

She is too nice-natured. When she has a quarrel with others, she also hurts her feelings. I shout at others, I can get rid of my stress, but she cannot. I feel sorry for her.

242 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/22(Tue)01:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

Dream on!
How in the world did you know she would be sorry when
she's mad, if she was so quarrelsome?
Your posting led me to think she's evil, wicked, and
troblesome. Wake up!

243 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/22(Tue)09:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

I went to a turkish bath, it was a secret to her. But
the girl's fellatio is so marvelous. I want to teach my
girl friend. Why is she so good at it?

244 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/22(Tue)09:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

I write to this thread only if I have feeling that I need to say something.
Now I had feeling that i dont really have something to say and that's what I want to say

245 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/22(Tue)13:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

Recently I've got little to say. So I understand well what 244 says. I may be happy. That's why I have little to say.

246 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/23(Wed)04:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

So nobody in this thread wants to say anything!
Darkness befalls it!

247 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/23(Wed)09:16 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've got a slight headache. I may have caught a cold.

248 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/23(Wed)13:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

I am playing a pretty fun and addictive game. Check out http://4-ch.net/games/kareha.pl/1109089700 if you want to know what I am talking about!

249 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/23(Wed)15:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

I did it twice a day. K is getting better and better.

250 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/24(Thu)05:24 ID:Heaven [Del]

I got home early today. I wanna get some sleep.

251 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/24(Thu)15:08 ID:Heaven [Del]

What will become of the takeover battle between Japanese Internet services provider Livedoor and Fuji Television Network? Livedoor on Thursday applied for a court injunction to bar Nippon Broadcasting from issuing share warrants to Fuji Television.

252 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/25(Fri)10:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

Women's battle was over. I was very interested in it. But one of them was so normal. So it was over.

253 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/25(Fri)12:16 ID:Heaven [Del]

I really like design. I can do good design. When I do it Im very happy. I dont like lazying, when Im doing nothing I get very depressed. Im glad that I do design.

254 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/26(Sat)02:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

I can listen to radio broastcast in the U.S. on the Internet. It's so unblievable but so fun.

255 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/26(Sat)11:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

She has begun to wear a black mini skirt. She looks so good. I want her to be able to change herself.

256 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/27(Sun)10:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've got a stomachache. We went to a zoo. But he only loved eating. He was not interested in looking at animals at all. She was so nice.

257 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/27(Sun)18:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have just taken a shower. I love the feeling. I may take another shower later on and then snuggler into my freshly made bed. Glory!

258 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 05/02/28(Mon)09:22 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why did the old man have to kill his mother, son, daugher, two grandsons? It is said that he was really a good and serious person. He was a public servant. What made him crazy?

259 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-01 09:11 ID:a6nYyaSs

You can physically please men. By looking at you, all men get sexual pleasure. You should be more confident in yourself.

260 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-02 10:18 ID:Heaven

It's getting warmer. I drove about 100 miles today.

261 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-02 12:02 ID:Heaven

It's not here.
The weather forecast said it is going to snow this Fryday.

262 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-02 13:11 ID:Heaven

I feel happy to see her getting more and more confident in herself. She is getting more and more beautiful. It's important for women to have a confidence, though not too much.

263 あぼーん

264 名前: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-03-03 15:19 ID:Heaven

>>263 is DQN

265 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-04 00:55 ID:GKMPan40

>>263 is URASE HAGE

266 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-04 10:45 ID:Heaven

I cannot read 263 now. Anyhow I felt so relieved, cuz k got better.

267 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-05 11:37 ID:Heaven

Monologue thread is quite popular in 2-chan, but it's interesting in 4-ch, too. Maybe a person who love posting tends to like talking to himself or herself. It may be a good way to ease stress.

268 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-05 16:36 ID:Heaven

I bought a new car today. I drove the car. I'm quite satisfied with it. But only one problem is that it has no CD player.

269 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-05 20:30 ID:Heaven

Are you the one who had 1,000,000 Yen in a bank?
How about if you take your portable CD player when driving?
That's an idea, isn't it?

270 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-05 20:43 ID:Heaven

I can tell you what was written(writing didn't suit much, honestly, though.). He did just copy and paste 262
and made a comment(which should've been wicked or evil.
Think it was a sarcasm.
Don't know what he wanted to mean, though.

Hope you like it better and pay a friquent visit here.

271 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-05 20:53 ID:Heaven

I'm sure it's him.
He's comlpaining.

272 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-06 12:47 ID:Heaven

Talking to myself is a good way to get rid of stress. But also talking with my good is also a good way to ease stress. After all experssing myself is important to live a happy life.

273 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-06 22:06 ID:Heaven

Yep.You can speak your mind more.

274 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-07 13:32 ID:Heaven

Today it seems she feels a little depressed. She wanted to do a side job, and applied for a job at a company. But as it turned out, the company was a bad company. She was cheated.

275 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-07 14:51 ID:Heaven

I hate dishonest businessmen. They get money by cheating good people. I think they should kill themselves. But the fact is that bad people never kill themselves. Only good people tend to commit sucide.

276 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-07 16:03 ID:Heaven

the weak people mustdie. NO matter how they good are,how honest they are,etc ,they better die.
In the world of 6,000,000,000pop you must be strong if you wanna become something. unless die or lead your pathetic life

277 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-07 21:30 ID:Heaven

Guess you wanted to say something horrible.

278 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-08 10:01 ID:UNgiEKXJ

Does threads stop at 1000 on 4-ch 日本語?

279 名前: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-03-08 14:08 ID:Heaven

>Does threads stop at 1000 on 4-ch Japanese?

No, it doesn't stop at 1000. But it cannot be age'd anymore.
See http://4-ch.net/general/#13 for an example.

280 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-08 15:55 ID:Heaven

I wanna go to Expo as soon as possible. But it must be so crowede, and it takes many hours to get to the place from my home.

281 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-08 16:11 ID:Heaven

You mean the one that's taking place in Aichi prefecture?

282 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-08 16:23 ID:Heaven

That's right. Many people all over the world will visit Expo. It's so fun. But I heard it takes about two hours to get on the linear motor car to get to the Expos sites.

283 あぼーん

284 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-09 15:23 ID:Heaven

We have a lot of pollen this year.

285 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-09 15:45 ID:Heaven

I hate your prejudiced mind.

286 あぼーん

287 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-10 04:25 ID:5hBZJqpd

Well, sir, there's nothing on earth
Like a genuine,
Bona fide,

What'd I say?

288 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-10 10:55 ID:Heaven

Some people like attacking other people. But why?

289 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-10 11:15 ID:Heaven

A, because they are quarrelsome
B, because they'd love to play devil's advocate
C, because they are 2ch'er

I bet you anything that C is correct.:)

290 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-10 17:38 ID:Heaven

What was 283post about?

291 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-10 23:18 ID:Heaven

His veiw on Japanese people.

292 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-11 10:34 ID:Heaven

Stupid people love attacking others.

293 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-12 15:38 ID:Heaven

Staff at the World Exposition ran through an earthquake preparedness practice ahead of the EXPO opening on March 25.

294 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-13 04:53 ID:Heaven

Recently girls who have fat thighs often wear a short skirt. It is so nice to look at. I think almost all men love looking at legs.

295 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-14 10:56 ID:Heaven

I'm fine today. When I feel something, I can speak English.

296 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-15 13:07 ID:Heaven

Pirates attacked a Japanese ship on Monday night as the boat was sailing to Myanmar. Even today pirates exsit. I was very surpirsed to know that.

297 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-15 19:22 ID:Heaven

I am on jet lag. This means I can't help but go to bed around 7 AM each day. I have to get accustomed to a better sleeping schedule again.

298 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-15 23:09 ID:3NKSOToe

I just read about that pirate business. They were armed with rocket launchers. I would find it amusing, but a few people were taken hostage.

299 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-16 07:04 ID:Heaven

A question to English-speaking people:
When you read, your internal voice echoes in your head?

300 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-16 10:04 ID:Heaven

It's interesting. Say more specifically. Oh, 300.

301 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-16 11:50 ID:Heaven

What's interesting?

302 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-17 11:47 ID:Heaven

What is the internal voice?

303 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-17 15:02 ID:Heaven

Which may echo in your head when you're reading.

I googled it for you.

Read it if you want to know what I meant:http://www.enter.net/~ronblue/finger.htm

304 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-17 23:20 ID:Heaven

If I am reading a small line of text, a sign or a single sentence; then no. As far as I know my mind just looks for the words, puts them together and makes sense out of it. However if I am reading something longer than a sentence, or instructions than yes I will "think" in English.

As a person learning Japanese I find that with basic words or sentences that I will think Japanese, however when I have difficulty my mind attempts to translate the things in the sentence I do know, and then I try to piece them together to get an idea of what the sentence is about.

305 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 10:07 ID:Heaven

Think in russian!

306 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 14:37 ID:Heaven

I like her. She likes me. But if I try to kiss her, what will happen. I'm afraid of it. So I can't

307 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 16:31 ID:Heaven

I'm afraid I don't know about ABC of Russian language.
As a Japanese I love to use the language as a means to express my emotions such as(゚д゚)マズー. But I couldn't guess at all what д means. Can you tell me how to pronounce it?

308 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 16:54 ID:Heaven


>if I am reading something longer than a sentence, or >instructions than yes I will "think" in English.

Thanks. I somehow see what's happening in your head when you're reading. Just to make sure whether I'm right or wrong, your voice sounds in your head when you read an ariticle or something, ok?

>As a person learning Japanese ・・・・

I find it intersting that what you said often happens to Japanese people learning English. I often hear them say the same thing you said.

309 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 18:10 ID:Heaven

Д=D,Deh, Di
something like that

310 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 18:33 ID:Heaven


As English is not my first language, I tend to formulate it in my head sometimes, but mostly when speaking. When reading or writing, the desire to pick up a dictionary is what echoes mostly in my head.

311 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 20:19 ID:Heaven

Many thanks, everyone. But, hmmm, now I feel I have trouble getting my meaning across in English or wasn't able to get your meaning...

Please let me explain again.
For example, after you listen to the Beatles, you can hear Paul McCartney singing songs only in your head(though you don't actually put the CD on) so nobody except you can hear him, can't you? I called it the internal voice(I'm afraid it's correct in English, however). And what I wanted to ask you was: when you read a book, you can hear such voice which belongs to somebody(maybe yourself) only in your head?

Ahhh, English is hard for me to learn... I'm a little sick of it.

312 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-18 20:23 ID:Heaven

>I'm afraid it's correct

No, I made a big mistake. I wanted to write "I don't know whether it's correct or not". Very sorry..
I'll go.

313 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-19 00:48 ID:Heaven


Confusing "if" and "whether" is a common mistake among non-native speakers of English. Don't worry about it, just double-check in the future.

And I am afraid I do not share your experience with you. I very rarely "audialize" something in my head.

314 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-19 07:30 ID:Heaven

Recently I've got nothing to speak of. I don't feel like talking. It depends on the day.

315 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-19 09:22 ID:Heaven


>"if" and "whether"

Could you tell me what differs between them, please?

316 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-19 12:03 ID:Heaven

>Results 1 - 10 of about 469 for your internal voice -

Never, ever tell lies in this thread, idiot.

317 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-19 12:11 ID:Heaven

Were you saying the words silently to yourself as you read? This habit of saying the words to yourself while you read is called "subvocalization". While this habit in itself is not the sole cause of slow reading. The "small, still voice" we hear while reading (subvocalization), is natural and is required for all reading below 900 words per minute. The average college graduate reads "basic" level of difficulty material at 250-300 words per minute, with 70% comprehension, therefore they subvocalize until they reach speed reading, which begins at 900 wpm.

318 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-20 02:18 ID:Heaven

Kakuta was beaten by Akebono. Akebono got the first victory. But many people say that it was a fake game.

319 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-20 18:52 ID:Heaven

Read this website:http://www.usingenglish.com/articles/whether.html

>1. When both choices are given, we generally use whether >rather than if:
>I don't know whether she's coming or not.
>(It would be possible to use if here, but less common.)

The explanation made me think you were confusing "if" and "whether". What do you say?

320 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-21 02:10 ID:Heaven

When I speak easy English, I don't have to think it in English. When I feel something, I can express it in English like my native language, Japanese. But when it comes to a long or a difficult sentence, I have to think it in English. But the words English-speaking people don't know or understand, I don't usually know how to translate. I don't think I should translate such words into English. Because even if I translate such words into English by looking up the words in a dictionary, English-speaking people can't understan them.

321 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-21 12:37 ID:Heaven

When I speak, I feel something. It may be the inner words, which is not a concrete language such as English, Japanese, German and so on.

322 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-21 12:43 ID:Heaven

My pronunciation is too bad. I have to give up.

323 名前: 313 2005-03-21 16:16 ID:Heaven

Where did I confuse "whether" and "if"? Now I am confused!

What words are you talking about?

C'mon, give it another try!

324 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-22 05:35 ID:Heaven

English Grammar helps.

325 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-22 15:37 ID:Heaven

I sometimes feel so sad. I've got burn-out syndrome.

326 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-23 14:58 ID:Heaven

Live door won the mergers and acquisitions battle with Nippon Broadcasting System.

327 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 04:17 ID:Heaven

I wonder if I will ever be man enough to build up a family on my own.

328 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 08:39 ID:Heaven

I don't know whether you can make it or not.

329 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 16:05 ID:kZz+Cdsi

I get good mileage out of my car. It runs 15 kilo meters per litter. What mileage does your car do per litter?

