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1 Name: Anonymous : 2006-12-06 01:11 ID:QQsXeb23

Around 2 years ago I noticed a strange 'growth' on my nuts. At first, I figured it was just a hygiene problem. So I started to shower everyday(I used to fore-go showers due to less time on computer), and sure enough it got bigger. Over the past year I have naturally gotten more and more worried, tried everything I can think of and every explanation excluding STD. I have had a few sexual encounters, I got a bj once and gave a few. Unprotected of course. I didnt really believe I could get a STD since I was pretty inactive sexually, and also a bit of wishful thinking played its part in that. I dont feel like telling my parents. Problem is, I have never even gone to a doctor on my own, I have no idea what to do. And if I did, I couldnt pay for it.
I need some ideas on how to find out what it is exactly, pictures / explanations of various STD's havent really helped, ive researched a lot on google and no STD that I have looked up fits my symptoms, the only symptom I have is a wart-ish growth. Thus why I havent done much about it. Anyone know anything I can do, excluding parent involvement?

I apologize if this isnt the right place to post this kind of thing, I did look for some rules but couldnt find them..

2 Name: Anonymous : 2006-12-06 04:21 ID:Heaven

Go to Love and Romance board for this kind of discussion about sex and STDs.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2006-12-06 20:45 ID:Heaven

4 Name: strong guy : 2006-12-10 15:35 ID:sVWQ6hV9

get yourself a doctor instead of worrying over this.

5 Name: fart man : 2007-01-11 10:41 ID:2Z0PZeGJ

i agree with >>4. seeing a doctor is much better than it being chopped off

6 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-11 19:09 ID:Heaven

Go see a doctor. Now.

Jeez. No matter how much you search, you will never have the expertise of a real doctor. You might mistake it for something, treating it for your perceived problem, and it then turning out to be something completely else, say cancer or whatnot :-p

This is a matter of health, you're going to have to swallow your "pride" (not that I can grasp why you seemingly feel ashamed about this) and tell your parents. Unless they're crazy fundies who are going to say that it's god punishing you for not worshipping him harder. If so, then go visit a doctor without them :-p

7 Name: fart man : 2007-01-12 02:38 ID:2Z0PZeGJ

[No matter how much you search, you will never have the expertise of a real doctor]

sounds like u had one before.

8 Name: Do it!8NBuQ4l6uQ : 2007-02-01 06:40 ID:tweQhQ4z

Why are you trying to keep your health issue from your parents? They are paying insurance on you right?! GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW. If this is serious and you need surgery at least something can be salvaged. Ditch your pride and your sexual activities and get checked out. It is better to live than to die from something you know you could have taken care of YEARS ago.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-02 06:59 ID:kMZcrgpM

>>Why are you trying to keep your health issue from your parents?

Would you be all that eager to tell your parents about the growth on your balls?

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