Five Misunderstandings affect cancer (3)

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The first misunderstanding is to abandon the treatment. In fact, the cancer is not incurable, there are at least 1,310 kinds of malignant tumors by about governance can be long-term survival. Thus, after suffering from cancer patients and their families should be the first to understand the knowledge and the present treatment methods and standards, and must overcome Aimo confidence, not easily abandon the treatment.

 Secondly errors are sick Luandouyi, credulity "resisted" or "Jiechuanbiefang." Some treatment of cancer "specialized households", "ancestral family," not only had not received formal medical education, and even that did not have the medical knowledge, many patients being duped, a waste of money, loss of the best treatment time. 
 A third misunderstanding is the belief that 100 kinds of proprietary Chinese medicines can eliminate cancer. Cancer is not a disease but a group of diseases, many patients blindly believe in a certain kind of proprietary Chinese medicines can be a panacea, many of whom are some "healthy" word batches without the fundamental effectiveness of the treatment in a health care drugs and even " - "word batches are not only internal preparation of production batches of drugs sold, so the only rule worse treatment. 
 Fourth is that the tumor resection errors that illness, did not understand the characteristics of the cancer. Many patients and their families that surgical resection of the tumor to cure the cancer, is not aware of metastatic malignant tumors and invasive, through blood and lymphatic channels to the general proliferation. Blindly optimistic delayed follow-up treatment of patients, and ultimately affect the quality of patient survival. 
 Fifth errors are blind superstition experts, experts also focused on ignorance. There are many outstanding cancer experts in the treatment of tumors in certain areas of his remarked, for example, have specialized in surgical treatment of malignant tumor surgery experts in cancer chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, nutrition therapy and the treatment of tumors by medical experts and cancer radiotherapy experts. Therefore not blindly look for a particular expert, but according to the disease and treatment of the different methods, selecting the appropriate experts. 
 Sixth errors are that the toxicity of chemotherapy, rejected applications. Many chemotherapy patients and their families have heard that there are serious side effects, unwilling to accept treatment allow tumor development. In fact, in recent years with the development of medical science, the major toxicity of chemotherapy response has been able to completely avoid or substantially reduce, the vast majority of tumor physicians are already mastered the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy toxicity of technology. 
 Experts point out that the incidence of cancer is still high, has not completely cure cancer effects approach, and only through the early discovery, early diagnosis and take a comprehensive scientific and reasonable method of treatment, in order to maximize overcome cancer, therefore correct Misunderstandings tumor control is the most urgent task at present.

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i'm sick of all the cancer threads. Also, this isn't a personal issue someone's having. sage.

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