Femenists ruined everything for women!!! (32)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-10 14:15 ID:XsbnYyWC

I didnt really know where to post this, but I felt like ranting about it, so im just posting it here.
Stupid modern society! I just wanna get married to a nice man, pop a couple of babies out, and spend my time taking care of them! But no!!! I am obligated to have a career etc! Unless I expect to marry some super-rich guy, or am willing to settle for the poorer life which would result from trying to support a family on only one income, doing that just isnt an option!
Actually, I don't really want to be a stay at home mother, and i don't really give a shit about marriage etc, it just pisses me off that doing that is no longer a very viable option. I'm not saying I'd like to go back to the dark ages etc though. It just annoys me. Isn't anyone else bothered by this?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-10 15:55 ID:8ITCLie5

Don't worry, you can get a job and still get payed less than a male equivalent. Feminists haven't ruined everything for you.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-10 18:36 ID:Heaven

Feminists haven't done shit, they'd like like to believe they have.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-10 19:35 ID:SccmlttW

Women should be free to live their lives as full-time, male-dominated, cookie-baking, baby-ovens without being judged for it, the same way they shouldn't be judged for having a rewarding career and dying alone and childless, willing their estate to the two dozen cats in her apartment.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 05:15 ID:+sWD52dJ

i dont mind women having a career n shit these days. i think that however, if a woman gets home before her husband she should have a meal prepared and vica verca.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 06:35 ID:zPFM04bs

I have no problems with feminists. Equality is worthwhile.

I have a problem with radical feminists. They appear to want to reverse roles, which isn't progress.

Both members of a couple needing to work is probably an artifact of capitalism. For better or worse it's supply and demand.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 07:44 ID:P7YXqNdh


Thread over.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 11:45 ID:9W3YB8+B

not quite i want to add something.
I have a problem with radical feminists. They appear to want to reverse roles, which isn't progress.
No, they want to get rid of gender roles entirely. The role-reverse situation in a partnership can occur if the people in it want to do that, if people want to do the traditional thing that's fine too. They just shouldn't feel any social pressure/obligation to do something they don't care to do.
The situation with work is def. as you say, and is sort of unfortunate in that it restricts peoples' options, as with >>1.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 20:18 ID:8ITCLie5

Well there are some radical feminists that do want to reverse roles, people like Mary Daly. But they are mostly just left-over from the 60s/70s/80s and don't really fit in with third wave feminism of the 90s and 00s which is much more geared towards equality of choice.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 20:25 ID:SccmlttW

> get rid of gender roles entirely.

Impossible. It's human nature. Human nature can not be changed in any ethical manner.

> role-reverse situation

The only one who's going to get shit for it is the man.

> the traditional thing that's fine too

Woman get endless shit for doing that.
See: http://4-ch.net/love/kareha.pl/1197415446/

> They just shouldn't feel any social pressure/obligation to do something they don't care to do.

Fine. I don't want to work, wear pants or bathe.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-11 21:30 ID:tN8hvi/3

Certainly. And if the man gets home first, he should prepare a nice meal, too. That's a little thing we call equality.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-12 01:10 ID:RfOaw2vl

Women get massively scorn at if they want to be stay-at-home housewives who do the parenting. Good parenting actually takes massive qualification on par with regular education levels, but it is no longer rewarded.

It used to be, here.

I know women who actually do want to live like that, and most relationships I know of where it has been the case there has NOT been the legendary "male dominance wife stuck in a prison full of babies" situation to be found anywhere...

13 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-12 05:43 ID:9W3YB8+B

Impossible. It's human nature. Human nature can not be changed in any ethical manner.
1. Humanity is so far removed from nature it's not even funny. What's inherent to man about cities or electronics or specialization of labor or epic poetry or high fructose corn syrup based diets? Why would people continue to support old systems because it's part of some ill-defined original conception of humanity that isn't worth a thing today?
2. I'm sure if you measured every quantifiable difference between men and women the median and averages would be different. Very different. But individuals are all over the place, this is true for every genetic population. There are women out there who could easily break you, there are women whose determination towers over your own. To insist on gender roles because women generally tend towards this or that is just as wrong headed as institutionalizing racism because blacks tend to be more muscular and not so good with iq tests.
The only one who's going to get shit for it is the man.
That's a problem that needs to be addressed.
Woman get endless shit for doing that.
See: http://4-ch.net/love/kareha.pl/1197415446/
And that too is a problem. Social feminism is about changing these things.
Fine. I don't want to work, wear pants or bathe.
If you can support yourself like that than have a blast dude.

We should probably move this discussion elsewhere, since this is about >>1 and her problems, not the merits of social feminism in general. Which board would be most appropriate though?

14 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-12 15:55 ID:Heaven

> What's inherent to man about...

Nothing, and we can see the results of this.

> some ill-defined original conception of humanity

It's not ill-defined, it's hard coded into our minds and bodies

> median and averages, individuals

Not arguing, but these are exaggerations.

> because women

Wait, men have instincts, strengths and weaknesses, too.
Let's not pretend that women are the only ones harmed by 'gender roles'.

