I've started learning Swedish (4)

1 Name: Doctor Denis : 2010-05-23 18:21 ID:yARpy7dJ

Hello all,

I'm 21 years old, and I come from England. My mother knows a few different languages, and my sister and dad both know some German. But myself, I've never gotten into language stuff, until recently, I decided to learn Swedish.

For the past 7 or so years I've been friends with a guy from Sweden, and he's exposed me to a lot of Swedish music and stuff. He'd also invite his other Swedish friends to chats. At first they'd speak English so I could join in, but they'd eventually end up speaking in Swedish, and sometimes I'd look words up in a Swe-Eng dictionary to try to work out what they were saying.

I picked up 'Teach yourself Swedish', downloaded some films, looked up words in the dictionary, and etc.
I also managed to get hold of the Swedish audiobook of 'Harry Potter och de vises sten'. I've tried reading the English text while listening to the Swedish audio. At some point I'll try to get hold of the Swedish text as well.

My goal is to be able to watch and understand Swedish TV programmes, Swedish texts, and Swedish speech. Being able to join in Swedish conversations online with my associates in Sweden would be the ultimate realization of my dream.

At this , I can understand the some of the very most simple sentences in written Swedish, and perhaps a few of the most simple things in spoken Swedish (if it's spoken slowly and clearly).

Anyway, in this thread, let's discuss what it's like to learn Swedish as a second language, and other related subjects.

Thanks everyone.

2 Name: Anonym Viking : 2010-08-28 19:26 ID:yARpy7dJ

Sug min stake, jävla svin. Hah hah hah hah hah

3 Name: Anonym Viking : 2010-11-01 19:51 ID:0+liSd/2

>>2 Mognaden på topp anar jag?

4 Name: Anonym Viking : 2010-12-31 04:24 ID:eueFeuPf

Hej då! I've also recently begun learning Swedish.

Sveriges Radio has a neat daily 10-minute news bulletin in simplified Swedish. Last night I listened to a bunch of them and managed to understand a couple sentences; I hope that someday I'll be able to understand the whole program from start to finish...


Is anyone else on here aware of other similar programs?

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