jesus i'm fat (18)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-03 21:28 ID:AlIeu7sT

I'm pushing 330 pounds. Lately I've been having pains on the left side of my chest, a bad ankle exascerbated by my weight and being a pronator and finally a trick back that gives out in stressful situations.
I really want to lose weight but I don't know the first place to start. Is wanting to lose a pound a week too optimistic? My eating habits are shit and I don't know what I can eat throughout the day to raise my metabolism. Prior attempts at weight loss have only served to lower my metabolism with only a single meal each day. Fortunately I am lactose intolerant which cuts out one of the primary sources of fatness.
Right now I figure if I can get down to 250 then I'll feel better about myself and feel like I'm in better health.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-04 01:01 ID:LSrDmgX+

ok the single meal a day thing is very bad, as you said it lowered your metabolism. so, go the other route, have about 6 meals a day. small meals. this will speed up your metabolism nicely.

in terms of what to eat - youve probably heard this already but: cut out junk foods, stuff thats high in fat, stuff with sugar in, chocolate etc. you can eat carbs, but try to cut out refined carbs like white bread and pasta. try whole varieties. try to get a good amount of protein in your diet (stuff like skinless grilled chicken, tuna, other fish, etc - if you go for red meat make it a very lean cut and only really as a treat). Eat your fruit and vegetables!! Seriously, buy loads of fruit that you dont mind eating (i love bananas... paging dr freud) and have them around wherever you spend most of your time (probably on the desk by your computer, or on a coffee table in front of the TV). If you can hungry and want something to snack on, hey you dont have to get up and go to the kitchen cus you have something right next to you. and its really good healthy food! so yeah have a piece of fruit, plenty of vitamins and minerals in there. Another major thing to do is cut out any soda. that doesnt mean only get diet soda, kick it completely. try drinking water instead. its gonna be weird at first but after a few days you should be ok. you should drink quite a lot of water, as this is great for your body, speeds up your metabolism, is used in building cells etc etc loads of useful stuff

now, the main thing to losing weight is to use up more calories than you take in. google around and try to find out a book or an online thing that can calculate how many calories you personally burn in a day. then, watch what you eat and count the calories and make sure you eat less than you need to sustain the same weight. you dont want to try to lose too much weight in a quick time period, as it can cause further health problems as well as aestetic problems (lots of flabby extra skin that may require surgery). 1 pound a week is not being over-optimistic. you may be suprised at how easily weight can drop if you are careful about your calories. but dont lose more than 2 pounds per week! this is the generally accepted "safe weightloss" max.

i would focus on losing weight via this kind of dieting first, and think about taking up exercise later on when youve lost some initial weight, so that you dont overstress your ankle and back (as well as any cardio problems).

right just need some kinda disclaimer: go see a doctor. srsly. go to your gp and say that youre trying to lose weight with this kind of diet ive outlined. it can be dangerous to suddenly change eating habits so drastically, so get their advice on the matter. it may be that you need to cut down on bad stuff slowly, rather than going cold turkey. your doctor will know best about what method to use to cause the least strain on your body. also, keep checking up at the dr as you lose the weight, so s/he can check on the condition of your back and ankle and decide when you can take up light exercise such as walking.

good luck, you can do it and there are people out there to help you as long as you give it your best shot.

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lol Jesus isn't gonna help you with your weight problem, infact he's probably laughing at you right now

5 Name: fart man : 2007-02-07 06:02 ID:wZ7JHuQw

thats not quite right. he's probably putting more fat on his body

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It is easy.
You must not eat anything after 21:00.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-10 07:05 ID:mDJN27H9

People act like it is so damn hard to lose weight. You know what the problem is, just don't eat and start exercising. It only takes some self-control and motivation.

10 Name: Kira : 2007-02-10 07:39 ID:JbYqKrlm

Here is a start. Do you have a will power to do this first. Ask your self... You must be commited to it. And you can't think it's easy... It's like work or studying etc. After that... Make a schedule for losing fat. Then try running, working out(bike, etc.), And use food guides, etc.