330 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 20:16 ID:W5bCg+bo

Whether or not you understand the difference between 'if' and 'whether', if you use one consistently it won't confuse people. Americans tend to use both 'whether X or not' and 'if X or not' interchangeably. But at the start of a phrase it's always 'whether or not X' and never *'if or not X'.


331 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 20:17 ID:Heaven

In what units do Japanese people count? Do they use the metric system?

332 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 20:28 ID:Heaven

I don't know whether if is right or not.
Please enlighten me.

333 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 20:41 ID:Heaven

All of Japan is on the metric system, except for the measurement of square area of living spaces, which is measured in the size of tatami mats. There is a pre-metric system for measuring things like cloth for kimonos, swords, etc; this is the shaku-sun-bu (尺寸分) system. Also the wooden sake box (ます) is a measurement as well, a single ご of rice.

334 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 20:50 ID:Heaven

> at the start of a phrase it's always 'whether or not X'

I'm confused. Please help me out. What's explained in the site is wrong?:http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/whether.html
“Whether” works fine on its own in most contexts: “I wonder whether I forgot to turn off the stove?” But when you mean “regardless of whether” it has to be followed by “or not” somewhere in the sentence: “We need to leave for the airport in five minutes whether you’ve found your teddy bear or not.”

335 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-24 21:01 ID:Heaven

I've just consulted a grammar book, and found this sample sentence: I don't know whether to go to the party or not.
Is that wrong?

336 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-25 05:18 ID:Heaven


> Where did I confuse "whether" and "if"?

Um, you didn't. I'm not sure what happened there.

>>334 & >>335
the site is right, and the sentence is right. The link in >>319 is a good explanation.

337 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-25 14:53 ID:kZz+Cdsi

Even now I can get along with my wife, and have sex almost every other days. I married her 11 years ago. It's usual or unusual?

338 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-25 22:10 ID:Heaven

I wish I could live in Switzerland.

339 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 03:56 ID:vYt0rw3U

Ogura Yuuko make me happy. she is an angel for me.

340 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 08:18 ID:kZz+Cdsi

10.6 kilometers per liter is not too bad, but not so good. In Japan some cars get 18 kilomers per litter. Japanese cars are small. That's why some cars get such good mileage. But my former car got only 7 kilomters per litter.

341 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 12:05 ID:Heaven

It's been one month since I bought a new car. Time flies like an arrow.

342 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 13:46 ID:Heaven

Softbank Group will work with Fuji Television Network to block its hostile takeover by Internet service provider Livedoor. Livedoor and Fuji TV are in a stock-buying battle for control of Nippon Broadcasting System radio.

343 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 14:25 ID:Heaven


Thank you for your explanation.

Today is Saturday. Most businesses won't be open for long today. And they will all be closed on Sunday (except bakeries and such) and Monday (holiday). So I will have to buy my groceries in the midst of a huge crowd. I dread the thought already.

344 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 17:15 ID:Heaven

These holidays seem to come up so suddenly, and the world of commerce will happily reinvent itself for each of them. It seems so fake. I feel old and cynical.

345 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 19:30 ID:Heaven

I wonder whether Fuji TV and Livedoor will get along well or not.

346 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-26 23:36 ID:Heaven

She's famous for her vanilla fart.
I'd say vanilla smells good, and if her fart smells like vanilla, it means her fart also smells good. Very logical.

347 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 02:26 ID:Heaven

What should I do today. I can take five days off. But I have not plan now. I'm tired of many things. After all it is it that I can be interested in. If I had a lot of money, I could travel around the world.

348 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 08:08 ID:Heaven

Sometimes I can speak English so fluently that I feel English is next to my native language, but othertime English expressions don't come to mind, so I have difficulty speaking English. It's like riding a seesaw. How many times had I felt depressed so far?

349 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 09:46 ID:Heaven

Please let me ask you a question.
Which do you think sounds natural to you English-speaking people, "we found our sorting through sth looking for sth" or "we found ourselves sorting through sth looking for sth".
We are discussing it in 2ch.

350 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 11:59 ID:Heaven


the latter

351 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 14:11 ID:Heaven

Thank you. You're of great help to us.

352 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-27 14:28 ID:Heaven

Great help to me, too.

353 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 02:46 ID:Heaven

It's rainning today. I feel bad. I have a slight headache. I've listened to the radio too long. Human realionships are so complicated and difficult. I'm so tired out. But I have to go on ahead. I can't stop because of such and such.

354 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 03:27 ID:XlJOhUyH

Karen Carpenters said rainy days and Mondays always got her down. Guess many people feel the same way.

355 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 03:29 ID:Heaven

Maybe you also listened to the radio waiting for your favorite songs.

356 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 03:47 ID:Heaven

I watched Lord of The Rings, first part today. The battle scenes still amaze me.

357 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 10:42 ID:Heaven

What would come to mind when you hear "Static can put you in an awkward position."?

358 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 14:46 ID:Heaven



359 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 19:58 ID:Heaven

Well, the sentence is being discussed in 2ch. Could you discribe what it means, please?

360 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-28 23:13 ID:Heaven

The grammar is fine, but that sentence by itself isn't enough to understand the situation. Many things can receive "static", so it's hard to guess what the "awkward position" would be.

361 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 01:35 ID:Heaven

Thanks a lot. I guess you always help us out. We are thankful to you.

362 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 04:48 ID:eSoVb6n7

I have something I'd like to ask. The previous question does not really address the issue being discussed on 2-Ch. I hope you can shed some light on this.

Some insist that the phrase "Static can put you in an awkward position" cannot be applied to static electricity. Their reasoning is that since awkward only applies to a very distressing situation, it cannot mean simple electrical static. I don't agree with them.

This reminds me of an American TV commercial of the 80's for an anti-static spray used on clothes. What is your take on this.

363 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 05:41 ID:g5+B8eFK

I can't tell whether you are serious.
But I think that phrase is fine, especially regarding a situation like you refer to. "Static [cling] can put you in an awkward position"--like if you're a woman and your skirt sticks to your blouse. Or if you are installing computer equipment and get a shock from static electricity, destroying important data. "Awkward" does not mean "very distressing," anyway--more like "uncomfortable."

364 名前: 362 2005-03-29 06:47 ID:Heaven

It is hard to believe but I am serious. I was in Hell in 2-ch. They use this kind of daunting tactic to gang up on people who try to point out that they might have made a mistake. It is impossible to have a calm reasonable discussion. I was trying to explain their mistakes in both English and Japanese (including the question about "awkward" that I asked here). I said basically the same thing you said, and you can't believe the abusive treatment I got. What kind of place is 2-ch anyway? Well, thanks for talking to me.

365 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 12:33 ID:Heaven

I went to Expo. It was less crowded than I had expected. But it was so windy and cold. I had a slight cold.

366 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 14:13 ID:Heaven

Good for you. I guess you walked around everywhere you wanted to in the place since it was less crowded. How did you find it? The frozen mammoth is exciting?

367 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 14:15 ID:Heaven

And take a rest and sleep off the cold.

368 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 14:54 ID:Heaven

Expo would be wonderful because we can learn or enjoy the progress of science and technology mankind has achieved. But on the other hand we have to prevent destruction of nature. A lot of trees were cut down to make the Expo sites. We should control runaway scientific and technological development.

369 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 15:14 ID:Heaven

Agreed. But come to think of it, I found it silly to have cut down the trees in order to construct the buildings of the Expo/to develope the site.. I thought the theme of it was coexistence with neture or something like that. Very ridiculous...

370 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 17:29 ID:Heaven

Don't take what he said seriously. He's out of his mind. He tlanslated Static into trouble. Have you ever refferred to static as trouble? Nobody insisted awkward only applies to a very distressing situation. If he sticks to his misleading comment, we must refer to him as Denpa/DQN. What's been discussed is that if you hear "Static can put you in an awkward position", it's not common to translate static into trouble without any context.

371 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 17:37 ID:Heaven

He insisted that "Static can put you in an awkward position" mean "Electricity makes a skirt's shape very odd." I don't think it's true, though.

372 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 18:22 ID:Heaven

Is static a skirt?

373 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 19:31 ID:g5+B8eFK

Oh, there is a slang expression in which you can say someone is giving you static, and you mean trouble. I think static --> interference on TV or radio channel --> interference with you --> trouble. It's street slang, and would almost certainly not fit the formal sentence "Static can put you in an awkward position."

374 名前: 362 2005-03-29 21:15 ID:k71x3ZWa

Are you talking about me? If I insisted anyhthing, it was only that the phrase cannot be translated to "A person who causes trouble will be put in a difficult situation", but it does not mean that I am insisting that the other option is true all the time. I merely mentioned that there are contexts such as the anti-static t.v. comercial.

Are you also talking about me? It's confusing. Are you backing me up or calling me a Dempa?

Anyway, it was confusing on 2-ch where you don't know who is posting what. If you want to talk about this here to clarify, in a different venue, you're welcome to.

375 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 21:25 ID:Heaven

You're always complaining.

376 名前: Gaijin 2005-03-29 22:06 ID:Heaven

I've never even heard that phrase before.

377 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 22:37 ID:Heaven

I was flamed on the 2ch english board for posting a reply entirely in English. Is this common?

378 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-29 22:49 ID:Heaven

Not if you stick to a rule of the thread you posted in.

379 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-30 02:38 ID:Heaven

The demand for improving speaking skills in English has created a boom for English conversation schools in Japan. But I wonder how many people have been able to achieve their goal.

380 名前: 362 2005-03-30 05:18 ID:Heaven

From what I've seen, that seems to be a pattern. Even threads that are created for writing in English, and that set a rule to use English, often dissolve into flaming.

381 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-30 06:40 ID:Heaven

To my surprise I wasn't reimbursed my travel expenses. Our president is very stingy. But it is due to his excellent management that our company is well-run. Should I give up?

382 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-30 11:29 ID:Heaven

The problem is that when I see her legs I become erect. I'm tempted to touch her legs. I don't want to get into trouble. to

383 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 03:44 ID:Heaven

There have been lot of big earthquakes recently. I live in the area where scientists say there will be a big earthquake sooner or later. I have to know how to evacuate our apartment when a big earthquake happens.

384 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 09:16 ID:g5+B8eFK

I don't know what to do with myself.

385 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 14:16 ID:Heaven

I guess her age at 30. You've guessed it.

386 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 16:05 ID:Heaven

I spend too much time distracting myself from what I should I do. This is why I am always late with my duties.

387 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 17:33 ID:Heaven

"Static [cling] can put you in an awkward position."

The phrase is somewhat unusual; it is unsurprising to hear that it is a marketing slogan for laundry fabric softener. One might say "static cling is irritating," or perhaps "static cling is troublesome," but is static awkward?

The key is that the words "awkward position" connote embarrassment. Have you ever been caught with your fly down? Skirt up? Certainly you can agree that nobody wants to be embarrassed like that in public! Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassment you should buy and use Brand Name Fabric Softener. Presumably, in avoiding embarrassment you will attract beautiful people of the opposite gender like flies to honey, thanks to your newfound powers of static-free sexy attractiveness.

388 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-03-31 20:46 ID:W5bCg+bo

It seems as if the tendency in Japan towards poor English education stems from the utilization of archaic, unworkable second language teaching methodologies and misguided support from the bureaucracy. Introduction of the language at earlier ages along with hiring competent speakers for teaching positions and use of modern curricula focused on conversational competency rather than development of translation skills would enhance English fluency and encourage the use of the language in natural settings outside of the classroom. Teacher hiring is an essential problem because the educational hierarchy is biased towards local hire rather than hiring based on competence. If foreigners were hired for teaching positions--rather than for advisory capacities--then the quality of education would increase dramatically. However the widespread bureaucratic xenophobia and OB network serve as significant stumbling blocks in the path of hiring changes.

389 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-01 03:37 ID:Heaven

I heard Yukorin's fart smells like vanilla. So we believe her fart smells absolutely good.

390 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-01 11:56 ID:Heaven

I hypnotized her, and tried to open her legs. But as a matter of fact she made believe to be hypnotized.

391 あぼーん

392 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-01 14:39 ID:Heaven

There is no accounting for taste. After all only when we like it, we can make progress in it or get a lot of money by doing it.

393 あぼーん

394 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-02 09:00 ID:Heaven

The more I practice, the less confidence I have. I feel sad.

395 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-02 14:47 ID:Heaven

To have a lot of guts is the most important. But now I'm getting older, so I can't have the guts to achieve something valuable. It's the biggest problme for me.

396 あぼーん

397 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-02 16:27 ID:Heaven

>>396 Neet. Don't come here. Go back to 2-chan, which is the most suitable for you.

398 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-02 23:45 ID:Heaven

It takes two to tango.

399 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-03 01:47 ID:Heaven

Stupid man is stupid until he dies.

400 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-03 08:19 ID:Heaven

Covertly get 400

401 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-03 12:32 ID:Heaven

It is obvious that he is much weaker than F. But why did T have to have a match with F?

402 あぼーん

403 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-03 15:06 ID:kl+iIwsh

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow, rather I wanna travel around the world.

404 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-03 18:32 ID:Heaven

How come Yukorin trolls invade every monologue thread, here and on 2channel?
These NEETs should use their time for something more useful, like posting on /dqn/:

405 名前: mod!!jHlguvSq (Admin) 2005-04-03 19:40 ID:Heaven

Admin's note: fart jokes deleted.

406 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-04 14:54 ID:Heaven

I don't have anything good to drink at my house so I will have to buy groceries soon. I don't want to, though.

407 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-05 14:08 ID:Heaven

It's so good to delete too stupid posts. The Admin is very wise.

