Korean said 「All Japanese be killed in an earthquake.」 (8)

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Hello everyone.I'm Japanese.
I love human of all over the world.
Koreans except.
Japanese people are so peaceful race.
But the Koreans speech made us angry.

If it isn't any bother , please watch this video. 
But this movie is in Japanese.
So we tried to make a translation into English.


Korean said 「All Japanese be killed in an earthquake.」

Hey Japanese people.
So you guys are already contaminated with the radiation?
Isn't it just scary?
Well I'm guessing that devastating earthquake is going to 
hit Tokyo and kill a lot of people,
which I really can't wait for it.
I'm always thinking Japanese people dying, but I can't kill them
directly, so it was really exciting to hear that Japanese people are 
dying from the natural disaster.
Well, im going to stop here and watch Japanese suffer more from
the earthquake.
Hope you guys die soon.

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I know Korean girl who learns Japanese and plays shamisen.
In fact, if your country is big and politically significant enough, you can find haters in every single country in the world. But that's not a reason to escalate the hatred. It's always particular people who say shit, not the nation itself.
Love and peace.

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Take a look at this also:


It's really just stupid people being stupid. I'm a Korean American and it makes me sick at the stuff Korean people and American people can say sometime. Of course, there are Japanese people who are just as stupid as Korean people or American people.

I honestly believe they just do it for the quick attention, but what can you do?

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Sou shitara ii deshounee

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Crazy Korean's Message on March 11, 2012 ( English translation )

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Fukking jap
Japan invaded our country!!
We entitle to make fun of jap

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In spite of this is an important time for Japan to revive, Japanese Government keeps trying to profit China and Korea.
So China has been invading Japan, and Korea has been eating at Japan.
On politically, socially, mentally and many sides or insides of things.

Many Chinese and Korean are living in Japan now.
Why do they only see this situation without a single word for the interests
of Japan?
If this situation is going on, Japan as what Japan is would not last much
Do they really want like that?

If Chinese people who live in Japan don't face the fact of their mother
country, they would lost nowaday's their freedom and wealth.
If Korean people who live in Japan don't change their attitude, they would
lost caretaker which they were depending on.

In ancient times many people or tribes came from over seas to these
May be from the Continent or the Peninsula, but it's not just because.
Here is not China, nor is Korea.
People who came from all over the world and the native people of these
islands were mixed, were grown up by the nature here.
They made up their mentality and nationality together, and then they made
this country Japan.
This is just Japan.

If Chinese and Korean who live in Japan have real intentions of loving
Japan personally, if they really want to keep living in Japan, they have to concider the problems which themselves include in.
If they are going to solve the problems, and they want to live here with Japanese people, we can raise Japan again together.
Is it impossible?
To make it possible is our mission.
This is what we are --- the people who live in Japan.

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