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heh, on a quick glance it appears as if i got in the first 2GET at the entire site. :-p
Promising, though. I'll link to it.

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Dear everyone in the world,

I am writing this message to tell you, people all over the world, about my

My website, Japan Channel, is a series of bulletin boards where people
all over the world can discuss various Japan-related topics in English.
In order to make the bulletin boards accessible to everyone throughout
the world, only English is used. I hope people inside and outside Japan
will visit my website and discuss Japan in English.
The bulletin board subjects include tourism, music, art, sports, food,
electronic products, cars, and Japan's foreign policy, etc, etc.
If you cannot find a subject you would like to discuss, you can start a
new thread.
And also, if you cannot find a category you would like to discuss, you
can request it to the webmaster.

I am looking forward to talking with you in Japan Channel !!

Best regards,

kiku-chan(webmaster of Japan Channel)

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What kind of software is used there?

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