Good luck. Anyone can do it as long as they have the will power.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-11 17:45 ID:dBjHNPuD

There's a significant difference between trying to lose 20-30 pounds and losing 100+ pounds.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-11 21:49 ID:mrNtW8Fm

Check out The Hackers Diet

I know it sounds idiotic, but it'll IMMENSELY help you understand how your body works and how to lose weight without being to fucking zealous like the other lot of the dieting guides(STAND UP! MOVE! EAT LESS! YEAH, YOU CAN DO IT CHAMP! that kinda thing)

13 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-12 08:37 ID:Heaven

One of the fattest people ever died from not eating enough, when trying to lose weight. He barely ate, and thus starved to death, in spite of being a total lardass.
"Stop eating" shows a fundamental lack of understandment for how the human body works. "Eat healthy" (although consume less energy than what he uses) is what you need to say, especially when you got the exercise bit right.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-12 10:40 ID:XO+OhQXx

i still think i summed it up pretty well there :|

i would avoid anything named "the <whatever> diet"... a lot of them are gimmicks... yeah you will lose a bit of weight fast, but then hit a wall where you cant losre anymore and if you go back to eating other foods youll put the wieght back on.

eat healthily, burn more calories than you take in (exercise helps with this), but dont take it too fast.

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OP washes himself with a rag on a stick.

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Way to generalize, dipshit.

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Don't you even THINK of dieting it off, that will only make you more miserable.

You want to lose a pound a week. That is an excellent rate many can achieve and sustain for a good while. To reach this rate you got to expend 500 kcal more than you take in.

BUT! You mustn't do this by simply eating less calories, it will work in the beginning but you're doomed to fail in the long term.

What you must do is eat healthy foods. Lots of fruits, vegetables and water. Eat a strong multivitamin/mineral preparation every day!

Then you must strive to lose those 500kcal daily through exercise. Being 330lbs, exercise for you would be things like walking, bicycle riding and swimming. Don't do those health nut workout routines: at your weight they will kill you. When you walk, you carry a 100lbs backpack of excess weight, that is enough of a load to bare.

So: eat healthy and in good portions, multiple times a day, and burn calories through exercise rather than starve yourself.
Losing 100lbs at a pound a week is a two year effort to get to 230lbs. Try to maximize your enjoyment during those two years, and focus on the long term,instead of the quick result.

If you were to go on Atkins you would lose 10-15lbs in one week, but that would almost all be water and muscle, and be one oif the most unhealthy weeks of your life. So - NO FAD DIETS!
Eat enough healthy foods, and exercise more to lose the weight.

Be strong. Carry yourself with dignity.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-20 18:51 ID:ulSDHTaG


I'm not a doctor, I'm just a 21 year old kid, but I've been pretty fat most of my life and I think I know a thing or two, but take what i say with a grain of salt if you like

You need exercise, but you don't need to think of it as such. Walking is by far the best way to burn calories for you - if you try to go crazy with some sort of exercise routine where you tire yourself out as fast as possible, you will probably get fustrated and sick of it within a month, and it won't do you a lot of good. Walking is great because you are exerting your energy out over a long period of time - it dosen't tire you out all at once, and you can do it every day in between where you need to be.

The problem is, you need to have a REASON to walk, or else you probably aren't going to (unless you are a very strong-willed person, I am not like that myself). I'm assuming that you have a car and you drive everywhere. Is there any way you can introduce into your life a regular reason for you to walk for transportation instead of, or in addition to, using your car? I moved to the city and lost almost 50 pounds within a year just because I didn't have a car and I had to walk everywhere. It'd probably be a little ridiculous to suggest moving to the city, but just try to add more reason for you to walk throughout your day, every day. If you don't think that's enough walking, just do some light walking around your neighborhood every day, too, and listen to some tunes along the way. Walk as much as you possibly can without hurting yourself - if you walk so much that every muscle aches, then you're not going to want to walk the next day, are you?

(IMPORTANT: If walking around your block for half an hour every day puts serious pain on your joints, then forget it and go see someone who specialises in this sort of thing to reccomend a more low-impact workout.)

Anyway, MOVING is by far the most important part of losing weight - you can't help your metabolism if you don't give your body a reason to need more energy. As far as eating, keep yourself busy and you won't have to eat as much. If you can get really into your work or pumped up by exercise, or really deep into a book or really into a videogame, you aren't going to want to eat until you're well and done. But if you're really bored all the time, and doing something which requires minimal attention, such as watching TV or casually surfing the net, then your second thought after 'I'm bored' is going to probably be 'I'm going to eat some food'. It's also important what you stock your fridge with (and the extent to which you stock it) - buy a variety of food that is relatively healthy and you want to eat, and don't buy more than a week's worth. Take a multivitamin daily.

So basically I just agree with a lot of what >>17 said. It's not about a quick result to losing weight, it's about making important changes to your everyday life so that a couple years will pass and you will notice a great improvement in your health. Don't even worry about the short term.

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