hazimemasite americanpeaple in 4ch (19)

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iam poor English Iam afraid

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こんにちは、私は日本語を勉強するアメリカの大学生です。 何を話しましょうか

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practice your plain forms, >>2. you will need them in Japan

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even though what he said wasn't perfect, formal style is a good way to start. you won't offend people this way, but you might do so vice versa.

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If someone gets offended, it's their own fault.

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Yet your problem.

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9 あぼーん

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I am a Japanese company employee, but about 911 cases, the Americans are really the work of al-Qaeda and I?

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Deutsche Bank has put a large amount of United Airlines bought the old option is found. And until 1998, Deutsche Bank's management and was a member of the ABKrongard people, and then transfer to the CIA in 2001 from the March of the CIA's third position is fortunate that the people get Information from the hoop through his old haunts, the possibility of money to organized have been pointed out.                    Continued

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Involved in the case United Airlines and American Airlines, in the case of damage insurance payment, which amounts to about thousands of millions of dollars in reinsurance company Munich (Germany headquarters, the world's largest insurance company headquarters) and AXA (France, the world's second - The insurance company), a major office towers had issued a big loss for Merrill Lynch, MOGANSUTANRE, Bank of America's stock is expected to drop to a large number of buying put options. Continued

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eptember 6 to September 10 put option of trading, 90 times the normal United Airlines, American Airlines 60 times. (CBS News broadcast Sept. 26)

Damage from the attack is not directly related, the Reytheon (manufacture Patriot and Tomahawk missile) weapons manufacturing companies have large shares of buying call options. (Bank of America 10/30/01)
It is a call option to buy futures, the profit is up by the trip.    
(Introduced later in the United States government's foreign policy during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is the terrorist attacks Saddam Hussein exclusion from the decision had been made to the fact that it has been widely reported, this is what America thought armed with a war in Iraq, where large amounts of Patriot missileshot things to be aware of who is a high possibility that money.)

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On the day of the flight reservations or revocation of the day if people are not Why WTC.

Ten high-ranking official of the State Department who, because of safety related to the September 10, the 11th day after suddenly canceled travel plans. (9/24/01 Newsweek)

The maximum marine transportation company gym (ZIM) in Israel paid the penalty of 60,000 dollars to clear out in WTC where the company existed before it attacked it, and annulled the contract to remain until the end of the year of the year. And, the move completion was done on September 4. (American free press)This carrying company boasted of the scale in the ninth place in the world, matched ..an aircraft and a large-scale ship.., owned 80, and the rent of WTC was the one of height though the employee who worked for WTC was a large household named 200 people. the moved reason
As for the payment of the penalty of 60,000 dollars to cutting of the leasing contract in four months and going out, the reason said that the rent is high is not coherent.

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WTC rights to the 99-year lease six weeks before the attack Silberstein real estate company has acquired the 88-story tower either on September 11, a meeting was scheduled for the day before the night of the 10th, One of the reasons is unable to attend the meeting has been cancelled.
(Agenda of the meeting with the terrorist attacks, how to deal with? ).
(9/12/01 NY Times. PageC6)

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About the plot of hijacking

The plane hijacking attack with a scenario for me in some ways a very low success rate plan.
Airport winging their first choice is wrong.
911 related to the four airplanes, which also chose the goal away from the airport and takeoff because of the long flight from the collision to go.   

Flight 11 crashed into the WTC straying off course from the 47-minute, 49-minute flight 175, Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon was 1 hour and 23 minutes, Pennsylvania's Flight 93 crashed into the woods if I had arrived in Washington , a half hour flight and it will be

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The plane was off course regular flight from the beginning, the Jets have two problems to scramble to catch a plane to the time it is 10 minutes to 20 minutes long been said, so long duration of time and the Air Force would have to scramble jets certainly in captivity.
Or, did they have the conviction that there was not catching, that is, no scramble?

Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon and the pilot Hani Hanjorl by the Cessna was not even capable of driving and flight school instructor was speaking (NY Times 5/4/02 page 10)

Fanatical Islamic fundamentalists who are supposed to be the culprit, topless bar drinking or under the table, hetaera to buy them, until the day before the attacks on the racket. (AP, 9/14/01)

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Like similar things already mention, this thread has been thoroughly hijacked.

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