Mosquito bite remedies? (11)

1 Name: NG : 2007-07-21 04:00 ID:KBJfH703

Hey, not really sure of where this fits in, but I guess personal issues come close. At any rate, thanks to the assault on my arms and legs by tiny bloodsucking fiends, I currently boast a large number of itchy, swelling bumps. I've found that most run-of-the-mill pharmaseutical treatments last only for a short while, if at all. Does anyone know of any good homemade remedies? I've found that toothpaste works, though I'm wondering if anyone out there has any other ones...

2 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-21 05:11 ID:JeBduHUS

Bite down hard on a wooden spoon whilst you endure the niggling itching sensation with pure guts and determination.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-21 17:50 ID:Crh14lUi

Mmmm, sure are fun to scratch. Satisfying!

4 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-21 18:19 ID:eVRXA5IS

toothpaste! i might just let myself get bit to try that out.
i usually just scratch the hell out of mine until they bleed without even thinking.
here are some homeopathic remedies i got from

* Apis mellifica — for stinging pains with rapid swelling and affected area that is warm to the touch; this remedy is most appropriate for individuals who feel better with cold applications; Apis  is recommended if hives are present or if Ledum  does not reduce pain or swelling after 4 hours
* Hypericum — for bites accompanied by sharp, shooting pains that often occur in sensitive areas, such as at the ends of fingers or toes
* Ledum — most commonly used homeopathic agent for bites and stings from bees, mosquitoes, wasps, or spiders; affected area is cold to the touch but cold applications or immersion in cold water improves symptoms
* Staphysagria — for children with large, itchy mosquito bites that may create large welts
* Urtica urens — for red, swollen bites with itching and stinging; may be used instead of Apis to treat hives

5 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-22 00:37 ID:Crh14lUi

> homeopathic

so... it does nothing?

6 Name: ND : 2007-07-22 02:49 ID:TBoF6d/h

>>4 thanks, that was really helpful. >>2 and >>3, thanks for the entertainment value. laughs

7 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-22 17:24 ID:Heaven

i just puked to >>6

8 Name: ND : 2007-07-23 01:47 ID:KBJfH703

....>>7 HUH? .............

9 Name: Anonymous : 2007-07-26 21:16 ID:Y2mp3tR3

As a kid, I always was told to mix Baking Soda with a little water and then put the resulting paste on top of the bite.

Basically, it'll dry out, and removes the itching sensation.

Sounds odd, but it works. And I bet it's cheaper than toothpaste.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2007-08-18 20:24 ID:yLMCojnV

Scratching it into a bloody mess actually works too.
When there is nothing left of the bump, there is nothing left to actually bite you.
Just don't get the tendency of doing so while you sleep.
Bloodstains aren't always funny...

11 Name: Anonymous : 2007-08-19 22:16 ID:U1O/cowC

Make a paste from salt and water and rub lightly on the bite. works everytime.

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