Hyvää Päivää! Hauska tutustua. (36)

1 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-18 04:23 ID:iw/5H6/p

Watch out 4-ch, I'm learning myself some Finnish! Sounds like such a cool language. Kinda starting at the bare bones, except for curse words.

So if you see any bad Finnish writing, it'll probably be me.

2 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-18 17:09 ID:ChY4HlmZ

>Kinda starting at the bare bones, except for curse words.

Curse words are not just the 'bare' bones of the Finnish language--they are the heart, the soul and the very meaning of the Finnish language and people. The rest of the language is only a minor addition.

Just master the swearing words and you'll get by.

Interestingly, this is quite a bit like Russian. Just learn the мата and you'll not only 'get by', but you'll have reached your goal.

3 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-18 18:44 ID:Z0+tncMT

Interesting. Could you speak some Finnish? I'd love to see what you already know. Also, how long have you been studying?

4 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-18 20:52 ID:iw/5H6/p

Oh, I see. ...Vittupää!

Less than a week, really!
Minä olen amerikkalainen. Mä pidän talvesta. Oletteko te suomalainen?

5 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-21 19:38 ID:NHtZCDkV

Minä olen suomalainen.
It's pretty impressive to see that you already know the word "mä". That word is used in spoken language a lot. Minä is more official. Written language and spoken language are different, but many of the words in spoken language are just shortened words. Also, what made you want to learn Finnish?

6 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-22 00:54 ID:iw/5H6/p

Thanks, I mean, kiitos! As for wanting to learn it, well I'm a part Finnish soooo... yeah.

7 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-11-22 14:25 ID:/NO9uVi9

Compounding curses is a common practice. If saatana isn't enough, enhance it into vittusaatana.

8 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-16 02:47 ID:E99dLsro

How are you learning Finnish? I've always wanted to complement my German with another Scandinavian tongue, and Finnish rhymes with Winnish, so...

9 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-16 16:35 ID:ChY4HlmZ


"Another Scandinavian tongue"?

Neither German nor Finnish are Scandinavian...

10 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-17 00:04 ID:iZ+D08dV

Books and INTERNET.

Here's some information on the web. Please click the links for more links.

11 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-21 03:41 ID:zD58l6W8

Would you say Finnish is as impossible to learn as everyone else seems to think? I, uh... I'm not yet fluent in anything other than English, if that would be a factor.

12 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-22 03:09 ID:itUo6mov

Finnish is very tough for speakers of Indo-European languages. For some reason, Finnish and Hungarian, two Uralic languages, managed to survive in Europe. The challenge comes from their basic structure, both grammar and vocabulary, being so radically different from English and other European languanges.

However, Finnish is a beautiful language, and if you can learn it well, I think it would be quite a rewarding achievement. At the very least, it will make French and German seem like a cakewalk.

13 Name: Anonym Viking : 2007-12-24 02:27 ID:wG15Rn6U

More like useless language. But when has that ever stop anyone?

14 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-01-05 23:49 ID:Heaven

I found another interesting link.

15 Name: Piraten : 2008-01-14 23:30 ID:sWqRRSuZ

Actually it's alot easier if you can pronounce the letters å ä ö (both standalone an in words/or better with sentences with 4 or more words).

They come in both Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish?
The only reason why i never tried to even learn it, was probly cuz the words are so damn long compared to Swedish (yes I am one, although my parents are from Slovakia)

I was born here but I you can easily see that Americans have it hard to pronounce our words as in the one with letters such as å ä ö.

Guess it's easy for the generations born in the late 70's, 80's, 90's to learn different languages, since were getting more and more connected thanks to the interweb along other things.

For example, use English, Swedish and some Japanese, even some German depending on the subject were on (as in "daily talk" with friends or with those i work with)

16 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-01-15 08:52 ID:yr6x2/ZH


ö and ä are not present in Norwegian and Danish, we have ø and æ instead.

17 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-01-19 18:35 ID:606SBC9A

Same sounds

18 Name: Piraten : 2008-01-20 03:05 ID:sWqRRSuZ

>>17 I was referring to that ^^

19 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-02-14 21:44 ID:Heaven

Anglophone here planning to pick up learning Finnish within the next year or so. Is it really that hard? Rather than just different.
For example with Japanese although the grammar is nothing like what I was used to, I would say it was very very easy to understand and use correctly because of its simplicity, consistency, flexibility etc.

