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I want to be able to write my first name in kanji, like most Japanese people. I already have my last name, but the first is catching me. I've typically transliterated 'Daniel' as 'Denieru' or less often 'Danieru', but I can't find many suitable kanji for those. So far, I have 佃 (Den), and 家 (Ie), but I like neither all that well.

Can anyone suggest a better transliteration that I could put into kanji, or some kanji that would fit my name?

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Can you try my name too?

My name is Alex 「アレックス」

I would also appreciate if you could tell me what the different kanji mean

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This page is Name→Kanji site

Is this page change the tlue Name?
I don't know

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Those are great names. I never would have thought of them. You guys should get these names tattoed on your arm or something.

10 名前: 電気男 : 2006-04-18 17:09 ID:HgCq5dfM

you fail for sarcasm.>>9 assholes leave now

to 1: Be careful what they suggested, your name can be written lots of different ways, some ways you'd like (something to do with power or strength, for example) or something you don't (I saw a guy with the kanji "pussy flower dog" on his back...made no sense, I'm fairly certain he didn't know what it meant either). You should learn the language more and go through a kanji dictionary, to figure out what you want it to mean.

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I think 英礼久(ei-rei-ku) for Alex is cool.
英 for wisdom, 礼 for the proprieties, 久 for the eternal
That strictly is not A-le-x, but that would not be big issue, and supposedly it's Alex.

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Kanji Name for Daniel was a bit difficult for me.
伝児(den-ni) for Daniel
伝 for 'passing on the knowledge'
児 for a great person

I think it's cool. What do you think?

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( ゚ ヮ゚) Thanks for all the responses! You make me happy!

>>3 Those look complicated, like real nanori. I like a challenge.
>>12 I had seen a couple like that one for den, but I hadn't interpreted the meaning like that. On the plus side, it's simpler than any other I've seen here.

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can i please have the kanji for:
Heywood Jablome

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I guess that 太郎 would be good match in Japan...but I'm not sure that it'd be as the case may be...

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I hope you'd like it.

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my name in Japanese is


it's a good name!

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You must like squares a lot. What's the pronunciation?

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Magoenrin? I can't guess

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You fail for using SA catchphrases and not realizing that turning your name into kanji is absolutely retarded.

I hope you're Japanese...

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萬葉集の中の額田王の歌に出てくるよ。 万葉読みの中でもひぜうに難解な歌

「莫囂圓隣之大相七兄爪湯氣 吾瀬子之 射立為兼五可新何本」

後半は「わが背子が い立たしけむ いつ樫がもと」

25 名前: >>1-san : 2006-04-29 22:20 ID:Heaven

I ended up asking my Japanese teachers to help me with the name, and I kept some of >>12 and discarded >>3. 蟎 (Dani) is 'bedbug' as my teacher told me, and 獲(Eru) is in fact (E) with okurigana of 'ru'. Most people can't read these characters anyways, so the point's defeated.

My first name is 伝仁江留 (Den ni e ru). I like the softer sound of 'den' over 'da' or 'dan', and the second character is one of my favorites.

26 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-01 19:30 ID:1/zRZ9By

伝仁江留 has simple kanji and also has great kanji,
especially 伝 and 仁,is very nice. But I have to say that there are few Japanese first names that have four characters
as kanji in our time, and many of them have two or three
At least I have never seen the people who has 4 characters
as their first name, so we would feel something like
'different' with 伝仁江留.
That never do mean 伝仁江留 is not good, but I just want you
to know that.
If you do care that and don't stick to 'eru' part, I recommend
伝仁 as your name. It's the combination of great kanji.

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Is there an English translation?
I just chose it because I was intrigued by the unreadable characters.

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Don't beleive >>7. It says dirty words.

I made YOUR kanji name.


荒 means "wild"
來 means "future"
守 means "save,protect"

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ALE =阿礼(Thing that becomes edge of appearance of jinnee)
X = Mystery = 謎


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You guys do know that often times Japanese people are offended when Amerikajin or other Gaijin (nonKorean/Chinese) use Kanji for their names instead of Katakana right?

38 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2006-05-29 16:34 ID:Heaven

Just as offended as we are when we see horribly mangled katakana words, eh?

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Extra points awarded if a Gaijin who spells his name in Kanji, spells a Japanese person's name in Katakana.

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Actually, most of the Japanese I showed my kanji-version-name to were impressed that I cared enough about their language to learn how.

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All the Kanji transliterated names suggested on this thread are wired. No parents would name their baby like that.

Japanese business men often pick their first name from one of those used in the country they reside, for example, David in US.

You should follow this method.

It is said "Alex" or "Alexander" was derived from an ancient Greek word meaning "defender".
There is also a commonly used Japanese male name "守" (reads Mamoru, meaning defender). This is the Kanji name for Alex.

Daniel means justice in Hebrew.
Japanese equivalent of this name would be "正人"(Masato).

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