408 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-05 15:23 ID:Heaven

I feel desperate in learnig a foreign language. Only 2% can make it.

409 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-07 10:36 ID:Heaven

I'm good at get into the narrow hole of women's heart.

410 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-08 12:04 ID:Heaven

I thought it's good. It is ofen the casse with us, many people have got me wrong.

411 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-09 03:00 ID:W5bCg+bo

I hate trying to understand Japanese input methods in Linux because the documentation is in complex nerd-style Japanese. I just want to add kaomoji stuff to my user dictionary, but I can't figure out how.

412 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-09 15:23 ID:Heaven

Why did so many people attended the funeral of John Paul the second?

413 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-09 15:24 ID:Heaven

The world has many religions to offer to me. I think if were to take one of them seriously, it would be Shintoism.

414 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-09 21:49 ID:W5bCg+bo


> The world has many religions to offer to me. I think if I were to take one of them seriously, it would be Discordianism.


415 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-10 03:02 ID:Heaven

I would choose Catholic church. It is the true Christianity which church fathers made, related to Jesus.

416 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-10 06:13 ID:g5+B8eFK

If I spent half an hour studying and half an hour exercising each day, I'd be much happier. But instead I sit here with my laptop. Something's wrong with me.

417 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-10 14:59 ID:Heaven

Canker sore is so painful. I can't stand it.

418 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-11 13:30 ID:Heaven

That part is so itchy. Why? Medicine doesn't kill the itchy feelings. This year I've got a new problem.

419 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-11 21:26 ID:g5+B8eFK

I have a migraine, but there is work I need to do.

420 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-12 14:06 ID:Heaven

I feel happiest when I see K laughing.

421 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-13 14:46 ID:Heaven

When I speak aloud, I feel good. Stress is gone.

422 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-14 15:48 ID:Heaven

I felt I was not successful in today's teaching.

423 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-15 10:35 ID:Heaven

In mastering a foreign language, practicing is the most important. It's easy to understand, but difficult to do.

424 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-15 16:37 ID:Heaven

I got a cold. Feels like I am high or something.

425 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-16 15:04 ID:Heaven

I might have got a bad desease. I feel scared.

426 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-17 16:12 ID:B7tHPncC

It's getting hotter. It has advantage and disadvantage. I feel itchy when it is warm. It's like atomic dermatitis.

427 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-18 02:14 ID:1PLRpNuB

Finally, I have the weekend to myself.

...so bored...

428 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-18 04:37 ID:CiD99orI

boners boners boners boners

429 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-19 10:54 ID:63k36M37

Things are getting better. I feel a little relieved. I had to stay in a long tunnel.

430 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-19 11:38 ID:Heaven

I don't like tunnels. I suffer from claustrophobia.

431 名前: nanashi 2005-04-20 14:01 ID:Heaven

I believe this thread is amazing.

432 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-20 14:43 ID:Heaven

I wonder why this thread is amazing. I want to hear an amazing story.

433 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-20 14:45 ID:Heaven

Why is the ID of this thread "Heaven"? The founder of this thread must be a Christian.

434 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-20 15:27 ID:Heaven


The software used on 4-ch is called "Kareha" (http://wakaba.c3.cx/).
On Kareha, there are several options how IDs are handled.
The one used on here is that whenever you put anything in the E-Mail field, no ID code will be generated.
Instead, ID:Heaven will be displayed next to the post.
The "Heaven" bit is some traditional thing which evolved from Shiichan, I think (software used on world4ch.org). It was originally meant to only be enabled for administrators and moderators of a board.

435 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 10:40 ID:Heaven

After all we are too easy on our children or brothers and sisters.

436 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 10:40 ID:Heaven

After all we are too easy on our children or brothers and sisters.

437 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 13:26 ID:Heaven

4-ch is slow these days. Even the people on 2ch have noticed...

438 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 22:20 ID:4US/4NQE

As spring blossoms, the Internet users who had taken refuge indoors begin to venture back out into the world, leaving just the socially-inept, maladjusted shut-ins behind.

Maybe this place will pick up steam again in the fall.

439 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 23:12 ID:Heaven

Always mind the Eternal September!

440 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-21 23:57 ID:Heaven

Seasons are relative, yo. It's getting colder, where I am.

441 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-22 11:15 ID:Heaven

Sometimes I feel I can speak English fluently, but it doesn't last. I wonder why/

442 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-22 13:00 ID:Heaven

Needs more practice.

443 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-22 13:48 ID:famBrT6g

I do. And i wish i could live in Japan.

444 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-23 07:31 ID:Heaven

I'm going to New York from Aug 16 t0 21. What would be the best place to see?

445 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-23 15:01 ID:Heaven

Toilet was stuffed up again.

446 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-24 00:43 ID:W5bCg+bo

I am posting in a legendary thread!

447 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-24 09:54 ID:Heaven

If I walk out at night in New York, would it be dangerious even now?

448 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-24 22:24 ID:Heaven

My mouth has been stuffed up again.

449 あぼーん

450 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-25 13:27 ID:Heaven

In Japan trains were derailed and crashed (ran) into an apartment. Many people were killed in the accident.

451 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-25 17:06 ID:W5bCg+bo

Multitrack drifting for the win.

452 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-25 22:09 ID:hjQu4IoG


453 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-26 10:46 ID:Heaven

Because of the train derail more than 50 were killed.

454 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-26 12:49 ID:Heaven

that guy has been playing DENSHA DE GO too much...

455 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-26 15:25 ID:Heaven

"DENPA DE GO", he said.

I said: "what"

456 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-26 17:03 ID:Heaven

monoreru mo no reru

457 名前: Kimura-sensei!IkOAS99Dqw 2005-04-26 20:08 ID:fV1N8FBQ

I think #456 fails it.

458 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-27 04:40 ID:W5bCg+bo

>>456 in my opinion seems to be somewhat DQN because he fails to understand that the purpose of this thread is for monologues and soliloquies in 英語, not in some other strange language.

459 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-27 04:40 ID:Heaven

My neighbor is building a giant blue coffee cup in the parking lot.

460 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-27 08:38 ID:Heaven

Mmmmmh, coffee.

It's rainy today. I don't want to go to school. I want to do nothing.
I need to get motivated. It's important to do stuff.

461 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-27 11:14 ID:Heaven

he only said a pun inspired by >>453-455.
You are too severe.

462 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-27 13:34 ID:Heaven

Sometimes people on the Internet are stupid like that.

463 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-28 22:59 ID:Heaven

I didn't like Suzuki before, but all of a sudden she turned me on. Now I really like her.

464 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-29 13:28 ID:Heaven

Good men are often used by bad people. I don't wanna go to work. My co-workers are so self-centered.

465 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-29 16:50 ID:Heaven

What's good or bad depends on each other. In my opinion, a really good man doesn't badmouth his coworkers.

466 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-29 21:11 ID:W5bCg+bo

I wish the wireless network my neighbor has was connected to my network so I wouldn't have to connect to my network from outside.

467 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-30 10:44 ID:Heaven

CEO came to the meeting suddenly. He changed our plan completely.

468 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-04-30 13:43 ID:Heaven

I never really know what someone means when he says "we"...

469 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 10:44 ID:1PLRpNuB

I don't have any place left to go but 4-ch.
I think I need to get a life.

470 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 12:29 ID:W5bCg+bo

4-ch is life.

471 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 14:05 ID:Heaven

4-ch is the good internet.

472 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 14:46 ID:Heaven

NK launched a missile toward Japan though it didn't reach Tokyo. The missile is thought to fall down into the sea between the two countries. In my opinion, NK tried to scare/retaliate Japan,@ in order to negotiate about where the next soccer game should take place, A so that they express their anger against Bush's speech that Kim John Il is the most horrible person in the world, or both.

473 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 15:52 ID:1PLRpNuB

>>472 is chubou

474 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 18:20 ID:Heaven

Seems like you're too ignorant of what happened in the world. You're so called real chubou.

475 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-01 22:39 ID:W5bCg+bo


>Seems like you're too ignorant of what happened in the world. You're so called real chubou.

"Seems like you're ignorant of what has happened in the world. You're the real so-called chubou."


476 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-03 02:17 ID:Heaven

I wonder why Chinese has begun to attack Japan all of a sudden.

477 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-03 13:25 ID:Heaven


"You're the so-called 'real chubou'."


478 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-04 01:16 ID:1PLRpNuB

Nobody understands me but Yukorin.

479 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-04 04:25 ID:R388d3Ch

Please link pictures.

480 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-04 07:09 ID:Heaven

Will the real chuubou, please shut up, please shut up


481 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-05 01:01 ID:1PLRpNuB

Nothing to do these days but go to work and wank off.

482 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-05 01:01 ID:1PLRpNuB

(Not at the same time, hopefully)

483 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-05 04:41 ID:Heaven

I forgot about today being a holiday, so I got up way too early.

484 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-05 11:17 ID:Heaven

After all I didn't go to see her.

485 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-05 16:52 ID:oYpYEQyu

hello, i'm japanese studying in the U.S.

486 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-06 01:10 ID:1PLRpNuB

Hello! Glad to have you here.

487 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-08 13:51 ID:Heaven

I have to urinate often. I may have prostatitis.

488 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-09 00:38 ID:Heaven

That's interesting.

489 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-10 14:39 ID:Heaven

Prostatitis is at first not so painful, but I'm worried. But I can't bring myself to get medical checkup.

490 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-12 13:10 ID:XlJOhUyH

Why not? I guess it's too late when the pain become irresitable. Better see a doctor soon. The worst I come up with
is cutting it off.

491 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-13 18:26 ID:W5bCg+bo


"... to get a medical checkup."


"... when the pain becomes irresistable."
"The worst [treatment] I can think of is cutting it off."


492 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-14 05:37 ID:Heaven

If I cut it off, I can't enjoy plaing with girls.

493 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-15 12:13 ID:Heaven

To make a good realionship with a girl, being able to make good sex is very important, I've realized.

494 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-15 20:49 ID:Heaven

My world is coming down.

495 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-16 14:20 ID:Heaven

When I spoke English, my voice got thick for the firt time.

496 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-18 11:29 ID:Heaven

We use the past tense when the event finished,but we use the past continous when the event was still going on at that time.

497 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-20 14:53 ID:Heaven

Girls are very difficult to teach in a different sense. I have to be careful.

498 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-20 16:11 ID:Heaven

It feels funny posting in here since I don't understand any Japanese.

499 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-21 14:10 ID:Heaven

High school girls with a short skirt are very sexy, they look foolish.

500 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-21 16:38 ID:rDN7ZELe


501 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-22 04:49 ID:Heaven

I'm in two minds as to whether I can turst him or not. He may try to trap me. We have seven enemies outside the home.

502 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-22 05:24 ID:R388d3Ch

Are you a secret agent?

503 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-22 12:51 ID:Heaven

I guess.

504 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-22 15:56 ID:Heaven

I know.

505 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-22 16:59 ID:Heaven

I feel very sorry for her. She has hemorrhoids. When I saw the protrusion of her hemorrhoid after making love with her, I felt so sorry. I could understand why she did not want to make sex. But it was too late. I was too much animal-like.

506 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-23 13:21 ID:Heaven

The best plasure we can get in our life is sexual plasure.

507 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-23 20:13 ID:W5bCg+bo

x plasure
o pleasure

508 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-24 11:35 ID:Heaven

Gee, I don't like to see many "fixed" posting when someone makes spelling mistakes.

509 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-24 13:26 ID:Heaven

She came up to me, and said with a mysetrical smile, "Please help me". In my experience this kind of girl is very dangerous.

510 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-25 08:54 ID:Heaven


Relax, everybody is free to speak his mind. Freedom is a good thing.

511 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-26 14:32 ID:Heaven

She can give me everything. She can give me not only mental pleasure but also sexual pleasure.

512 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-28 02:36 ID:Heaven

I saw two English monologues in 2-chan. It seems Japanese love saying to themselves very much rather than having talk with other people.

513 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-29 00:30 ID:Heaven

I'll be going to take an English exam today. I'll do my best. I hope to be successful.

514 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-29 16:01 ID:Heaven

I have to be criticized in public. It makes me so tired, but I can't help it.

515 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-30 14:30 ID:Heaven

Making poems in a foreign language is awefully difficult. It seems to me that it's impossible to make poems in a foreign language. Of course some may be able to do it. But they must be jenius. Mastering two languages perfectly is impossible.

516 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-05-31 14:38 ID:Heaven

I have too many things to learn. Different people have different ideas. It's difficult to be neutral.

517 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-01 05:24 ID:Heaven

You don't have to be so worried about that, I think. You are different from others, so it's natural you have your own idea.

518 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-01 11:15 ID:Heaven

When natives pronunce, p or th, before the tissue, the tissue swings.

519 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-02 11:30 ID:Heaven

He can't use his head when he is in a panic.

520 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-03 01:51 ID:Heaven

I'd call it panic when he loses control of himself and so he can't use his head.

521 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-04 11:06 ID:Heaven

When I get too much nervous or tense, I can't use my head.

522 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-05 03:35 ID:Heaven

English soliloquies are wonderful occasions to practise your english and practise jisakujien. But who cares about jisakujien? Nobody knows anyway.
It is fairly interesting reading the valient efforts of Japanese posters trying to make English sentences. I'd love to try that out but I can't post on 2ch at all since I keep getting a "Your post has been entered. Please wait for the interface to reload" sort of message, but my post just magically disappears. Maybe my IP was banned? Who knows.

It is tickling me to post in such cautiously polite language. After reading too many soliloquies I think I am starting to sound like a non-English speaker.