One of the reasons Finnish appeals to me is because I've heard it's logical to that extent - similarity or disimilarity to other languages is kind of irrelevant.

20 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-03-16 19:40 ID:fBA3RGUT

Why would anyone want to learn finnish? Its irrational to the bone, you can pretty much manage and even have a job in Finland if youre pretty much fluent in english. Sure it might feel like an achievement when you get it locked, but like i said; its irrational to the bone. Im not trying to push anyone down, if they really want to learn the language, im just saying you should question your motives before trying and giving up.

21 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-03-17 22:11 ID:Heaven

>>20 is a failed Finnish student

22 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-03-21 21:34 ID:lCZShdmJ

Actually im a finn myself, and for me it seems highly irrational to be interested in learning a language that doesnt have any mileage, so to say. Do whatever you want, im not trying to stop you, im just curious about the whole reasoning behind your study

23 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-04-01 16:35 ID:Heaven


>>21 isn't OP.
But I think, so Finnish wouldn't end up as another dead language!

24 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-05-02 22:28 ID:l9rC4L3z

finnish is a hard language to learn, and i heard that from a finnish man who excels in english :)
good luck to you

25 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-05-04 19:41 ID:606SBC9A


26 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-05-21 00:43 ID:hpv4omKE

Yeah, our language is kinda tough. The reaction to a properly-pronounced PERRRKELE is all worth it, though. Shit sounds ghastly to the ears of non-native speakers, I hear. Has something to do with the way we pronounce R.

27 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-06-10 19:30 ID:ZgmN/kmR

Finnish is lovely! In fact, I think it's kind of similar to Japanese in many ways.
Finnish guys speaking english makes a lovely sexy accent as well <3 ^^

28 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-06-16 22:49 ID:0h9iWJ4I

loppu se rölläys ny

29 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-07-02 19:42 ID:TnVJxwoU

koko lanka koostuu kahdesta suomi-homosta jotka peikkoilee toisilleen menkää kotiinne tai olkaa hiljaa

30 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-07-22 14:19 ID:F7Tdel+9

lol vittu tää on kähee lauta

31 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-09-17 17:18 ID:OpJ6S1NC

I'd like to learn finnish so I can read Mika Waltari, Frans Eemil Sillanpää, and the Kalevela in their original language. And, it would be interesting to look into how Finnish poetry is conducted because of how the words are inflected with suffixes.

32 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-09-23 14:38 ID:Heaven

Dude, not even Finns themselves understand what the hell is supposed to be going on in the Kalevala. That's why there are versions that have been translated into modern Finnish (selkokielinen Kalevala).

33 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-09-27 02:21 ID:bahPlDds

It's only because kids nowadays don't know how to speak properly.

34 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-10-03 09:52 ID:B1EgvtjD

Silloin kun faija tseenaas hyvin niin joskus otettiin viiden minuutin pysäkin pirssistä fiude ja tsörattiin hela jengi Seurikseen. Pari kolme tuntia rundattiin saarta, skruudattiin mutsin smörgarit ja Magin jätskit. Himaan mentiin sporalla. Dallattiin ensteks Sipoonkirkon skurupysäkille. Oli kliffaa jos sattu tuleen kesävaunu. Ei haitannu vaikka siinä snadisti bloosas.

35 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-10-11 17:03 ID:Heaven

Viikinkejä???? SUOMESSA??? ROFL ÄX DEE

36 Name: Anonym Viking : 2008-11-21 08:35 ID:vsD7IpVM

Tuota, mistäs ton kopioit? Vai ootko yli 40 vuotta vanha?

Samma på svenska (notera hur många svenska låneord den gamla finska Helsingforsslangen har):

Då när farsan tjänade bra brukade vi ibland ta en Fiat från taxistolpen vid treans ändhållplats och hela gänget kördes till Fölisön. Ett par tre timmar gick vi runt ön, åt morsans smörgåsar och Magis glass. Hem for man med spårvagn. Vi vandrade först till Sibbokyrkans[1] spårvagnshållplats. Det var toppen om det kom en sommarvagn. Det störde inte även om det blåste hårt.

[1] Inte egentligen en kyrka, utan en byggnad som uppfördes av strejkbrytare från Sibbo. Ingen aning vad huset egentligen hette. Revs år 1974.

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