Think you have Asperger's? (124)

39 Name: Anonymous : 2006-11-15 16:44 ID:D/hF9zzD


Yeah, well according to my various online tests, I have ADD and Aspie, OCD, and I'm INTP. of course if I really was all of those things, I think I'd be in a mental hospital.

People like psuedo-diagnosis because it makes them feel like they aren't responsible for their bizaare behavior. Their failure to get a job isn't because they spend all their free time playing Final Fantasy and watching Star Trek -- they're "diseased", so expecting them to grow up and take responsibility is "unfair" because they simply are slaves to the disease.

Same old thing, tell them they're too damn lazy to buckle down and do their homework, they'll hate you. Diagnose them with Aspie or ADD and drug the crap out of them, they'll like you more because they don't have to change. You just sit and wallow in your "dieasedness" and throw a little pity party as you can't make friends (because of the disease of course), when the truth is that you have no friends because you sit home and play FF or watch 8 hours of scifi.

I believe that the diseases are definately real, and it's entirely possible I tend to ADD or Aspie type traits, but I know that I'm responsible for my life. If the people on this thread really had aspie's, it wouldn't take an internet forum to find out. You'd have been diagnosed at 5 or 6 years old, by a doctor. A real life doctor with actual medical training.

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