I propose there be a thread to practise English and have it corrected. Or maybe there already is one and I didn't look carefully (boke-).

523 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-05 15:01 ID:Heaven

I dyed my hair. It may be bad for my hair. But I dyed my hair many times. What do I want to say? Nothing. Just I wanted to write something.

524 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-09 06:11 ID:Heaven

These days, life has been very slow. Is it ever possible that this thread will reach 1000?

By the way, the track "Dragon Reika" on the Sousei no Aquarion OST is great.

525 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-09 10:54 ID:Heaven

I got husky.

526 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-10 10:28 ID:sAvt1HPN

I am not your mother. I am the black baboon.

527 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-10 10:30 ID:sAvt1HPN

Oh yeah and it's possible for a human to master two languages, you just have to learn them from childhood. The reason why poetry works in the first place is because many of the words have connections to early experiences.

Unless you're a strictly visual thinker.

528 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-10 14:35 ID:Heaven

Today, I started smelling my sweat and realized that I couldn't even lift up medium-weight things without panting afterwards.

I must stop this otaku lifestyle and start exercising and living cleanly.

529 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-10 15:33 ID:Heaven

I practiced too hard, which made me very unlucky, as is often the case with me.

530 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-11 14:31 ID:Heaven

They couldn'speak English at all. But they were able to write good English. I was very surprised. I wonder why they can't speak even though they can write good English.

531 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-11 17:40 ID:3Ta4wH4L

In many countries, such as Japan and Korea, English reading and writing skills are emphasized. The educators there don't seem to understand or care that speaking and listening are a totally different set of skills, which cannot be truly learned from only studying the written word. Conversational skills must be taught too. If they really want to communicate in English, Korean and Japanese students are basically wasting their time because of being taught this way.

They say things are changing toward more communicative techniques, but educational change is slow in any country.

532 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-12 03:37 ID:Heaven

They know that it is very important to develop communicative skills in Engish. Almost all people want to be a fluent speaker of English, even they dream it. But the biggest problem is that many Japanese are very shy. Especially high school students are the shiest. They can't practice speaking English in front of other people in their class. The main reason why they can't speak comes from their character.

533 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-12 10:06 ID:Heaven

Exactly lots of Japanese may be shy. But I wonder other problem makes them far from speaking English. In Japan, English is one of the most important subject for admission. Especially high school students study reading,writing and grammer with difficuly to go to "good" colleage. (It is often said tha admission is more difficult than graduation in Japanese college.) So, some English teacher hardly teach speaking . This "the entrance examination" doctrine effects badly japanese society.

534 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-12 15:27 ID:Heaven

A lot of East Asian / South East Asian 1st world counries suffer from the exam syndrome. I was a victim of it. It's so pointless, but secretly I prefer that sort of stable system rather than a totally slack one.

535 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-13 14:43 ID:Heaven

When we speak English, we breath out about about twice as much as Japanese do. To speak English like a native speaker, Japanese should learn how to breath in speaking English.

536 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-14 13:00 ID:Heaven

I recognised that recently. And I'm in practice. My English class was useless for pronouciation, but useful for exams.
Sorry for my idle compalaint. I'll leave.

537 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-15 02:34 ID:Heaven

You don't need to leave, because this is an English soliloquy. Nobody will be bothered. There will be no flame wars.

I've been practising Japanese a little and I realise you don't breathe a lot. But when I hear Japanese speaking on TV they seem to speak very fast, and some older females like to go "eeeeeeeeeee" a lot and keep nodding their heads. Every time they make a point they nod their heads...

One thing many have lamented about Japan's English education system is that it's terribly lacking, and as such, unless you take personal interest in learning English, Japanese seem find it hard to live and work in English-speaking countries. Most seem to think it's still useless because they figure they'll be living in Japan their whole life.

538 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-15 13:17 ID:Heaven

My teacher teaches English in English. His class is very interesting. There are many words I can't catch or understand. But I love that atmosphere. The words I learned in his class are kept in my mind for a long time.

539 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-16 04:55 ID:Heaven

Once you can grasp basic English it's a good idea to teach English in English. This way, you are forced to get better so you can understand what's going on (unless you don't give a shit about learning English).

That's why I watch anime without subtitles sometimes. I force myself to learn new things.

540 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-16 14:15 ID:Heaven

When I learn a foreign language, I feel as if I were trying to find beautiful pebbles in a beach. I can't finish it.

541 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-16 22:31 ID:Heaven

Hi everyone! I have a question to ask you. Have you seen the movie "Back to the Future"? If you have, did you like it? I liked it a lot!

542 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-17 10:57 ID:Heaven

All three parts are very enjoyable. Fun & suspense is a good mix!

543 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-17 12:40 ID:Heaven

Even if I think it's good, as is often the case, it's not that good. I've had such experiences many times. I feel so sad and deperate. What can save me? I want to find such a thing within a week. After all I have to pray to God.

544 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-17 13:13 ID:Heaven

All you have to do is listening to LINKIN PARK!

545 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-18 14:22 ID:Heaven

I'm afraid of meeting people. It was not until yesterday that I realized I was trapped by him. He can cheat others better than any other person in the world, I feel. I have never met a more cunning person than he.

546 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-19 15:44 ID:Heaven

I hate crab louses. They bite me. It's tough.

547 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-20 11:02 ID:Heaven

I was going to put キモヲタ ハケーン in the shiritori thread, but realised you shouldn't have a word ending with "n".

548 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-24 07:22 ID:Heaven

There's a lot of silly people on 2ch's ENGLISH board lately.
I wonder whether even more talk of Yukorin will result in the creation of a new board for these silly people..

549 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-24 22:26 ID:Heaven

this is the first time i came to this board
just so nice, i like it
i think there should be much more people

550 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-25 07:19 ID:Heaven

I agree with Mr. >>549
I am happy that this board is here.

551 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-25 15:39 ID:Heaven

I want to write more, but I can't write freely.

552 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-26 14:57 ID:u9zjxFv1

Nothing is more than diffcult than writing. Speaking is, in general, easier than writing. To my surprise there are quite a few Japanese who can write good English though he/she can't speak English.

553 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-26 20:58 ID:Heaven

I cannot cope with loss.

554 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-26 21:05 ID:Heaven

I like to watching movies. movies can give you a sense of that period of time.
if you watching movies you will better understand culture. recently i watch a lot
of french new wave movies and i really got a feeling of that time. it's kinda strange feeling, that time will never come back, but movies are living evidence of
that time and people of that time

555 名前: !.38tuXtuXs 2005-06-27 12:09 ID:Heaven

Your english is kind of good for a Japanese, >>554 .

It happens. What can you do?

The one problem is that most non-Japanese are not yet used to this kind of culture and system. It'll be hard to get more people.

Today I had to go back to school. It's the last half of the last year of my secondary school years. After this I'll still see some of my classmates though so it's nothing bad. And loss is inevitable. Impermanence is a reality.

556 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-28 15:39 ID:Heaven

To make good human relationships are very difficult. When we try to do something new, it's inevitable that a lot of people are agains it and try to stop it.

557 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-06-29 14:25 ID:Heaven

I've got crab lice. That's too much. I never want to have that experience. I went to a rental video room, and might have caught the desease. This year is also very tough on me.

558 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-01 07:41 ID:Heaven

I am so tired, I shouldn't have stayed awake for so long.

559 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-01 11:25 ID:Heaven

I paid all the money for my trip, and got the receipt from the tourist company, HIS. But three days later HIS told me to pay another surcharge because of the increase of the oil price. But I can't believe it. Because I got even the receipt. Why do I have to pay after paying all the money and getting the receipt for it.

560 名前: !.38tuXtuXs 2005-07-01 14:18 ID:jJGZilHH

I recently got a cold. My hard disk died. I have lots of things due soon. I'm going to collapse... and it's only the first week of school!

561 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-01 17:14 ID:9Q+ooVFo

Summer lies ahead of me like the neverending sea. I am plowed ahead.

562 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-01 17:15 ID:9Q+ooVFo

You see what I did there. I am plowing in the sea.

563 あぼーん

564 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-01 20:50 ID:1PLRpNuB

There's no good word for "plowing the sea" in English...

565 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-02 12:59 ID:Heaven

Japanese mothers want their children to go to a famous school. They are crazy about the education for theri chidlren. I want them not to forget what is the most important for their children. But in a sense it is true in Japan that people are highly evaluated by the university they graduated from.

566 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-03 13:06 ID:Heaven

Many people are brainwashed by the society they belong to. In general it's impossible for us to be free from this binding us.

567 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-04 13:59 ID:Heaven

It's sometimes very difficult to make a decision.

568 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-07 13:39 ID:Heaven

After all the looks are very important for women. Beautiful women are so lucky.

569 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-10 03:29 ID:Heaven

We can never understand other people's heart unless we are in the same situation. Don't try to understand things in only your shallow head.

570 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-10 13:23 ID:Heaven

I feel happy to be with her. I went to a port with her this afternoon. We had a good time. Nothing gives us more pleasure than having a girlfriend, with whom we can speak our mind.

571 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-11 13:40 ID:Heaven

I wonder why so many Japanese high school girls sit with their knees apart in the train. It's a good view. Are they very kind to men?

572 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-14 11:07 ID:Heaven

As far as I know, the pretty girls tend to be good-natured. The bad-looking girls tend to be bad-natured.

573 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-14 13:53 ID:Heaven

same for guys. talent-less, ugly, fat guys tent to be bad-natured, envyous, jealous and all other bad thing. but the worst thing about them is their lazyness

574 名前: sage 2005-07-15 08:56 ID:fuee9xj0

I´m enjoy being me.

575 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-15 09:16 ID:Heaven

My laptop is dying. I need to buy another.

I really need to visit Japan.
Failed sage, lol!

576 名前: !.38tuXtuXs 2005-07-15 12:50 ID:Heaven

I got a new mouse today and it's really nice. My old one stopped working and I had to use the NUM PAD.

577 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-16 09:13 ID:Heaven

I´ve had a cold for more than a month, now.

578 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-16 11:49 ID:Heaven

My hatred for a person in my life is too excessive. It's eating me up.

579 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-16 19:14 ID:Heaven

My bike got stolen.

580 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-17 02:39 ID:Heaven

Go to the doctor. I had a cold for more than a month, and it became bronchitis.

It's too warm today. I want to run the air conditioner, but I want to save money.

581 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-17 12:38 ID:Heaven

I think I´m turning hikikomori.

582 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-17 13:16 ID:OZIhYHvf

I wonder why good men are not loved b women, even if they are liked.

583 名前: !.38tuXtuXs 2005-07-17 14:01 ID:Heaven

When most people say that they love someone, in reality they only love themselves. Because once that other person leaves them or loves someone else, they don't love that person anymore.

That sort of love is rubbish. It's better not to be loved at all. I'd rather be liked... friends are infinitely better than lovers.

584 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-18 06:46 ID:Heaven

Is it better to be loved for eternity or by eternity?

585 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-18 14:18 ID:OZIhYHvf

Women love the man with sex appeal, but only respect good men. So many good men are single.

586 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-19 10:52 ID:Heaven

Woman tend to love a little bad man. Women don't like too good men. It means almost all women are foolish. Even in the story of the old tastament, it is so well-know that a foolish woman, Eva cheated a good man, so that they were thrown out of the Paradise. This is only a story, but it shows that women are by nature stupid.

587 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-19 14:27 ID:0VMT9bvD

I'm so bored lately.
I think I'll try out yamanba style.
It'll be interesting to see how people react here in America.

588 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-19 18:21 ID:Heaven

I slept all day. I am NEET!

589 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-20 13:56 ID:Heaven

Masato beat his opponent, but he had his ankle shattered. The fighters are so tough. I feel sorry for them.

590 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-21 11:48 ID:Heaven

Who is better to make sex, a woman who is over fourty but very beautiful or a woman who is twenty but very ugly?

591 名前: !.38tuXtuXs 2005-07-21 12:39 ID:Heaven

Recently I've gotten so addicted to the Zettai Shounen ED that it's bordering on unhealthy levels.

The forums I usually go to are down today. Suddenly I find myself at an utter loss as to what to do.

592 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-21 19:47 ID:Heaven

Boring life.

593 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-22 07:21 ID:Heaven

Neet must be having a very boring life. It's unbelievable. I can't put up with the boredom, so I always go out on the weekend. But some people stay home even on holidays. They must be so strong that they can put with the boredom.

594 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-22 11:33 ID:Heaven

Sometimes I feel like dying. I want to die, but I can't. Maybe many people sometimes feel so.

595 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-22 12:10 ID:Heaven

Often I don´t feel like living. I don´t want to die, but I also don´t have any motivation. I can still enjoy the small things in life and that is what makes my life worth living.

596 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-22 19:42 ID:Heaven

Mmmmmm.... Beer!

597 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-23 14:26 ID:Heaven

If I can enjoy small matters, I may feel happy. Recently I've realized it. If I seek for a great thing, I can't be happy. I realized it.

598 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-24 11:40 ID:Heaven

My everyday life is almost same. I want to encounter more exciting things. But the boring life is after all, the happiest life.

599 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-24 20:58 ID:Heaven

Indeed, the boring life is peaceful.

600 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-25 00:37 ID:Heaven

my neck a little hurt! i can't sit on the chair or stand. I want to lie on the bed

601 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-25 09:10 ID:Heaven

Is it worth standing up for what I believe in if it really isn't important and I'll be pissing people off in the process? orz

602 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-25 14:21 ID:Heaven

Recenly I feel good or happy because I stopped trying to get great happiness. After all enjoying small matters without asking for much is important. If I can be satisfied with not being satisfied with too much satisfying things,I can live a happy life.

