My univesity entrance exam has finished!!! (21)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-01 11:42 ID:xnBLq4xH

It was so hard to prepare for the exam and I got a litte worn-out.
But,from now on,I can study what I really want to do!
This is very wonderful!

Then,is there any advice on the campus life or what to do before entry to an university?
And,in edition,I want to ask what the high schools and entrance exams in western countries are really like.
I heard that in the U.K.,students can go on colleges when they are still 16 years old.
In Japan,we don't have the qualifications to apply to the exams
till we bocome 18 years old.TT
I envy the students in the U.K....

If you have any question about Japanese high schools or its sudents or so,I will answer if possible.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-01 13:37 ID:ZVEcq2cN

First of all, congratulations! What do you want to study at university?

If you don't live very far from your university, you might consider taking a trip down there to look around the campus. That way, you can know where everything is before your first day.

In the US, we attend high school until we're about 18. Most universities don't have individual entrance exams, but you still have to apply and be accepted. In the United States, we have two different exams called the ACT and the SAT. They're similar to your exams in Japan, I believe, except many different universities accept each exam. Because of this, you can take one test and send that score to many different schools, instead of taking an exam for each school you wish to attend.

The university will also look at your high school grades, as well as your involvement in extra-curricular activities (like band, academic team, sports, and so on) as well as any volunteer work you may have done in your town. Some schools also require an essay.

3 Name: 1 : 2009-03-02 05:56 ID:xnBLq4xH

Thank you for your kind response!(´;ω;`)

I want to study about complex systems or chaos theories.
They are something like a mix of mathematics and computer sciences.
But,it maybe impossibe to work on them unless I graduete from an university and learn sciences enough.

At first,I have to study mathematics,programing,electronics and etc...
Also,I'm thinking to take a philosophy class because I had no chance to learn it in my high school.
Anyway,I must do my best in my university.

Universities I apllied to are all distant from my house.
I have been to one of them to take its own exam.
The univeysity I visited was so attractive and large but I'm not sure whether or not I've passed.OTL
I've already been admitted by another university,so,at least,I can be an university student this year.(^q^)

The ACT and the SAT seem to be like the NCUEE in Japan.
But,NCUEE is offered only one time in a years.TT
Universitise in Japan generally choose students according to combinations of the scores of the NCUEE and each university'exam.
It's also the case that high school grades or extra-curricular activities or so can be considered,but this is minority.
In most cases,whether we are admitted is all and only determined by the scores of that two exams.
So the stress of that times was just owesome....

But,this maight be good for me because if I had been asked "What kind of activities did you take part in after school?",then I would have nothing to say except"Through strolling in 2ch and niconico,I have learnt a lot about the Inter Net....."\(^o^)/

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-02 09:40 ID:NvTkIIT2


I hope your life becomes like a typical harem anime, where the only thing you have to worry about is confessing your love to your long lost childhood friend that miraculously went to the same university as you or to the girl that used to bully you in high school but you later found out she actually liked you and you guys are going to the same school.

ahhhh, life

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-02 22:02 ID:g6oq/aVm

The colleges for 16-18 year olds in the UK aren't universities you're thinking of. College at 16-18 here is for getting A levels (similar in difficulty to the more academic US high school courses, probably), not for degrees. Some normal secondary schools have their own facilities for this though.

We still go to university at 18, anyway. Difference between here and America is that we just pick one subject (or do a joint degree) and do that, instead of still having courses from multiple areas like humanities and sciences like in school.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-02 22:04 ID:g6oq/aVm

Again, I'm doing mathematics at Cambridge if you'd like to ask any questions about about what it's like. Seeing as you're interested in that.

7 Name: 1 : 2009-03-03 07:35 ID:xnBLq4xH

Such events you wrote may happen only in the world within my PC,but this is more than enough.
They say the more difficult we find it,the far more wonderful our loves become.
If so,no other loves can be more than ours for the beautiful girls who are beyond our reach forever...