> as wrong headed as institutionalizing racism

Of course I wasn't endorsing institutionalized sexism, but condemning the idea of trying to deny the human animal.
Still, Good point. Let's run with that:
Saying "let's eliminate gender roles and stereotypes" is like saying "let's eliminate racism".
It's a nice idea, but impossible without resorting to eugenics or genocide. Essentially employing racism to end it.

That said, politics is the board for this.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-17 17:19 ID:/oKHndmt


Feminists gave more choice. It's still possible to have the traditional housewife lifestyle. You just need to search for the people with the appropriate ideas to go along with that.

And even before feminists, women had to work. The housewife lifestyle was reserved to a small section of the society. For all the poorer people, women had to work like hell, AND raise their kids.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-24 23:50 ID:mXxWgIRD


Most of the time, the women have to work. Only upper-class women have been able to stay at home with the babies all day, and even that is for a fairly recent part of human history. For regular, average people, there was a period of maybe 50 years, and ONLY in the US and similarly wealthy countries, where the middle class (itself probably only 300 years old, again a very short period of human history) women could to stay home with the kids because the US was so affluent that the men could work and bring home enough money. ALL the other women throughout ALL the rest of history worked. At crappy jobs. You are lusting for a society that was only even possible for a brief period.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-25 19:09 ID:qIhHGLZz

Carolla's Corollary:

As women become less feminine, men will become less masculine.

Just as women don't know how to cook anymore, and often refuse to, now men no longer know how to change a tire.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-26 13:10 ID:bauXiokV

I don't know how to change a tire. On the other hand I don't own a car, and it's not like I know how to cook or do anything a woman would do either.

19 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-26 19:36 ID:SccmlttW

I know more about cooking than I do about tires. Damn you Feminism!!

20 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-13 03:25 ID:RIjOCbWd

Feminism when done right is awesome. It means having a choice. The traditional stay-at-home mother thing will always be popular and for good reason. There is nothing wrong with that. But it's definitely not for everyone. I know some women who are great at what they do but would make very poor traditional wives. These women can now do what they're best at doing, what they love doing, when they would never even have had a chance before.

For a lot of people the traditional role is right, for the others at least now there is at least the hope of something different. And you know damn well there are people who want to take this away from them. "Back to the kitchen," etc. It's a joke, except not really. The price of freedom is vigilance, and that's why we NEED the feminist activists.

21 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-13 03:28 ID:Heaven

Yes, I agree.

But this is the same thing with political extremes. We need them, because they act as "borders". That doesn't mean they're right, or, that they're not stupid assholes.

22 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-13 14:52 ID:pktJqWQj


23 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-14 15:48 ID:/ngT9vKs

Women make up a large part of the work force. I work at a hospital, and all my co-workers are female. In fact, I'm sure 90% of the entire building is female.

24 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-14 23:01 ID:8ITCLie5


In other areas of work, men make up the larger percentage of the building. Look at a builders yard, a factory floor etc.

25 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-15 13:06 ID:Heaven


A software engineering company...

26 Name: Anonymous : : 2008-02-16 01:08 ID:1fb9uzBR

One day, I wanna punch a women in the mouth and a officer tell me i assulted someone instead of i abused a women.

27 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-16 05:10 ID:TtqP3sCH


What's so awesome about having a choice anyway? Is it supposed to eliminate the strife and unfairness of life? To promote hard work and dedication? To offer possibilities to those who want more?

Choice is shit, people don't need it. It is exactly this, and the idea of it that causes strife, injustice and conflicts. It causes stress, dissent, depression, rebellion, jealousy. If everyone was born and bred to accept their lot in life, all we would ever need was a fair and functioning government, and everyone would be fucking happy.

But you all don't realize this because you have these ideas such as equality and free will and all that shit. IT WILL NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN, and trying to get there will only cause chaos, disorder and human suffering.
There is no such thing as free will, and humans will never view eachother as equals. You're just confusing yourselves to no purpose whatsoever.

28 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-16 08:29 ID:nm7cm2Bh


Let the others decide by themdelves on whether they prefer to have a choice or not,... The millions of immigrants of this world are living proofs that people will create their own choices when dissatisfied by what's currently available to them.

Your rant would be more credible if done at the end of your life, a life in which you did what I wanted you to do, regardless of your preferences.

But I don't think you're totally wrong. Each choice can be a source of anguish, because it questions who you are, and that can be painful if you are insecure or dislike yourself. This is called exintential angst. As an example, I once met a tibetan girl living in the west who bitterly complained that her parents did not arrange a marriage for her. Past thirty, she did not feel herself capable of finding a husband anymore.

All in all, I think the best is to give the people the choice of forsaking their choices, if they wish so. This already exists, it's the default lifepath: gettin an education, work in a company, find a partner and raise kids, retire and die. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as it's optional.

29 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-16 18:58 ID:q6+mToq9

30 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-16 19:09 ID:Heaven

i muted it after a bit and just watched the guy move around
it was more interesting than it would have been had i done otherwise

31 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-16 19:30 ID:q6+mToq9

You're wrong, this speech is very inspiring. But heh.

32 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-18 06:03 ID:cyoSxQ50

OP is a dumbass. Feminism hasn't forced women into the workforce by any means. There are still a large number of conservative men who would LOVE to have a housewife. IF you're pretty, slutty, or can generally ring a guy who has a decent income, you'll get what you want.

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