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In japanese, would it be incorrect to say 'robotto ga arimasu' consdiering robots to be non-living or inanimate. Do they consider robots as animate? I heard that it should be 'robotto ga imasu' which would mean that robots are animate.

culturaly do Japanese people always use imasu for robots? and what is the proper or accurate grammer to use when describing a robot as imasu or arimasu.

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I would assume it would depend on the robot in question. But...



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Japanese think that Robotto is a friend of human.
We feel that Robotto have a charactor.
Yes, Robotto doesnt have it. It is a computer program. I know.
But we feel spirits of object. Maybe it is a kind of animism.

so 'imasu' means 'He(Robotto) is there.'
and 'arimasu' means 'There is a robottto.'

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Personally, I love these bits of philosophy that show up in languages.

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You should use 'arimasu' to describe robots if you're an ordinary person.
(I use 'ordinay' to mean 'not a manga-otaku')
If you say 'Robot ga imasu' you may be taken to be mad
unless the robot is extremely humanlike.

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