how do you say "in chinese, my name is _______" (7)

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hi everyone. right now i am enrolled in a japanese class and we have to write a short essay about ourselves. so can you guys help me with this sentnence? because my name is written in katakana, but i want to say "my name in chinese is _______." with kanji. so how would you write "my name in chinese is ________?"

thank you

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What's your name? <---check it and search

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My use of particles might be off, but thats the basic form methinks...

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>>3, your use of particles is good and that sentence is understandable but
"Watashi no namae wa kanji de ________ to kakimasu."
would be better.

also works.

私の名前 my name
漢字で in Kanji/in Chinese characters
は________と書きます (NOT 書かれます) is written as ________

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王國 would be my last name, I think. It Translates Reich = Kingdom in German, am I close?

Now, if I just knew how to pronounce it.

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wang guk

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おうこく ohkoku

王國 may be an unique last name all over the world.
If you prefer an ordinary Chinese last name, 王 may be a good choice. 王 is pronounced as wang in Mandarin.
If you prefer an ordinary Japanese last name, I recommend 君島. 君 means "emperor", "lord" and so on. So 君島 means "island of the emperor/the lord". If I'm not wrong, your last name Reich also means "rich". So 豊田 and 富田, which means "rich (rice) field", would be added to your options. But I don't recommend them because they are not so cool from my point of view.
Note that 王國 will give a strong impression at least to people who understand Japanese. So 王國 is a good name to have people memorize your name. No one can forget such an unique name.
Good luck!

王國 おうこく ohkoku
君島 きみしま kimishima
豊田 とよた toyota
富田 とみた tomita

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