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1 Name: Me : 2008-08-14 22:36 ID:Hj+IfyTi

I'm faced with an issue that is on and on sometimes. I have this friend- who- we both acclaimed to have been best friends until the ending of this school year... after Febuary where I sent her text messages of her being a hyprocrite and how much of a liar she was- she of course treated me differently- I understood that- but her hypocrisy and her pathetic ways for attention got the best of me- so I decided to make her feel bad. I wasn't at school for a long time- a came back to a whole new 'her'. She completely ignores me and claims to be this "indifferent" bitch- who doesn't care about anything. Now I wanted to explode at her for everything- and I managed to do a bit of that in Feb. School months pass- and awkward conversations that I forgot the next second always took place.

Graduation was ridiculous- since she texted me saying "I wanted to take pics". Since she took it in her power to ignore me and say repulsive garbage to make me more of a terrible friend. Now she's overseas to go fuck around in another country [since she does this every summer]we haven't spoken except from that one text message.

She messages me as if nothing is wrong- and I know so much that she doesn't and to be honest- it was both our faults- I'm going to a party next week- where as she might be attending since she might be back from her 'vacation'...

I don't know if I should pretend nothing is wrong and let her gloat in her own self-absorbed ways- since she is supposingly the best thing next to sliced bread.

2 Name: Anonymous-san : 2008-08-14 22:57 ID:YgtZxN01

You're in a bad situation, well my view on it, is if she was a good friend then did a complete 180 , and then acts as if notin is wrong, then she's trying to trick you into something. She wants something for you, destruction or w/e. In any case, you should try just ignoring it and let time pass you by. Let it fix itself and try to avoid conversations with her. Maybe you'll realize that it's better this way.

3 Name: Me : 2008-08-14 23:32 ID:Hj+IfyTi

I have been ignoring it for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time- and it's like this ever ending battle of nothing. It's ridiculous- I really hate how she sees herself so perfect and cannot stand to hear my blunt honesty. She hates it-

I guess ignoring her- and pretending that she really isn't there might be a good idea- but I don't want to appear as if I know- or am "IGNORING" her where she might get an idea that I am. I want it to seem casual-

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-15 13:01 ID:Fbfw5e3Q

I somehow have the impression that you don't see her just as a friend. Or that maybe you'd like to see her as more.

You know, "real" friends don't act like this towards each other. I mean, if this is really what she wants, then the best you can do is really just let go and "ignore" her in your own mind - that is, stop caring about what she becomes.

Also that girl (well given how you describe her) sounds quite instable, and it looks like she's not wanting you anything near to keep her balance, so don't push yourself in that role, you wouldn't be of any help and you would be the one to take bullets for nothing.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-15 14:12 ID:1f4zyIBr

you sound like you've been pretty nasty to this girl, and it doesn't matter if she deserves it or not you don't talk (text whatever) to your friends this way.

either apologise and try to be nicer to each other in future OR ignore her and move on. those are you only two options.

6 Name: bingo : 2008-08-15 14:22 ID:gsNSguAJ

I have to agree with the last poster. It looks like she's been ignoring you, and you've been mean to her. Try either apologizing or just ignoring her, try moving on.

7 Name: Me : 2008-08-15 14:31 ID:Hj+IfyTi

Apologizing to someone who just laughs everything off? A person who thinks she's the queen of this earth? I have apologized- I've made efforts upon efforts to make up for it- it wasn't just me alone mind you. I could say- it was her fault for lying, her fault for being such a hypocrite- and that she convinced me she "hated" this one guy- but you know what? She goes against her word and invites him to her party- she convinced me that she hated him- and I just see this- a slap to my face?

We weren't at all innocent- I was to blame, and she is to blame. She went on her own way to make it seem like her crap doesn't smell bad.

Yet again- she has been making a "small" effort to speak to me- I've already "let her" go in terms of extremely caring for her- or evening loving her at one point- she even mocked me for even having personal feelings- she ridiculed me and made it seem like it was a joke.

She isn't the kid of person that will come up to you when something is bothering her- she likes to believe that everyone has a role in her life- a pawn and to serve her. So no matter the efforts, or the apologizing or the begging for anything- she goes around laughing and flaunting how pathetic you are.

The way I've treated her- was just with words- I've made no physical confrontation to tell it in her face- since she hates my blunt honesty about everything.
People really question what is going on in her mind.

She is pretty, but her personality really throw everything away...

8 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-15 15:05 ID:1f4zyIBr

yeah but so what?

if she's your friend you should be nice to her no matter how she behaves. and you keep using the phrase blunt honesty. in my experience people who say they are just being honest mean that they are being rude.

i can tell an ugly girl that she looks like a pig and be honest but it's still a rude and nasty thing to say.

if you want to keep her as a friend appologise and be nice. if you don't want to keep her as a friend just ignore her and move on, if you can't ignore her avoid her. simple!

On another note you DO sound like your trying to tap this girl. if you are, you're going about it the wrong way. If she has feelings for you she'll come to you only if she see's that you like her but don't care if she doesn't like you because there are lot's of other women you can have. This whole obsessing about her and being angry at her will only drive her further away. and for heavens sake never beg.

9 Name: Me : 2008-08-15 18:18 ID:Hj+IfyTi


It's not like that all at- since I have no more of a romantic interest in her since- she is my best friend- is suppose to be my best friend- there is nothing wrong with calling out someone with a flaw so undesirable- since she does the things she does behind my back.

Now I understand where all of you are coming at, but a person so "indifferent" is hard to make up for anything to.

By the way

I'm female.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-15 19:02 ID:R8SixJZC

Talk to her honestly, explain that her friendship is important to you. Tell her that the way she treated you make you lost.

Don't blame her, just ask for explanations because you don't know what to expect from her now.

11 Name: Me : 2008-08-15 20:20 ID:Hj+IfyTi

Alright- thanks Anons-
your suggestions are something that I will keep in mind.

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