603 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-26 10:30 ID:Heaven

I feel good after masturbating, but some feel empty or guilty after masturbating. Why?

604 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-26 15:07 ID:Heaven

When I feel that she feels sad, I feel so sad and depressed. Maybe I truly love her. But it's sometimes so tough. I sometimes feel I can't stand it. She looks stupid but as a matter of fact she is a genius. Sometimes I can't understand what she is thinking about.

605 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-29 14:10 ID:Heaven

Beats me, lol

What is it you believe in?

606 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-29 14:18 ID:Heaven

My little brother spends all of his time playing video games or hang on internet forums and is never interested in doing anything that doesn´t have to do with video games or computers.
As an older brother, I am concerned for his social well-being, but I do not know how to motivate him to meet people or do things.
It is a troublesome situation.

607 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-29 15:39 ID:Heaven

Today I don't feel bad. Sometimes I feel bad. It depends on the day. But tomorrow I have to go there. This week I can't take a day off. So I have to go to work two weeks without taking any days off. It's hard. But I can take a two-week vacation from August 7 to 22. I can't wait.

608 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-29 15:46 ID:Heaven

These few days I have been having some really good luck, so I'll age a bit. Right now the rest of the house is in a bit of a bad mood though, so I'll just quietly go to sleep. I'm tired, anyway - I've been working hard this week!

>>606, congratulations, I think your brother might be a potential NEET.

I used to be like that (and as a girl it's even more unacceptable for people) but I kinda grew out of it when I realised there's other interesting things in the world, since I took an interest in my studies and did related things that didn't need the ocmputer. Of course now I'm hooked at looking at dermotogical disease sites.

609 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-30 08:58 ID:puydqtfA

The world is my pie and I love it because winning the lottery is sooo good!

610 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-30 10:47 ID:Heaven

I've had a formidable rival. So mine is always down these days. But after all they will forget it sooner or later, and mine will catch their heart again. But I have little confidence about it. I did it too much. How can I do with it?

611 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-30 13:50 ID:Heaven

>>610 Your what is always down these days? Do you mean you feel down these days?
And I think you mean "How can I deal with it"

612 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-07-30 16:29 ID:Heaven

It's impossible to understand my post because it's too abstract. Down is not my feelings but my thread I made in a different message board. Just rambling about this and that without wanting replies from other people can be the tip for a thread to last for a long time.

613 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-01 12:35 ID:Heaven

I never get tired of pizza.

614 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-01 15:02 ID:Heaven

I'm too emotional. I want to change this tendency. The older I get, the weaker I get.

615 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-02 11:55 ID:Heaven

Life is getting tougher and tougher. But what would be the meanig of life. Does it have any meanings? Many people must have thought about this kind of thing. Some made philosophy and other made religion. But who could get the real happiness?
I just rambled about this and that.

616 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-02 12:42 ID:Heaven

Being emotional is good. Too many people are cold and insensitive, these days.

617 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-02 19:42 ID:Heaven

She likes me and I like her.
But is it love?
Not really.

618 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-03 12:55 ID:Heaven

I want her to call me "father". I've wanted to have a daugher for a long time. But if she gets so close to her, the different, she may feel jealous. Women are so stupid, even if I take care of a girl with good heart, she may get angry.

619 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-04 11:11 ID:Heaven

It feels good to throw away old things
I collect too much rubbish

620 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-04 11:17 ID:Heaven

She is good. I can sleep now because she's put futon down.

621 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-05 06:29 ID:Heaven

I am confused and bored.

622 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-05 11:03 ID:Heaven

What is the meaning of life. Very bored people must have the meaning of life. If you think what I live for, you must be a bored person rather a philosopher. But boredom must have made great contribution to make philophy or religions.

623 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-05 17:50 ID:Heaven

The body is a vessal for the soul. a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny, and lo, the body is not eternal, dor it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust whence it came. Therefore must the soul decieve, despise, and murder men.

624 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-06 14:43 ID:Heaven


625 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-07 03:25 ID:Heaven

English news or moveies are very difficult to understand. When people learn a foreign language, the biggest obstacle would be listening. It's almost impossible to understand a foreign language when it is spoken at a natural speed. But Japanese characters, especially kanji are very hard to memorize. It's almost impossbile to memorize all kange native Japanese usually use. Japanese tend to use their eyes to remember words,while Americans tend to use their ears to memorize words. Kanji is ideogram. English is phonogram. So there must be a big difference between the ways of things of Japanese and Americans.

626 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-09 03:38 ID:Heaven

If the House of Representatives is dissolved and the new prime minister is eleced, what will become of Japan's future. Anyhow I can't trust Mr. Koizumi.

627 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-09 13:30 ID:Heaven

What do you think about the postal privatization Mr Koizumi promotes.

628 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-11 03:43 ID:Heaven

Very few can answer it, because most people are not interested in politics or something like that. They are only interested in their own personal matters such as traveling, finding good girl(boy) frineds, earnikng money, making up their face.

629 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-11 12:57 ID:Heaven

I made her buy a short skirt and wear it. She looks so sexy and nice. The best view in the world is the pretty girls with a very short skirt on.

630 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-12 02:37 ID:Heaven

"Train man" is getting more and more popular. What would be the reason? Actor or actress or story itself?

631 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-12 10:15 ID:Heaven

I think the main reason Densha Otoko is becoming popular is because it´s 2ch-related.

632 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-14 01:43 ID:Heaven

The actress is good. But I don't want to hug her. I like a little fat girl, of course not too fat. Especiall I like the girls who have fleshy thigs. I want to put my face bewteen their fleshy thighs. That's fantastic.

633 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-17 16:13 ID:Heaven

Learning the Japanese language has been going very slow, lately. I don´t know why, but I keep forgetting everything I learn. I have many other things going on in my life, right now. Maybe they are what´s interfering.

634 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-17 18:50 ID:Heaven

All is lost! orz

635 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-20 12:32 ID:fuee9xj0

Fewer and fewer people write in this thread, so I age it.

636 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-20 13:14 ID:6OMrRVmI

I almost forgot about this thread...

Recently life has been getting better and better. Or is it because I am learning to be a more positive person? Either way, it's good. I'm glad this time I'm not going to hold onto happiness because it is, like all things, transient. If you want to be happy forever, learn to be happy with anything. To do so you must have a powerful mind... I am working towards that, but for now I'm balancing between trying to do that, and when I can't, I try to change the situation a little.
When you change the situation to suit yourself things get bad because your good situation might be someone else's bad situation.

637 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-20 18:28 ID:Heaven

Don't you think Chinese girls, in general, are very assertive and self-centered. I like Chinese men, but hate Chinese women. I feel so sorry for Chinese men.

638 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-21 07:23 ID:Heaven


Can't handle assertive women, eh? Too bad for you. I'm sure they hate you back.

639 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-21 08:18 ID:Heaven

638 must be an assertive woman. It's much better to be hated than to loved by this kind of woman. This kind of women tend to be single for ever or get divorced so quickly. Because they can ever be loved by men. They deserve it. Stop replying.

640 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-22 05:32 ID:Heaven

what do you mean by assertive woman?

641 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-22 12:09 ID:Heaven

She has severe pain in her lower back. We took a trip to NY. Since then she's had pain there. I hope she will get better soon. Otherwise I can't make that with her. I'm getting frustrated but I have to put up with it.

642 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-22 16:10 ID:Heaven

I´m moving to a new city.
I´m going to start studying.
All is well.

643 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-23 00:37 ID:Heaven

4-ch seems to have more activity lately. It makes me happy. ( ´∀`)

644 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-23 07:28 ID:rOyaydSX

Make that with her? or Do that with her (meaning sex)?

I have exams coming up soon. I must not come here too often.

645 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-23 07:37 ID:gguXU0xQ

just do it ✔

646 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-24 08:55 ID:Heaven

I've got canker sore. It's so painful. I couldn't stand it, and I bought some medicine. But owing to that foolish guy, I dropped it on the floor. I wanna kill him. But I wonder whether Americans also have canker sore.

647 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-25 06:53 ID:Heaven

I just slept four hours today but I had a very nice erotic dream about an old female pal of mine, so it's all good.

648 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-25 11:19 ID:Heaven

I want him to be good. I'm always afraid of his doing something bad, especially about money. He leads too loose a life, especially he borrows money at loan shark companies. He is not only foolish but also weak-willed, but has a lot of pride. He is the worst man in the world.

649 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-26 08:50 ID:Heaven

I´ve been really tired all day. I can´t really focus my eyes. Everything´s blurry.

650 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-26 12:38 ID:Heaven

I feel I've written out. I can't write anything. Nothing comes to mind.

651 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-27 12:30 ID:Heaven

Uho! Nice paradox!

652 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-27 14:21 ID:Heaven

I'm looking forward to seeing the bout of Fedor and Milko tomorrow. Which will win. Nobody knows. In general Fedor is a little stronger than Milko. But Milko's high kick is so excellent that Fedor may not be able to block it. Anyhow it'll be one of the most exciting matches.

653 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-27 23:26 ID:Heaven

Why do they often overact so much, in Japanese dramas?

Uho! Nice guy!

654 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-28 02:30 ID:Heaven

Jiro is so cute that I wanna hug him.

655 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-28 17:17 ID:Heaven

I´m honored to have such good friends.

656 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-30 15:40 ID:Heaven

I feel sorry for her. I wish I could get twice as big salary as I do now. After all money is so important for us to live a happy life. If we always have to be patient because of lack of moeny, we feel so stressed out.

657 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-08-31 05:42 ID:Heaven

I've visited the 4ch Japanese board for the first time in about 2 months. It's because I had to study hard to get certificated. I did all I could do and I did it! My efforts paid.

658 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-01 14:09 ID:Heaven

I'v realized that he is weak and timid. He can't do anything by himself. He askes me to do difficult things, because he can't do it. But that is life. I should not think about it too much. Take it easy.

659 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-01 20:30 ID:Heaven

I am wasting too much time.
I wish I could stop doing this.

660 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-01 22:12 ID:Heaven

Same here. Wasting my days on the internet, when I have important things to do. It´s annoying.

661 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-02 11:28 ID:Heaven

I feel very worried about what I did when a superviser said it was time to finish it-I changed my answer-but I'm not sure if I did it correctly.

662 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-02 17:44 ID:Heaven

Dan will come. I want her to feel happy in my home.

663 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-03 05:28 ID:Heaven

To have a good human relationship seems to be the most important in our life. Some people cannot get along with others, but why. Maybe they are self-centered, selfish. But I think that the biggest reason is that they canot accept others as they are, even if they want be accepted as they are.

664 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-03 14:34 ID:Heaven

It's so hard to understand the girl of that age. Maybe I should make her feel free as much as possible.

665 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-03 23:44 ID:Heaven

Everyone said to me, "congratulations". I felt happy but at the same time very complicated because I knew they were working very hard as I was.. I happened to be successful this time only because I seized my chance. How chould I say "thank you and I hope you are successful next time"? I felt sorry for them. That's why I didn't talk more than needed.

666 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-04 11:35 ID:Heaven

667 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-04 14:56 ID:Heaven

Now I live with her, I feel so happy. I've been able to understand girs much better than before. After all they are kids. The good imagination I had before has been completely broken.

668 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-04 22:16 ID:Heaven

Google Earth is fascinating.

669 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-05 21:14 ID:Heaven

A friend of mine taught me how to use Buzz and suddenly making music became fun again.

670 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-07 05:07 ID:Heaven

What's Buzz?

671 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-07 12:58 ID:Heaven

This neat little program: http://www.buzzmachines.com/

Also, ageing the thread.

672 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-07 12:58 ID:Heaven

This neat little program: http://www.buzzmachines.com/

Also, ageing the thread.

673 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-07 12:59 ID:Heaven

>>671 >>672
Let me try that again.
Ageing the thread: third try.

674 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-08 00:49 ID:rOyaydSX

There's a lot of residue on my eyelashes. Recently my eyes have been tearing a lot... perhaps I'm using the computer too much.

675 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-08 17:41 ID:Heaven

I have started studying, but it´s so incredibly difficult.
I have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the class.

676 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-09 13:16 ID:Heaven

Almost all pretty girsl may think that they are loved by men. They are very stupid. It is only one week that pretty girls are loved by men. After that it depends on their characgter whether they are kept loved. Pretty but stupid girls don't know this. That's why so many beautiful women are kicked out by men. No wonder so many women are divorced.

677 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-11 01:28 ID:Heaven

Hard time is over. It's so peaceful. But what should I do?

678 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-11 07:39 ID:Heaven

I have no sense of direction in my life.

679 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-11 09:50 ID:Heaven

It is said that new wine should be put into a new bottle. It means that we need new system to accept new way of thinking.

680 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-11 20:17 ID:Heaven

I don´t eat enough. I go for hours and hours and don´t realise I´m hungry.

681 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-12 12:37 ID:Heaven

I like it in this town. I think I´ll stay here.

682 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-12 12:42 ID:Heaven

It's important to look on the bright side.
He wanted to have a totally different experience 9 years ago, when he was teaching at an elementary school. He heard about Japan from his friend, who had been to Japan. He quit his job and went to Japan with little money. Then he didn't have any job in Japan, and it was only on the first day that he could have a place to stay in Japan. But he had a lot of good opportunities.

