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1 Name: Anonym Viking : 2016-02-09 00:19 ID:6Wv4qZOY

I used to date a Norwegian girl when she was on a high school exchange program here in the US and we broke up after she left but sometimes I miss her. We lost our virginity together and I tried hard to make our days we had together the best I could but after she left, hopelessness filled us both. Luckily, nobody visits here and therefore, my secret is safe. Letting it out makes me feel better though and keeps me from having second thoughts with my current girlfriend.
Natta, pus.

2 Name: Anonym Viking : 2016-07-22 03:57 ID:U9gDyC5j

Damn that sounds prety tough. I guess in a way im lucky that my first gf was a horroble person, absolute zero feelings of mssing her. Sounds like you had something really special - thats very sweet but do keep in mind that peopleand things change so much. Wanting her is a bit like wanting to be a child again.

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4 Name: Anonym Viking : 2017-03-29 15:09 ID:CQj25TuI

I too reminisce about fornication. Remember that time we lead each other into impropriety because of incontinence and lax social norms? Good times.

5 Name: Anonym Viking : 2020-12-30 00:49 ID:VIcEbCfr


6 Name: Anonym Viking : 2021-02-01 09:23 ID:0uxdNgiC

Go find her again. Also, be honest with your feelings. Think very hard about it first, but do not simply leave the girl you are with and go on an epic love quest.

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