"Manga Japanese" school in Tokyo - 東京の漫画日本語学校 (4)

1 名前: BuggyBY : 2009-01-08 17:23 ID:rETlA/YY

Brilliant way to extract money from KAWAII DESU NE self-styled otaku rich foreigners, or actually a valid and useful approach to language teaching?

They claim to be able to get you to pass JLPT Level 1 after two years of teaching, which would make their course twice as intensive as Europe's toughest (and best (nope, not biased at all)) university Japanese class, taught by the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. Quite an impressive claim, and yet their "JLPT pass rates" page suggests that as much as 20 out of 41 students on the two-year course passed Level 1.

Still, 700k yen for the first year, 600k for the second? That kind of money could get a British A-Level holder fees-wise completely through his bachelor's degree course!






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