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"This means Germany and Italy'll get right in," I told Hauck. "This means war
with the Axis, not just the Japs. Of course, we'll have to lick the Japs first,
then turn our attention to Europe."
"I'm sure glad to see our chance to clobber those Japs," Hauck said. We both
agreed with that. "I'm itching to get in," he said. We both paced around my
room, smoking and keeping our ears on the radio. "Those crummy little
yellow-bellies," Hermann said. "You know, they have no culture of their own.
Their whole civilization, they stole it from the Chinese. You know, they're
actually descended more from apes; they're not actually human beings. It's not
like fighting real humans."

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It wasn't long after December 7 that the military authorities put up the notices
on the telephone poles, telling Japs that they had to be out of California by
such and such a date. In Seville -- which is about forty miles south of San
Francisco -- we had a number of Japs doing business; one ran a flower nursery,
another had a grocery store -- the usual small-time businesses that they run,
cutting pennies here and there, getting their ten kids to do all the work, and
generally living on a bowl of rice a day. No white person can compete with them
because they're willing to work for nothing. Anyhow, now they had to get out
whether they liked it or not. In my estimation it was for their own good anyhow,
because a lot of us were stirred up about Japs sabotaging and spying. At Seville
High a bunch of us chased a Jap kid and kicked him around a little, to show how
we felt. His father was a dentist, as I recall.

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chinese steals the Japanese culture.

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yeah fucking chinese stole all the kanji and stuff

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Actually, Kanji comes from Chinese. The word "kanji" actually means "Han Characters".

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Because we all know Wikipedia is the very epitome of reliability, a fortress of cold hard facts standing strong against the ignorance, misinformation and lies that ravage the rest of the internet.

Most people with a brain in their head recognized this shit for the Chinese propaganda it is a long time ago, and even some of those that make you wonder have cottoned on - the idea of China being some wellspring of culture is pretty damn absurd, after all.

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"Han" is just an old word for "China" doofus. The people who invented kanji are not necessarily the Han crazies you meet today.

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it was irony.
what a fat troll lol

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don't forget to download a new ep of naruto and eat a pocky

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I thought Han was the guy who flew the Millennium Falcon.

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>>11 OMG! He flew the entire falcon solo?

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