683 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-14 00:41 ID:Heaven


684 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-15 21:29 ID:Heaven

a few white liquid comes out from my dick!!!!!!!!!
Whats this!????
heeeeeelpe meeee heeeeえdrftgyふじこlp;@:

685 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-18 15:17 ID:Heaven

I think that those people who try to look on the bright side too much tend to fail in their life. Of course those who always look on the dark side will also fail in their life. I think we should have the eye to see the fact as it is.

686 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-20 13:09 ID:Heaven

Many people, especially the persons in the high rank tend to force their subordinates to say what they don't want to say.

687 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-25 03:05 ID:Heaven

Now train man called "Densha otoko" is gettting more and more popularity. To my surprise it is shown in Hong Kong and San Francisco, I heard. It's a pure love story. A geek falls in love with a very beautiful girl who was born in a very rich family. Many real girls are getting worse and worse. They can make sex to get money or to improve their English speaking skill. It's no wonder this kind of pure love story is getting so popular.

688 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-25 11:48 ID:Heaven

Improving your English skills by sex? Interesting concept.

689 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-26 14:13 ID:Heaven

Koizumi made his policy speech in the Lower House today. I wonder why Japanese people support the postal privatization as well as Mr. Koizumi himself. Who can say the reson why the postal privatization is good for Japanese people?

690 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-09-29 13:52 ID:Heaven

Is there a train late in the morning on Sunday?

691 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-01 14:05 ID:Heaven

I don't wanna go there just because I can enjoy it, but I need some good reason to go there. After all what is important for me is that what important things I can get from the trip. If I can learn something important I can pay for it. In terms of this, it is better to travel abroad than to travel there in my country.

692 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-02 14:05 ID:Heaven

I made a mistake. Somebody found that I posted that message. I don't like to be found. What should I do?

693 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-03 14:24 ID:FlU3qj1b

She is too emotional, and quick to change. No wonder she is hated by her husband.

694 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-03 18:11 ID:Heaven

I would like to go to space. I would like to dissapear. I would like some coffee. I would like some tea. I would like to hit someone. I would like to how do I.

695 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-04 14:06 ID:Heaven

What kind of thread do people want to post messages in? I made an monologue thread in channel 2 about two years ago. I stopped posting in that thread about one year ago. But there are some people who post messages in the thread. So the monologue thread is still alive, to my surprise. Today I saw the thread,and found that a person named koji posted many messages there. So I think Japanese like saying to themselves, because they can post without listening to others' opinions.
But Americans like discussion. In other words they like fighting. So they don't like monologue thread.

696 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-05 09:24 ID:Heaven

Uhm... actually the chat threads on the English board @ 2ch are much more popular than the monologue threads now, and there's a lot of fighting going on in there.

Also, "saying" sounds awkward in that sentence because you are refering to some general kind of action ("saying" is usually just used in sentences like "He was saying to me that (etc.)"). "Speaking" or "talking" is more appropriate here: "Japanese like talking to themselves".

697 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-05 12:49 ID:Heaven

There are always strange people around the world. That makes our world more interesting.

698 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-06 15:07 ID:Heaven

Some threads make us happy. We can get the power to live by reading some threads.

699 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-08 02:03 ID:Heaven

I got drunk today. Last nigth I had a drink with my friends. He loves drinking, but I don't like so much. But I had to drink as a part of my work.

700 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-08 15:47 ID:Heaven

Travel broadens my mind. I'm going to Seoul on Oct. 20. I can't speak Korean at all. I don't know even the currency. I'm wondering if I can manage to do it. But adventure is important in our life.

701 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-09 07:29 ID:Heaven

I am tired and I feel sick but it's still jolly great to be alive.

702 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-10 01:58 ID:Heaven

Doing that makes me so happy. I'm addicted to it.

703 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-11 13:53 ID:Heaven

She cancelled our meeting again. It drove me nuts. She may be mentally dysfunctional.

704 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-12 15:50 ID:Heaven

What would be the most important to keep marriage life? I think character and sex are the most imoprtant.

705 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-13 14:57 ID:Heaven

Remembering the sounds of foreign languages is so hard that I'm quick to forget the expressions I learned. Hearing and listening are different. Hearing the sounds of the words is not enough. To listen we need to think about the sounds and the words.

706 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-15 14:25 ID:Heaven

To my surprise the older I get, the younger I look. People around me often say so.

707 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-16 13:53 ID:Heaven

There was a big earthquake in Pakistan,and a lot of people were killed there. I think our life has been determined by our luck.

708 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-17 12:00 ID:Heaven

I lost my watch. I'm so depressed that I can do nothing now. I need that watch.

709 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-18 15:19 ID:Heaven

I don't know if she loves me. I wonder why woman's mind is so hard to understand.

710 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-19 15:25 ID:Heaven

Few peopel try to find the meaning of life. But if we think about it, we can't find the answer so easily. I was born by accidental event. Evolution theory may be true. But nobody can say the meaning of our life. If we can't make the meaning of our life by ourselves, we don't have to continue to live. But I think I have to, at least, live for K. Without K, it is no use my living.

711 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-22 15:12 ID:Heaven

I don't know why they speak ill of them. Maybe they don't know the reality. They are only using false imagination.

712 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-23 02:36 ID:Heaven

How many more years can I live, I don't know. But I want to visit as many countries as possible in my life. I can learn new things wherever I go.

713 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-24 13:48 ID:Heaven

To my surprise Chinese also have begun to wear short skirts. It's good but bad, I felt. Sexual attractiveness is very important, but it is their heart that I put more emphasis on.

714 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-27 11:05 ID:Heaven

Girls are stupid and darty. But they can be our best pets.

715 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-28 13:32 ID:FlU3qj1b

All of a sudden I had a sharp pain in my stomach. Maybe the mackerel I ate must have disagreed with me. I may have got poisoned by it.

716 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-30 15:12 ID:Heaven

There was a big explosion in India. The Isalm extremist mave caused it. They must be brainwashed. Usuall we can't kill innocent people without being brainwashed.

717 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-10-31 20:40 ID:cJuvnn1Q

This tread is DQN, because I say so. I can also become DQN by writing here because this thread is DQN. Why am I writing this nonsense? I am DQN because I write in DQN thread. DQN for the win, or is it win for the DQN?

718 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-01 14:20 ID:Heaven

I've been wondering why Mr. Koizumi is quite popular among Japanese people. LDP got a landslide victorty in the recent election. I think Mr. Koizumi is very cold to weak people. It is easy to guess if we see his divorce case. He got dirvorced when his wife was still pregnant. He should get more money from rich people. The reason why he's got a victory is that rich people support him.

719 名前: chocchura-san 2005-11-05 01:53 ID:Heaven

It's a kind of weird to put Mr. and Koizumi toghether. Of course it's just a puppet, but what prime minister or president isn't?
I'm agree with you but this is a global reallity. To win an elections, you need a good campaign, so you need a lot of money. With money (don't ask from) they win but at same time become an inversion.
But, there's not so much better in the Japanese politics to choose.. Just think this: If Koizumi is a "liberal" how will be the right wing??

720 名前: 名無しさん@英語勉強中 2005-11-05 07:59 ID:Heaven

With according to your logic, major Japanese are rich and poor person doesn't exist so
much ,thefore Koizumi won the election.
Japan's ratio of middle classes is high because of a severe tax system, and a millionaire
ratio and a poor persons retio are few.   In a sense, it is a socialistic state.
However I'm not so rich and living in typical small Japanese house which was called rabbit
hutch by French, I voted LDP.
The reason is that other political parties are too rude.
The political party that leader's like person representing the interests of a group in the
specific Asian countryies cannot be helped even if excluded from people's large majority.

721 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-05 08:10 ID:Heaven

I see many Japanese say that Eureka Seven is a failure. I think it's quite a failure too - it's got very high production values and a young, energetic team working on it, but the plot and characters are hackneyed beyond measure, and as a result the whole show feels tired. I feel kind of sorry for the people behind the series, though. I wonder how they are taking all the criticism.

722 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-05 09:05 ID:Heaven

Surely..bad..dream that......Eureka Seven is a failure.
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄○ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
           O 。 
              , -─‐-_.ノ! 、
            / ,. ‐'"´..:::丿 `_ , ィ   ,ィ
         ハ / /..::::::::::::::::::: ̄::::::::::- ' "/
            l | /..::::::::::::::::::::::_:::::::::::::::::/ ,ィ
       /l::::l/ .:::::::::::::::::::::、__ヽ、<=彳/\
    _ ..-┘/::::::::::::::::::r─-=、\ _, -ヽ、! く/_ ヽ
,. ‐'' ´     l:::::::::::::::::: |     \! "r‐  ヾ、::::イ   l、
 `丶、   l 、|:::::::::::::::::: |   ,/    、.ィ ヾ:/   \
    丶、\_:::::::::::::::::: l  〃 /`,   ヾ::、   ヽ ̄\   l   / ̄ ̄ ̄`丶、,..- ── - 、_
        〃´.:::::::::::::::::\   .ノ/   r ! ,ィ | ,-┴ 、 _|_/           /ー-─…‐- 三   ̄l
        /′:::::::::::::::レノ〈`  ‐''´       // |/  l l、 \/     , -‐、 /      /  _ 二-┴
        l/ ̄/::::人:r‐ヘゝ      _ /ノ /|  \/     /           / /
       _/:/::::人いハ.    _ ̄  ノ\r_'7       /     ,. -‐-、/
       ー─z_=''"ー-=-へ./´⌒ヾ=、__ /     /             /
\ /           ̄/\/l_こ/  , -、    ̄"7     /   /       /      /
  L_ " ̄       //\`ヽ、| //l.=ィ"| /         /        , /       /
  |        l/      ∨/ /..:::::::_l/        /        //       /
\  \              ヽ/..:::::: ̄:/  , /   /         /l/ /      l
  \ `丶、   //       | :::::::::::/  / "   /    /   /   /      l
    ` ー 、` ーL._ !        /|:::::::::/  /./   /    / _   /   /      l   /
         ̄`ー、`L._     //|::::::::| ./ /       /_ニ - ' ´,. - ' ´      /  //
             `ー--一′ ヽ::::|/ /               /         /  / l
                     \|/ /      /      /         /
                        /  l        /       /         /

723 名前: chocchura-san 2005-11-06 00:44 ID:Heaven

College teachers say the Japanese goverment structure is the same as 50 years before. Just a temporal system while the country was building up..
It's weird to think the Japan from 69 is the same from now. At that time, College students were so revolutionary and more interested in politics.
Actually I have no one partner who's in that stuff. I've seen in South Korea and Europe the opposite, All students i've met here are more worried thinking about their future "stable" job. So it's said..

724 名前: chocchura-san 2005-11-06 00:44 ID:Heaven

College teachers say the Japanese goverment structure is the same as 50 years before. Just a temporal system while the country was building up..
It's weird to think the Japan from 69 is the same from now. At that time, College students were so revolutionary and more interested in politics.
Actually I have no one partner who's in that stuff. I've seen in South Korea and Europe the opposite, All students i've met here are more worried thinking about their future "stable" job. So it's said..

725 名前: chocchura-san 2005-11-06 00:45 ID:Heaven

College teachers say the Japanese goverment structure is the same as 50 years before. Just a temporal system while the country was building up..
It's weird to think the Japan from 69 is the same from now. At that time, College students were so revolutionary and more interested in politics.
Actually I have no one partner who's in that stuff. I've seen in South Korea and Europe the opposite, All students i've met here are more worried thinking about their future "stable" job. So it's said..

726 名前: chocchura-san 2005-11-06 00:46 ID:Heaven

College teachers say the Japanese goverment structure is the same as 50 years before. Just a temporal system while the country was building up..
It's weird to think the Japan from 69 is the same from now. At that time, College students were so revolutionary and more interested in politics.
Actually I have no one partner who's in that stuff. I've seen in South Korea and Europe the opposite, All students i've met here are more worried thinking about their future "stable" job. So it's said..

727 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-06 14:25 ID:Heaven

It measns that Japan is a very peaceful nation, at least, many people feel so. That's why many young are not interested in politics. But when the nation is so bad, people are very interested in politics so that they try to make their country better.

728 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-07 14:07 ID:Heaven

He was arrested but he might have know it. Birds flu is spreading around the world now. I love traving abroad. I have to be careful.

729 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-08 12:59 ID:Heaven

The quake that hit northern Pakistan elevated the ground by as much as six meters in devastated areas. Anyhow why was he detained?

730 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-08 15:29 ID:Heaven

Quite a few Japanese post messages in English boards. But their toic scores are in general very low. Why? Maybe their listening skills are so poor.

731 名前: 名無しさん@英語勉強中 2005-11-09 14:35 ID:Heaven

I'll answer your question though my arbitrary decision and the prejudice are considerably included.
A usual Japanese has been studying English for six years in the junior high school and the high school
though is the lowest after WWU..
The question whether a usual Japanese not good at English conversation is caused yet.
I think that there are three big reasons.
1.English meaning in university/college entrance exam
 In the university entrance exam of Japan, English is an indispensable subject regardless of the liberal
 arts course or the science course.
 However, the grammar, the decipherment, and the composition are main in the content of the examination.
 An English dictation is not imposed usually.
 The English at entrance exam in Japan is ,in a word, not to measure the ability of communication level,
 but one means to measure the ablity of one's brain storage memolability.
 The situation might change a little because, hearing will be added to National Center Test for University
 Entrance Examination from next time.
2.A lot of sounds that do not exist in Japanese exist in English.
 The same sounds such as th, v w, r, and l do not exist in Japanese. Therefore, such a sound is rejected
 or falsified by Japanese native's ear and mouth.
 "I love you./I rub you "and "Please sit down/Please shit down" .It is very difficult for me to distinguish.
 When you come to Japan, and want to eat the hamburger, not to use correct pronouncing English
 "Where is McDonald", but to use Japanese style pronouncing "Where is Makudo Narudo" then you will
 be able to get the hamburger at the probability of 90% or more.
3.The country where necessity of foreign language conversation doesn't exist in daily life.
 In this respect, Japan is a happy country. Land is isolated from the big and strong countries by the sea.
 There is no thing embarrassed with daily life even if English is able not to be understood.
 If the land is sorrounded directly by big countryies, we have to learn those languages or the crisis of the
 living will be caused.
 Therefore, the person who doesn't have an English necessity will release the English memory area.in the
 brain after exxamination has over, and use the area for more important usage for daily life.
*My latest TOEIC score is 650/990 ・゚・(つД`)・゚・

732 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-09 16:07 ID:Heaven

When you ask your wife too much, your marriage life will be broken.

