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1 Name: Anonimonte : 2007-03-23 13:29 ID:Xh55mfEg

Hello. My teacher is kinda being an asshole. he takes no consideration for my and my classmate's feelings. he is always discouraging us by asking us, "Do you want to get an F?" WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD ASK SOME STUDENT THAT QUESTION? Well, of course there is those retired seargents hired as a teacher. and sometimes, i feel that he treats me differently from all the others, and sometimes he makes a very big deal out of small things. for example, my classmate, who is also my friend, just didn't feel like talking in one of his classes, and got into trouble and e-mailed the demon/teacher/old geezer. then in the beginning of the class, he started telling him and i Quote, "if you don't talk, he might kick you out of his class. DO YOU WANT THAT?" I personally, thought that was very awful of him so i tried to stand up to him for my friend. then he turned to me and said, "is this your conversation?" in a very loud, angry voice. i tried to say, "no but wasn't that kinda mean of you? aren't you encourage him to talk more instead of discouraging him in such manner?" but he said, "So SHUT UP." what do you think? is this how some teachers are supposed to be?

The class i'm talking about is Strategy Instructions or SI. and I'm still in High School.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-23 14:32 ID:S6vjlPIY

Well, I've had teachers who do use phrases like "Do you want to get an F?!"... That's nothing new, teacher's have been doing that since the dawn of time, when they're ticked with students who could do better, but aren't putting forth an effort (I was one of them!)

Now, I don't know what you were talking about when you mentioned your friend... Those events were a little hard to follow, I think you need to elaborate a bit more clearly...

You mentioned your friend didn't feel like talking (did he refuse to respond to the teacher in class??), then got into trouble (for what?), then e-mailed the teacher (about what??), then was threatened the at the beginning of class (the next day??) for not talking...

Now, I will say that threatening to kick out someone who is just a quiet person who doesn't raise his hand much is completely uncalled for behavior... (Unless your friend was instructed to solve a problem or somesuch and refused.. Again, don't know the specifics..)

Ultimately, that kind of getting in your friend's face, if he just doesn't frequently volunteer to answer things in class, is out of line, and you should talk to a guidance councilor or even an administrative person about this... (Not that they'll necessarily do anything, besides pat you on the head & say "don't worry, it'll be ok..."

3 Name: Anonimonte : 2007-03-24 03:28 ID:1+RrF4SQ

My friend/classmate does talk during classes, but he just didn't feel like talking that day. That's how he got into trouble. the next day the my SI teach got the email about this and my friend/classmate got threatened in the beginning of the class. my friend/classmate said that it was one day only. and to tell you the truth, i don't know much about what happened in his class as well. but it is

4 Name: Anonimonte : 2007-03-24 11:06 ID:1+RrF4SQ

...mean of him

5 Name: Anonimonte : 2007-03-24 12:46 ID:1+RrF4SQ

...the teacher, that is

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