Japanese afraid of culture mix? (9)

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Hello /nihongo/.
I have noticed that there's a lot of japanese content on the internet that's racist with americans and maybe west culture.
Like for example all the drawn pictures of ronald mcdonald and the videos and other things about mcdonalds.
Also I notice that most japanese don't like obsessed weeaboos or people that try to talk their language but use the anime voice.

Why is that? Are japanese afraid that west will come to their daily life and they don't like that?
I understand that and I would not like it either but do they act like that to westerners that visit their country too?

Also I see japanese have many underground communities like 2-ch, do you think companies will start using such websites to advertise their games? Like, using Boon in a commercial about something so it attracts 2-ch? Would you like that or it would be annoying for you?

Sorry if I sound offensive or maybe I don't make sense.

example video:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=Nhizo7KrZrw - M.C.ドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M
http://youtube.com/watch?v=wy-RbwyiyBM - Do! Do! Do!

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Yaaawn, go away.

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Its called xenophobia. Just part of their culture

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It's called a troll.

The Ronald McDonald commercials feature a Japanese man, and the rest of the points >>1 makes don't make much sense either. Sure there's xenophobia in Japan but nothing is related to OP's bullshit.

Also, why am I replying to a troll anyway? :(

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I'm not trolling but I guess my thread didn't make sense... Sorry.

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You might not know it since you may be unread, but Japanese are world-famous for America-phobia.

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I know 1 is a troll, but I still want to see him defend his opinion on >why< this all this is racist.

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