733 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-10 11:00 ID:Heaven

Sound should have meanings when we can speak a language freely. But many people can understand foreign languages only when they have translated sound into some words. But it is for this reason that people can't understand the language when it is spoken by native speakers. You should practice more so that you can understand the language by its sound.

734 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-11 17:05 ID:Heaven

Only beauty cannot last our relationship. After all the character is also important.

735 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-12 14:54 ID:Heaven

I have to go through a lot of hardship many more years. When it gets cold, I don't feel like taking a shower, rather I want to go to bed early. So I don't take a shower for three days.

736 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-13 14:24 ID:Heaven

She always forget returning videos. So she tries watch all videos she rented on the last day. She has to watch more than three videos,and goes to the rental video shop to return the videos before 12 am at midnight. I feel she is stupid.

737 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-14 14:15 ID:Heaven

I put a cold compress on my back because I had a pain there. I often go to chiropractic these days. I'vw got old.

738 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-15 13:49 ID:Heaven

A fire broke out. I couldn't say. I had to put medicine, gaze, disinfectant, bandage, tweezers in the emergency kit. The typhoon caused extensitive damage to this area.

739 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-19 17:17 ID:Heaven

Today I wanna get sleep early, but it's that late already.

740 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-22 14:49 ID:Heaven

I don't feel like reading the long messages which somebody wrote. Long sentences are not good if I want to have somebody read my message, I learned.

741 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-23 16:01 ID:Heaven

I wonder why there are some people who can kill others. Killing others is so tough. But some can do it. They are nuts in the head. If they are normal, it's unbelievable.

742 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-25 11:51 ID:Heaven

I wanna live like him. He lives so freely. He is never bound to the normal rule of our society. Normal people always live paying attention to or being afraid of others or others eyes. I also wanna live feely, but I can't. I'm too weak. I wanna be stronger. I wanna be a different person.

743 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-26 11:59 ID:Heaven

I've begun to feel motherly love for them. I've got old.

744 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-29 12:46 ID:Heaven

If you want to know whether you can get along with your girlfriend for a long time and can marry her, you should have a big fight with her. If you give vent to your pent-up feelings and you can be reconciled with her, she may be a best girl for you. You are made for each other. I've found that I can be on the same wavelength as her.

745 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-11-30 15:18 ID:Heaven

I can speak English almost freely. I have no difficulty making myself understood in English when I talk with native speaker of English. A lot of expressions come to mind quickly. But when it comes to writing, I feel it's so hard. Good expressions don't come to mind. I have to wait for a long time until I can find good words to express what I want to say. Speaking skills are a little different from writing skills, maybe. But listening is still so difficult that it's very hard to understand 100 % of English movies or something like that. Maybe adults lose listening abilities to the extent that they can never distinguish some sound. Maybe we should start to learn English before we are 10, if we want to understand 100% of English movies or news. I'm too late. It's no use crying over spilt milk. This proverb touches me to the core.

746 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-01 14:37 ID:Heaven

Even housing loans or mortgage loans are difficult. The more haste, the less speed means that if you want to accomplish something so quickly, you have to be cool and check your plan carefuly. Otherwise you often make mistakes, and after all it will take a longer time to achieve your goal.

747 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-03 10:34 ID:Heaven

I want to buy a codo. But the problem is money. I don't want to pay housing loans for many years. But if I don't buy a codo now, after I retire from work, I have to continue to pay the rent for an apartment until I die. But I can't get so much pension. If so I have to rent a cheap and poor apartment. I don't like it. After all it might be better to buy a condo now. I'm in two minds.

748 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-05 13:14 ID:Heaven

It's been found that the condominiums or hotels that anj architect Anneha woul collapse with an earthquake with an intensity of five-plus on the Japanese scale. It means that Anneha put a lot of people in an extemely dangerous position. I wonder if he has conscience. But I think there must be a lot of other buildings that the earthquake resistance data have been falsified by architects.

749 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-06 14:42 ID:Heaven

All of a sudden she began to take interest in dancing. She looked at the websites about dancing. I feel sorry for her. She can't wear the clothes which shows her body too much.

750 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-06 14:51 ID:Heaven

Spare the rod and spoil the child. If you really love your child,
you have to make him more independent, trave alone. So if you permit
him to depend on you too much, your son will be spoiled and can't
be a strong ault.

751 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-07 13:35 ID:Heaven

Many a little makes a mickle.

Even if you practice speaking English only about ten minutes every day, you will be able to speak English well in ten years. So if you do something every day without giving up, there is a strong possibility that you can achieve great success.

752 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-08 12:31 ID:Heaven

I can't achieve my goal. Because I haven't set my goal in life. But I don't like aiming too high. If I aim high, my enthusiasm for achiving the goal will gradually cool down. But the biggest problem would be that I can't have the enthusiasm for setting a goal in life. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. First catch your hare, then cook him.

753 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-08 13:34 ID:Heaven

The Japanese government will permit US beef to be imported early next week. Importing US beef was banned two years ago as soon as some persons died of the mad cow disease after eating beef. In a sense Japanese people are timid. So they never want to eat foods which endanger their life. But US government has forced Japanese government to permit the imports of US beef. The reason may be that US cattle industry is in red, so they need to find the markets. So Japanese politicians have sold Japan to US for money. Thinking that way may be going too far. I ought to have a moderate view. But eating in moderation is much more important for me now.

754 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-09 13:35 ID:Heaven

I wonder if extraterrestrial beings exist. But if there are beings in outer space, what would become of us? If they try to invade the earth, we won't be abld to defend ourselves. Because if they can come to the eath far away from their own planet, their techology must be far more advanced than ours. So we will lose the war, and the ETs will govern our earth. We may become slaves.

755 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-09 13:49 ID:Heaven

Discretion is the better part of valor. He that fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

756 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-10 03:43 ID:Heaven

I learned how important it it to say the consonants very strongly in English. Japanease are apt to pronounce the voweles clearly. But Americans pronounce consanants clearly. But the consonants are like breath sound. Japanese are poor at pronouncing this voiceless sound. Because they move quickly from the consonants to the vowels. English in many cases begin with breath (sound) and ends with breath (sound). Japanease should acquire this skill.

757 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-10 13:09 ID:Heaven

The gratitude, the creation of culture, to have a world-wide view is important. We aim to train them to be able to thank others and to have a practical attitude towards life. It was founded about 60 years ago as a cram school. Others and I are one. The child is father of the man. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. We don't forget or are highly influenced by that what we learned in our childhood.

758 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-10 13:28 ID:Heaven

I'd like to train them to be internationalized and broad-minded so that they can make contributions to society.

759 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-10 13:44 ID:Heaven

I have a dream that one day I will be able to speak Chinese like my native language. When I heard Martin King's speech, I was so impressed that I tried to imitate his voice and expression. Why does his speech speak so much to the heart? It came from the bottom of his heart. I like his deeply moving speech.

760 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-10 16:14 ID:Heaven

The number of pedophiles has been increasing in Japan recently. In the past few months, five elementary students were killed by pedophiles. Today a sixth grader girl of an elementary school was stabbed to death with a knife by a cram school teacher. It's impossible to believe that there are quite a few people that can kill little children so cruelly. The characteristics of this murder is in that cruelty. One six year old girl was stabbed in her chest many times. Another had their tooth pulled out with a pair of pliers. Why could they do such curel things to little girls? They may have failed to control their sexual desire. The frightening era has come. But what would be the real reason for causing such crimes?

761 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-11 14:20 ID:Heaven

Large explosions occurred in the fuel depot in London. The radical Shiite demonstrated against Japanese SDF troops staying longer in Iraq, demanding the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq. A cram school teacher stabbed a 12 year old girl to death, because he was poked fun at by the girl.

762 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-12 13:25 ID:Heaven

Chinese women are so warm-hearted and treasure friendship, that is, set a high value on friendship. I wanna win their friendship. I should know that Rome was not built in a day.

763 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-13 10:55 ID:Heaven

Nought venture, nought win. Even if it is dangerous to get, unless you try, you can't obtain anything.

764 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-13 12:43 ID:Heaven

In Japan death penalty is permitted. Butsome people are against death penalty. I'm for death penalty. But I think reall bad people can't be good people. So it's more important to protect good innocent people than protecting the right of bad people.

765 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-14 12:13 ID:Heaven

I'm gonna put up your introduction cards on the bluttinboard. We're gonna make a new building with seven floors. Please take the Shinkansen, Nozomi No.74. It will leave Shin Osaka at ten ten and will get to N at 11:02.

766 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-16 15:07 ID:xPtMblub

He jumpped down from the third floor after drinking a detergent.

767 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-18 15:47 ID:Heaven

At last I've realized that I have to study English again from the beginning by listening to CDs which was recorded by native speakers of English. I've been able to learn English by looking at the words, but I haven't learned English sound. That's why I've been able to understand English movies or news. But it takes a long time to fisnish listening to an English CD stopping the CD and repeating the sentences which were said by a native speaker of English. I'm so worried about whether I can continue this method even thouhg it's very important to learn practical English.

768 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-21 10:43 ID:Heaven

We are likely to have a heavy snowfall tomorrow again. If it snows heavily, it's dangerous to go to work by car, but it's very troublesome to go to work by train. I have to change trains three times to get to work. So I'm in two minds as to how to get to work. Also we have an year-end party tomorrow night after work. Tomorrow will be a hard day for me.

769 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-21 11:47 ID:Heaven

The retail price of kerosene in Japan has hit a record 18 year high dut to growing demand caused by the recent cold weather. Government affiliated oil information center says the average retail price including consumption tax for 18 liters kerosene was one thousand two hundred sixty three yen.

770 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-23 14:59 ID:Heaven

I have to write many New Year cards. It's a tough job.

771 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-24 14:37 ID:Heaven

I went to Christmas mass for the first time in twenty years. There were very few I know. Everything changes.

772 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-25 02:02 ID:Heaven

I thought It´d be a good idea. I was wrong.

773 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-26 15:51 ID:Heaven

I gatta go to bed earlier, but I can't. I will be so sleepy and tired tomorrow. I'm stupid.

774 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-28 16:45 ID:Heaven

He is the head of the employment department.

775 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-28 17:14 ID:Heaven

Guidance concelling, curriculum coordinator, student councelling and guidance.

776 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-01 12:24 ID:Heaven

Now I got up, though it is New Year's Day. I hope this year will be good for me. Last year was so bad, but the year before last was terrible. I wanna go to China or Paris or Rome this year.

777 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-02 14:17 ID:Heaven

I wanna make a new girl frind, but it's forbidden. N may love me or I can make that with that Chinese girl. But I have to give up every possibility.

778 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-05 15:13 ID:Heaven

She is a good influence on me.

779 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-10 14:06 ID:Heaven

If we have to think about what to do during holidays, we may be having a happy life. A happy life means a life without worries.

780 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-14 13:36 ID:Heaven

Women's feelings change so often that I feel it's stupid to react to their feelings.

781 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-16 15:23 ID:Heaven

I think I'm quick to hurt my feelings. I may be too sensitive.

782 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-18 11:07 ID:Heaven

Japanese chivalry is the way of "a samurai warrior".

783 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-18 14:42 ID:Heaven

You've become the ninth grader this year. I think this year must be the most important year in your life. What I want to suggest to you is that you should set a goal of this school year. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time. You don't have to take the entrance exams to enter a high school. So there is a strong possibility that you will neglect your studies.

784 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-18 15:23 ID:Heaven

The TSE suspended the trading of all stocks, as the turnover neared the limit of the system's processing capability. The main reason is that Prosecutors in Tokyo and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission have begun to expand their investigation of the internet firm.
Livedoor. They suspect that Livedoor falsified financial data in 2004.

785 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-21 13:32 ID:Heaven

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office suspects that Livedoor misled the stock market in 2004 over one of its many merger-and-acquisition deals in order to boost the share price of an advertising subsidiary.
U.S. beef imports have been banned again due to the discovery that beef shipped from the country contained spine parts, which are designated as risk material for mad cow disease,

786 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-22 12:38 ID:Heaven

We sometimes get wrong ideas about ourselves.
Men tends to reason more than women and women tend to think with their emotions more.
I could never find the type of woman that I really want. They always start seeing me as only a friend.

787 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-26 13:27 ID:ZIV14SQu

The Internet service Livedoor group bought other companies. Its president Takafumi Horie was briefed by executives that their buyout method could violate the law. Prosecutors continue to question Mr Horie on suspicion of violating the securities and exchange law. He has resigned from his management post since the arrest.

788 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-26 18:55 ID:Heaven

This one time, I saw a ghost.

789 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-27 04:40 ID:6zIWcEJk


790 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-01 14:34 ID:Heaven

I'm too tired today. I have nothing to write.

