Success or Suicide (11)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 15:06 ID:73YinS80


almost 22, only have highschool degree, since i was 20.

-> wasted 2years in nothing almost all the time at home doing nothing (call me NEET, Hikikomori or whatever)

But time has come.

Parents are gonna break up.

I don't want to work just so that i am able to buy food.

I will try to study at an university (i can get off from my parents).
If i fail, i will instantly make use of the option suicide.

Well all the odds are against me considering my degrees, my skills, my talents, my intelligence.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 15:49 ID:zF8qj3QC

>If i fail, i will instantly make use of the option suicide.

Yeah, except you won't, really.

Just try your best. You'll feel like shit in university because everyone else will seem smarter and better off. Regardless, everyone will treat you like shit and call you arrogant.. and you'll be laughing at that in your thoughts.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 18:05 ID:qYgkBzss

I set a goal like that some time ago but I have utterly failed and have no chance at a better life at all but I'm too afraid to hang myself and can't pay for my funeral and I have other excuses too but I don't think I'll be killing myself until my parents kick me out of the house.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 20:08 ID:73YinS80

Sorry but i won't betray me abd also the situation won't allow it ;).

And the chances are very high that almost everyone is smarter and better than me.

If i have tried my best and it is still not enough i have no problem with dying.

5 Name: GOD : MGS4 SUCKS!8NBuQ4l6uQ : 2008-06-18 20:46 ID:0w1m2hqb

I will see you in Hell if you commit suicide! Go learn boy,enjoy life and work like an ant. There is meaning in Life= Serve me! Jesus commited suicide by roman, so yeah..he needs a good spanking too!

6 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 21:32 ID:73YinS80

Your post is confusing.

But anyways, i don't care if there is something like an afterlife or not.

And also i won't serve you, and also i won't serve humanity.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-20 14:34 ID:td1q5pJG


WTF MAN! Go learn? Enjoy Life? and work like an ant? I believe you have cited exactly what is wrong with America. I do not believe in any religion and when I die I expect to just be gone.

8 Name: Dr. Seus : 2008-06-24 10:20 ID:44aBWMnP

>>5 Dammit. I don't want to admit this, but GOD(which is NOT really God) Has a point.

>>1 Work like an ant, for nothing in this world will happen to you if you don't work Hard.

Learn, So that no one will call you Sh!thead and make fun of you. Once you graduate, the only trouble you'll get is how to get a decent job.

Enjoy life, cause if you don't enjoy life, then you won't be able to work and learn.

Well... that's what I think. If you think this is Helpful, then take it to Heart^^

>>5 Still Disagree about you being GOD...

9 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-24 16:17 ID:HKu0lpG+


I will try the best with all my capability driven by passion and an inner fire.

If it is not enough, well i have given my best then.
With that my reason to stay alive will be extinguish.

And it is not about earning much money and getting a decent job.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-24 19:48 ID:2u8JveWz


11 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-08 19:11 ID:k7/szDWJ


Working to make someone else rich is total bullshit. I do it everyday and I hate it. I feel for the OP and I hope he finds something he likes down the road.

I know I will never be rich or be happy in life so I am just running the hamster wheel until I trip off and die.

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