Shintarō Ishihara 石原 慎太郎, (9)

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In 1990, Ishihara stated in a Playboy interview that the Rape of Nanking was a fiction, claiming, "People say that the Japanese made a holocaust but that is not true. It is a story made up by the Chinese. It has tarnished the image of Japan, but it is a lie."

Ishihara addmitted that he subscribed to a theory that "old women who live after they have lost their reproductive function are useless and are committing a sin," adding that he "couldn't say this as a politician."

During an inauguration of a university building in 2004, Ishihara stated that French is unqualified as an international language because it is "a language in which nobody can count."

On February 20, 2006, Ishihara also said: "Roppongi is now virtually a foreign neighborhood. Africans ― I don't mean African-Americans ― who don't speak English are there doing who knows what. This is leading to new forms of crime such as car theft. We should be letting in people who are intelligent."

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Well... what are you trying to say?

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this guy is the president of japan

watch out...

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he is not the president of japan. he is mayor of Tokyo

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There is no President in Japan.

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He's saying that niggers and trouble-making foreigners are bad for Japan.

He's right. Look what happened to the US when we let niggers and spics overrun the country.

But Nanjing happened, Japan is just being butthurt over that.

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「平成の黙示録」という表題の私説を公開しています。 にアクセスしてください。

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