I see that 16-18year-old students in the U.K. can't get degrees,but it's true that what they learn to get A levels are for the freshmen or sophomores in Japanese colleges....
Our curriculums in high schools are strictly defined by the Ministry of Education so teachers can never teach something beyond the level for high school students...though both teachers and students are interested in only preparing for the entrance exams so there is no problem.(^p^)

By the way,there is one thing I can't figure out.
You said students pick one subject for A levels,but you after all have to study various subjects in your university,don't you? For example,learning electromagnetism seems to extend your understanding in vector calculus.
Oh,of course,I don't know much about them,so this is only a view of the ignorant. Please forgive my ignorance...(>_<)
Then,what is the point of A levels?
To have perspectives to some extent on your major?

And I have one more question.
I've heard that in Japan,lectures of professors are too difficult for students to understand.
So they need to cooperate and study together for degrees.
If they didn't so,they never passed the tests.
Is this also tha case with Cambridge?
Or students can easily understand what professors mean and there are hot arguments between students and professors?/(^o^)\

8 Name: Japanese : 2009-03-03 09:52 ID:RPvwtlph

First of all , dye your hair anycolor you like .
And be ready to have a partner .

9 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-03 23:55 ID:g6oq/aVm

Ah sorry. At A levels one typically does about 4 subjects of free choice. I did maths, chemistry, physics and biology for example.

We do indeed do applied topics in maths at university such as electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, etc. with more choice in later years. However, everything on the mathematics course, including electives, is to do with mathematics. We don't, for example, do courses in history and politics on the side. Hope that made sense. ^^

There are the occasional hard to follow lecturers, but they're mostly alright. If you're really unsure about something in a lecture you can always check it in a book which tend to be much more reliable.

10 Name: 1 : 2009-03-04 03:04 ID:xnBLq4xH

I have no hair to dye.

I got it.
The A levels seems to be not so different from Japanese educational systems.
We are divided into two courses;humanity and science.
But,even though I took the sciense course,I also had to take Japanese and Geography classes...
I liked Geography but,Japanese was ... shit.(^q^)

And I agree with you in that the self-education is of much importance for university students.
I'm thinking of buying Feynman's Lectures on Physics.
However,imported books are quite expensive in Japan..../(^o^)\
But,no problem. I can borrow them.

Thank you for your kind advices and answering my silly questions!(>_<)

11 Name: 1 : 2009-03-09 11:33 ID:xnBLq4xH

Tomorrow is the day when the result of my entrance exam will be released.

Now,I realized that what I truly want is not a acceptance but a strength with which I will be never disturbed by any situation and never lose the perspective on my ultimate goal.

12 Name: 1 : 2009-03-10 11:59 ID:xnBLq4xH

correction a→an orz...

I passed.
And I have no friend with whom I can cerebrate.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-11 04:03 ID:XrvZIS/X

orz, 1-san. Somewhere on the net, someone loves you (maybe). You're intelligent and have a certain future, as I certainly do not. Past the pun there is a path (perhaps difficult).

Be calm, fair and open-minded, yet never apathetic to injustice and you will be fine.

Watch re/le translation, unless cerebrate is a pun on cognition, good.

Good luck, "Gaikokujin" I'd hang out with you.

14 Name: 1 : 2009-03-11 16:47 ID:xnBLq4xH

correction cerebrate→celebrate........

This may be only a mistake.
And thank you for your response.
I'm glad to find someone I can hang out with.

Yesterday night,I went to a thread where the candidates for my university used to gather together.
Of course,I was looking forward to having a fever time with them.
Then,I found that there were very few people in the thread.
I was a little disappointed. Most of them might celebrate with their friends and it's right no body except for hikkis might stroll 2ch on such a happy day.
I have no acquaintance in the university and I'm not sure whether I can make friends with my schoolmates.
This is

Tomorrow,I will go to my university for the procedure of my entrance.
I think I will be refreshed if I see the old and beautiful city where my university is located.

15 Name: ?. : 2009-03-11 22:52 ID:XrvZIS/X

Ah, the open society where you can get away from it all. I hope that you find some friend there.

