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1 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-21 04:25 ID:ItfsH3oH

I like to be on my lonesome. I don't like having to deal with other people. Occasionally I have to go out and do things that involve being in a social situation. I find that in these situations, after a short time, maybe fifteen to thirty minutes, I feel exhausted, both mentally and physically. At that point the only things I can think of are my bed and being alone.

Does anyone else get this social fatigue when they're in a social situation?

What does it mean that I become fatigued like this? How can a personal, social preference affect me physiologically like this?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-21 08:54 ID:hi0+G7H/

>Does anyone else get this social fatigue when they're in a social situation?


>What does it mean that I become fatigued like this? How can a personal, social preference affect me physiologically like this?

It means several things:

  • you are not used to social situations, so everything seems strange to you and you pay too much attention to many different things (a bit like someone learning to swim or to drive): Exhausting.
  • you are not allowing yourself to behave naturally (the reasons for that can be multiple). So you are always checking on yourself and countering your natural impulses: That's tiring.
  • you are too worried about how other people perceive you. You spend too much effort imagining how they are interpreting things: That's a big effort.

Basically you lack of training:

  • You should spend more time and effort socializing, so that all the tropes and techniques required are so ingrained in you that you don't need any thought to implement them (just like someone on a bike doesn't have to think about keeping balance).
  • You should meet people who cater for your interests. Forcing yourself to be with people who are of no interest to you is very tiring. But also note that there is more than meets the eye in people, and often they have an aspect that will be of interest to you, if you make the effort of finding it out.
  • Spend time with people for which you have a basic level of trust. If you can't behave too naturally with them, things will be very tiring.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-21 16:49 ID:Heaven

it just means you are a loner, period. Read "party by one", if you like being by yourself.

You could try and change yourself but eventually you will fail because it's just not the real you. Being social does not mean crowds, i have a best friend and i'm more then fine around him. Two or more and i start to get irritated:s.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-21 17:04 ID:hqZwrtA5

I get super tired when shopping in the mall or listening the lectures at the university. The same goes with all the official meetings. I guess it's okay to be the one who is sucked empty from energy like this.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-28 05:38 ID:37L2eoAE

my grandmah gets this and so does my father and i should likely get it sometime too. its a genetic disorder and althoguh it does not always present its syptoms early in life it is always present in those who have a genetic link to it.
i, personally, get minor syptoms of it like ill have planned to spend that night at a friends house though will often end up going home to do nothing toward the end of the night.
its okay you must just learn to work around this
i understand its a personal thing, though maybe try tell your closer friends about your 'problem' so that they will be aware of why your sudden mood cahnges etc, without accusing you of being anti-social or boring. just make sure not to tell them in a way which may seem bogus or attention seeking.

run a google search on it or look it up on wiki, learn about it so that you can gain control over it.

ive overcome my issue best by taking vitamin B pills 30mins before leaving home and also taking weight loss pills which are filled with caffeine, substances which awaken you more.
alcohole can also help, though thats not for everyone and often only shelters and possible social shynesses you may have.

youll be fine though, just remember its something that helps make you who you are and none of us are completely happy with what we are though we can work in ways to deal with what we dont like and eventualy magange to control certain things to a decent level.

remember vitamin B. :)

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