How many Kanji until i can read ○○○○○ (11)

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I am starting to learn kanji to prepare for jp language school, where most of the students might be from china or korea and already know their kanji so that i wont fall behind. Luckily i am almost fluent speaker only lacking reading and writing skills... anyways..

i have heard somewhere that if you know 500 kanji you can read childrens books, what else can i read knowing the first 500? Any manga? 2ch threads?

How about 1000 kanji??

first 500.....childrens book, ?, ?, ?
first 1000..... ?,?, etc
2000 kanji......newspaper

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You can prolly read Ribon manga after 500.... heh

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2ch threads need more than just kanji

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Yeah, all Japanese people can answer the numbers of kanji they know.

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Oh lord, they've discovered Wikipedia. And they're turning it into a 2ch SAclopedia.

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Isn't this reduplicating the effort at ?

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It is not suitable to study Kanji with computer fonts. It may be effective for reading but not for writing.
I reccomend following page to study Kanji. Characters are listed for each primary school year which they should be taught.

1006 kanji taught in primary school.

In 1981, Japanese govermental notification appointed 1945 Kanji characters as a common used kanji(常用漢字). refer to following url.

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I thought about learning the 1006 basic kanji at one point, but when I came to the realization that each kanji can be combined with other kanji to create multiple words with different pronunciation I figured it would be near impossible to truly learn all the basic kanji. 1006 kanji is more realistically like 5000 words or something.

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It is easily done in one years stay in Japan... I know I learned something around 1200 kanji maybee while I was in Japan for two semesters and I only knew very little Japanese when I came there. Became quite proefficient in it if you ask me.

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