Here, countryside America, 'opportunity' often just means family power and stability. For me, missing scholarships, poor, and until recently bogged down by inescapable things, I must become an entrepreneur to survive. So it is my fate to so soon try my luck in video games and literature.

By the way, is there a way to veiw 2ch in hiriganga? My kanji skill is lacking, yet I wish to read it (more traffic).

16 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-12 13:08 ID:8sYrxdAu

If you are still interested in knowing, I am 16 and in my first year of University. It is possible to get into Universities at a younger age if you are sufficiently intelligent.
As for your exams, congratulations! What University are you going to?
Good luck! Also, make sure to talk to talk to a lot of different people. Everyone will be starting and everyone wants to make new friends in first year. If you are living at the University, then leave the door to your room open so that people can come in and you can talk to them.

17 Name: 1 : 2009-03-14 08:59 ID:xnBLq4xH

In Japan,students in colleges are said to be able to enjoy a sort of moratorium.
However,for me,because my dream is to be a scientist,I may not have a leeway to enjoy such a thing.
My brainpower will reach the peak when I'm about 22 and after that,it will start decaying.
Of course,I will be able to enrich my knowledge and continue my study after I get older but,I will lose the powerful and vivid imagination which I have only in my childhood.
Flexible ideas and images I get when I'm young will be precious and indispensable things for my study so I must make most use of this time.
I don't have much time left.
All I can do now is only doing my best.
And I hope you also do your best and never repent when you have got old.
We are still young but we will soon get old.
These days I feel as if the time is passing at the speed of the light. I can't remember clearly about my high school age though I graduated from my high school this month./(^o^)\

And if you want to read 2ch in hiragana I recomend this soft.
This is not a thing like special browsers but it is quite easy to alter kanzi to hiragana if you use this soft. Only by copying. You don't have to paste.

You have skipped?
We have never been able to skip because of our educational system so I envy you!(>_<)
I want to have a lot of friends,but,in my faculty,there seems to be only otakus(of course I'm also a otaku)so I think we will become just the birds of a feather. (^q^)
I'm not going to live in my university but my house will be quite near to my univ so I will be able to invite my new friends.
My university is in Kyoto and the name is Kyoto University.
Kyoto is famous as an old and beautiful city.
I fear that I will never see a lot of beautiful landscape because of the closeness between my house and univ.(^q^)

18 Name: ? : 2009-03-20 13:52 ID:ngfxRANY

>>17, 1, thank you for the software, in return, good news! Brains only decay when one lets it do so; the capability of a brain to change, learn, and innovate (elasticity) may deminish after infancy, but by focusing on new methods of learning and new things elasticity can be regained at any age.

This is what the "Brain Academy" craze was about; but all you need to keep a young brain 'till alzheimers hits is continuously experience varied new ideas and methods.

Sadly, infancy's peak is gone. Science!

19 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-28 11:34 ID:dLcouKRm

nice to read bout a japanese guy typing in fluent english

20 Name: chewbacca : 2009-03-29 16:34 ID:MHPro2XP

otsukaresama deshita!

21 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-30 18:28 ID:aNgrh3+k


I just finished college this last december in Montreal City, Canada. Fun stuff, really. Even thought I cannot really say what social activities are about in the western world since I am a loner type of guy, I can say one thing, though:

  • High School Never Ends.

What I mean by that is that even though we are in college, CEGEP or University, some people will still act rude and stupidly like in high school. You have to keep that in mind. However, not everyone is like that. Some people are actually pretty cool to talk and be friends with. I am a guy and my closest friend is in fact a girl I met in that same college! We still speak to each other very often, today. There is also, depending where you are, alot of what I like to call ''specified studies parties''. This happens when a certain study section (let's say the fashion industry studies) decides to launch a party for themselves somewhere in the college or in town. If something extraordinary happens there that night, it is usually the topic of tomorrow's gossip in class. But anyways, if you want to meet people, bring a friend with you and you might meet someone from your class. But also, you might often meet people in normal day classes as well but they might be more busy than on a saturday night ;)

In short, college is a very fun experience but remember, high school never ends.

Good Luck to you

P.S. How is the college experience in japan?

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