I just can´t trust people. (3)

1 Name: Beulas : 2008-04-06 21:10 ID:IYXwGKQA

Four years ago I used to have friends, a normal social live during my years of college. Things happened and I just lose all my friends,they just left me alone, so I moved to another city and started my life from 0. In my new city I found a job with a lot of friendly people, really nice guys but I never found a way to see them as friends. Despite having great time at work, after we finished, I´d just go home alone. During all this time I allways felt like not trusting in people anymore because of what happend four years ago.
Well, lots of things happened profesionnally so now I have a diferent job for another company but still at the same place, i.e., the airport, so I still manage to see my old colleagues at work every day.
One of them just told me one day that he was on a trip and wanted advice since I had been on the country to visit some month before. He suggested to meet outside work to recommend restaurants, hotels and so on. I accepted an the meetingo was wonderful, one of the best afternoon I ever had, so we ageed to repeat it after his trip.
After three years I was having a new friend, but I wasn´t sure yet. We called each other many times before the trip and when he was just departing he called me, and said he would call, after he come back. But he didn´t. After three years I thought I was making some new friends again.
Four days after his arrival, I decided to call him instead, but I was feeling again that I still couldn´t trust people. We talke d just a bit, he said he had forgotten but that he would call by mid next week so we could arrange to meet and return me some maps he borrowed from me.
But he didn´t call. He just called now, ten days later, suggesting to meet at work to return the maps next sunday. He said he had had this weekend free. So now I´m angry.
He forgets to call, then calls a lot later suggesting to meet at work and not oustide and saying "just to return your maps". And he was so cold...
I don´t really know how to take this situation. Previously he was so friendly and now, after the trip, so cold...
I can´t understand a thing and I feel that I just can´t trust people anymore. I´m sick of thinking I have a friend to later realize they don´t care about me and just forget to call.

2 Name: gothgirl : 2008-04-06 21:54 ID:ZutHx2LD

I think that you should just confront him. Just ask him if he considers you a friend and if he says yes you have to set down the rules. Tell him that he can't just forget to call and then expect you to come running over when he invites you over for something. If it doesn't work out, just start over again. Also, I hope whatever happened to you 4 years ago does not happen again.

3 Name: gothicgirl : 2008-04-06 21:57 ID:ZutHx2LD

>>2 I meant to write gothicgirl for the name.

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