791 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-09 13:57 ID:Heaven

January 21 history was made. A 30-minute listening test was taken. It was the first time that the unified university entrance exams, prepared by National Center for University Entrance Examinations, had included listening comprehension. This will mark a new age in teaching English in Japanese schools. More practical language learning will take place, rather than simply exam-oriented English. The listening test will change the way of teaching of Japanese teachers of English who used to depend on translation method. This will be a great step for Japanese English education." The recording of the small, hand-held Integrated Circuit (IC) players was slow at first, and it picked up speed and difficulty gradually to test a wide range of listening abilities.
Until now many high-school teachers have seen their main goal as helping students get into good universities by passing entrance exams. Without a listening test, teaching listening skills has largely remained off the curricula of high-school English classes. The most powerful way to change teaching methods is to change the examinations.
Listening passages were contextualized. Students could not just apply grammatical rules but needed to be familiar with how language is used practically to convey a variety of meanings in context.
The listening part will be a better indicator of high-level students than reading and grammar-vocabulary questions of the test because it involves higher level contextualizing skills in addition to reading, grammar and vocabulary. If the National Center shares this data with the public it should persuade high-school teachers to really cultivate students who can use English.

792 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-08 15:18 ID:ueK8ECOK

Many people have different opinons as to the best way to improve one's Enlighs skill. Accroding to the news written in Mainichi News Paper, the government will enforce elementary schools to teach English at least once a week as a regular subject. There are pros and cons about this decision. But I think Japanese are shy and too much sensitive to others' eyes. For this Japanese can't speak English well or they can't try speaking English.

793 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-09 16:49 ID:K4nH5ads

The only way to learn a language is if you're really interested in it. It's a waste of time if you are not motivated enough.

794 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-10 05:28 ID:AyLSDmf3

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.
'Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!'
He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought--
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.
And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!
One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.
'And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

795 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-14 13:57 ID:Heaven

When we can learn something good, it always involves pain.

796 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-17 12:10 ID:Heaven

I have a sever pain in my throat. I might have caught a cold.
I've had a sore throat for the firt time in five years. It's hard. I can't talk well. It consumes a lot of energy. I used up all my energy.

797 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-18 11:17 ID:Heaven

The pain still remains. I went to see a an otolaryngologist. I wanna get over this cold as soon as possible.

798 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-24 13:15 ID:Heaven

I got over the bad cold one week after I came down with it. It was so hard. I had to go to the hosptial twice, because the mdecine the doctor gave me didn't work at all at first. I had a heavy headache and a high fever.

799 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-25 13:48 ID:Heaven

To my surprise that thread was gone. I didn't post there for a while. It was gone before I copied the messages. Orz.

800 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-27 13:42 ID:Heaven

Nothing comes to mind. I feel sad because of that. I want K to develop her character. He gave me too much work. I have to be cautious.

801 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-28 13:48 ID:Heaven

Serious men will quit, but lazy men will not. That is life. We should not be too serious.

802 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-29 15:06 ID:Heaven

After all free writing is very important to improve speaking skills. Now I feel I've written out. Nothing I can write. I haven't written for a long time.

803 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-04-30 02:44 ID:Heaven

We are now having a Golden Week vacation, beginning on the 29th of April, ending on the 5th of May. But I have no plan as to where to go. I have little money. After all I have to stay home even if I have a lot of free time.

804 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-01 13:48 ID:Heaven

All of a sudden it got so hot. So it's so hot today. I can't wear the jacket. But the weather forecast says that it will get much colder than today, more than ten degrees down.

805 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-10 13:43 ID:Heaven

I had my collarbone broken when I was playing volleyball. I couldn't bring myself to write. I'm in the worst time now.

806 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-19 13:08 ID:CuIu2a6j

Sapp ran away from Host. He should have had a bout with Host. He might have been mentally depressed.

807 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-19 16:00 ID:Heaven

I need to get something to eat.

808 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-20 00:12 ID:x6S0Cd9n

... gonna have loads of exams starting next week.
next wednesday.. physics practical
next thursday.. chemistry practical

i have 12 modules to cover~~!!!!
im screwed.

809 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-22 03:08 ID:kWfvKKuU


810 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-22 04:11 ID:iBfMPMwm


811 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-22 12:31 ID:Heaven

The water charges of this month have been twice as large as those of last month. The water meter must be broken. i complained to the landlord about it. she said, pay only half.

812 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-24 13:19 ID:Heaven

Da Vinci Cods is now world-widely read. Many Christians protest against it. It may not be based on historical facts. But interestingly enough, people tend to believe the fictionc not facts, Brcause the facts are often boring. But fictions attract us, especially the fictions written by great writers. That's why preists' sermons are not attractive.

813 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-27 11:02 ID:Heaven

I made such a fool of myself, yesterday. orz

814 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-29 12:50 ID:Heaven

I took my son to a hosptial because he's got a cold. The doctor was stupid, he did not give my son antibiotics. My son's fever went up to 39 degrees C. So we can't be too careful when we choose a doctor.

815 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-06-03 12:36 ID:Heaven

He is strange. He talks to only women, but not to men. It's no
wonder he is still single, though over 40.

816 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-06-28 01:12 ID:Heaven

It's been long since I posted message in 4ch last. The first time I did that was when the Japanese board was just created, I think. I feel as if it's just yersterday when a Germany poster let me know it was made. But as you know, those posters stormed in the board, I felt I was fed up and so stayed away.

Meanwhile, I've used the chatting thread in the English board of 2ch. Actually, it was really energetic and interesting for a while with people from overseas coming to post there, and I had fun chatting with them. But things changed a bit recently. I mean, I don't say chatting about idols is not so fun, but some posters became sort of rude and obscene, which made me sick. So I tried paying a visit here for a change.

This is just an opinion, but if there's a chatting thread here,
not the monologue thread like this one, I'll be happy coming here.

Incidentally, are you guys using the chat thread of 2ch?
Or I shouldn't talk to people here?

817 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-07-04 12:04 ID:CuIu2a6j

After all I realized that the most important thing in my life
is to have a good relationship with my wife. A few days ago
I had an argument with her, and wanted to live separately from
her. But at midnight she began to cry, so I had to console her. I felt she is so cute and have to proctect her until she dies. She is like my daughter rather than my wife. Cute women are so lucky in this world.

818 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-07-08 02:04 ID:Heaven

Many people now lose temper so easily. Some even killed innocnet persons such as kindergartners or elementary school students. When they are caught by a police, they say they did it just because they were irritated. When they are in bad mood, they kill others. What has caused this tendecny. Maybe it has something to with what we eat. Lot of food contains
lots of chemicals, which have bad influence on our brain, so
some get crazy.

819 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-07-12 04:58 ID:p+QPoEqQ

God am I tired.

820 名前: God : 2006-07-12 05:38 ID:bjSVD1n7

821 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-07-12 13:55 ID:Heaven

Today nothing special I have had. In a sense very boring life.
But being able to life a boring life means that I'm happy.
Because if I have to find a job, I can't say I'm bored.
After all whether we are happy or not is closely related to
how much we feel bored.

822 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-03 21:59 ID:TN4JcG8J

A thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters

823 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-05 08:20 ID:Gw/YXulD

There's a proverb says ignorance is bliss.
I understand what it really means but I dare to say that
ignorance is shame .
because I think ignorance sometimes makes us cause prejudice.
So we have to have desire to improve ourselves more intelligent.I always try to read a lot of books in my free time
so that I want to be a thougtful person.

824 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-05 23:23 ID:tGHcKpef

Today I came home from a long day of shopping to find someone parked in my parking space. I honked my horn but nobody came out to move the car. Not only was it taking up my space, but it was old and ugly to boot.

I went to the manager's office and waited 15 minutes for the stupid wench to come back. She told me to call a tow truck. Isn't that HER job? I drove back to my parking space and saw that someone had come out and was sitting in the car. I glared at him and he quickly moved. As he drove around me, I noticed that he was one of the maintenance workers in my apartment complex.

Don't park in my space!

825 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-06 02:15 ID:DSVOAY1D

I think I pissed someone off today. I'm a janitor in an apartment building, and I got called out to repair a broken duct. I was in a hurry and all the public spaces were taken, so I parked my car in the closest available space and ran inside. When I came back, I got into the car to light up a cigarette. THEN I saw the owner of the parking space glaring at me like I was the cause of all the problems in the world. I high-tailed it out of there, that's for sure.

826 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-06 02:33 ID:Heaven

I'm a duct in a small apartment building, and today was a horrible day for me, too. I was broken for a good two hours before someone came and fixed me. Now I'm finally repaired, thank goodness! Now, if only I had my own parking space.

827 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-08-07 18:24 ID:2NEKxRpk

i feel ronery ; ;

828 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-01 13:45 ID:sKensRaF

Today I was less busy but more busy. It may be difficult to understand, but anyhow I felt so. My mind is like that.

829 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-02 18:16 ID:5LbzFE4x

So Lady MAcBeth opened the door, motioned for her pet dog to go outside, and said "Out! Out, damned Spot!"

Spot is a good dog.

830 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-03 01:49 ID:mj+coiD4


831 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-08 15:34 ID:Heaven

Shinzo is getting unpopular. I think it's easy to guess, He is
a man from a rich family, and can't understand the mind of ordinal people. What he says is often good, but Japanese tend to follow the person with good personality and the person
who can understand the pain of others. Anyhow there are so many bad politicians and teachers who do bad things such as
child molestation or drunk-driving these days. I wonder why
we have so many bad men today. The social distorted structure created such people.

832 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-15 13:37 ID:Heaven

What is Hina Doll? It's difficult to explain. Hina means princess in the medieval period in Japan.
She wears a lot of kimono,and makes her hair so long.
Of her hair is longer than her height. We display hina dolls on
March 3rd on Hina Festival, when we pray for young girls' growth and good health.

833 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-02-24 06:56 ID:Heaven

Today is awful, I don't have any energy left to complete my homework.

But I've got to do it.

834 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-06 11:05 ID:Heaven

So many expensive things I need to buy, right now.

835 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-09 15:38 ID:6Y44zwd5

I went to a hosptial this afternoon. To my surprise I got influzenza type A. I got 38.6 degrees C. After taking tamiful,
I got better.
I was off today because of the flu. I had a sever headache I went to the hospital again to get a painkiller. Then I went to a noodl restaurant to eat noodle, to Me. At night I wrote some messages in my blog.

836 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-09 18:28 ID:Heaven

         / jjjj
       / タ      _
      ,/  ノ      {!!! _ ヽ、
     /  ノ   _ξ_  〜 `、  \
      、  ヽ./    \, ‐'`  ノ
       \   .  ^   ^   .ノ/
         \_ .>ノ(、_, )ヽ、.,,/  <this is AKUMA
         __! ! トェェェイ ノ!__ 
    /´ ̄ ̄ . \`ニニ´/    `ヽ
   {      .    ̄ ̄ ヾ      }
   i;;',,,  r''''''''ヽ,,_人_ノ''''''l,,, ,',;:',i
   .l;';',;,,  }           | ,,;,;;',;l
   .|;;',;,   }           | ,,;;','i
   |,','、 /            ヽ ',',','|
   !;;', /              !,',;,;'|
    !'' {               }'' !.
  /  i,               〉 ヽ.、
 彡、,,,-‐┘             └ュュュュ

837 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-09 21:10 ID:g3UfvaxD

How do you type Japanese on a Mac? Just curious, its easy on Windows but how do Mac users do it? I want to know.

838 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-10 00:45 ID:j2FcChgh

I'm very hungry. I think I should eat dinner now.

But what will I eat? I want kimchi, but I don't have any right now.

Perhaps I will make soup for dinner. Or maybe I should go out to a restaurant.

839 名前: Yankee : 2007-03-10 02:36 ID:f/P/csel

After three months of laziness and mediocrity, I have gotten a job. This is good news for me, because it means that I can do more saving than spending (for once!). I'm going to be working at the Target store on Ray Road, which is only about 5-10 minutes drive from my house. I'll either be working in the Home and Garden section, or I'll be working as a security guard. I'd rather be a security guard, because I don't really have to suck up to snotty customers, and, if they try to steal something, I get to arrest them! I don't think it will ever come to that, though.

840 名前: 名無しさん@沖縄で日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-10 03:55 ID:HeRSkOOO

What is in a name? for a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

841 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-03-10 10:27 ID:W7dieURa

Where is Sakamoto Ryouma?

Why do people think people like him could fix everything?

When can Japan get a new leader?

When will WWIII happen?

Can I not take part in it?

842 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-05-09 15:07 ID:6Y44zwd5

I went to Ena and took boat ride. The boat ran between beautiful canyons. More surprisingly there are beautiful-shaped huge rocks on the grounds by the river. A rock is piled up on a rock. The tour guide said the rock did not fall off the rock even if there were a big earthquake. Have you ever seen such view as another rock is on a rock. They exist in harmoney. I recommend you to go to see the rocks seen from the pleasure boat.

843 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-06-07 18:04 ID:Fo4mmFuU

I liek mudkips.

844 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-07-03 12:33 ID:duHey6iC

He was teased again. He always complains about him. Why he can't get angary. He is too weak or nice-hearted.

845 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2007-07-04 06:30 ID:scAuAVhH

The Japanese characters look a bit too active for my taste.
A little too overdone if you ask me.
A tad too squigly and loud.
Just a smidgin too obnoxious.
The English characters are much more reserved and aligned properly.
I doubt there could never be a Japanese programming language of any use.
This is how I roll.

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