[Lonely] I need some new friends! [Friendship!?] (28)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-13 23:21 ID:dYY8uXrJ

Hello 4ch. ヾ(゜∀゜)ノ♪

Recently, I've been very down in the dumps, lonely and bored out of my mind. I thought I could try making some AIM buddies or the like, but it's hard to know where to even start. I thought 4ch would be a good place, since some of you are NEETs (I don't mean this in a bad way!!) anime fans, manga fans, otaku etc.

I guess I better introduce myself then!
I'm basically an anime/manga fanatic (my favorite series is GITs/Ergo Proxy. I'm into seinen.) and I rarely ever go outside, except for school. ('A`) I play a good deal of video games, and collect figures. I'm very interested in internet culture (meaning imageboard culture) and text boards. I'm pretty much on the internet for the majority of my day, so hopefully I can find some new friends!! (´・ω・`)

Please either post in this thread, or contact me at cactusrunner on AIM. Thank you!!

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 11:15 ID:e4UvH8Ea

Do you have anything else than AIM? :<

3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 18:17 ID:ahKvFCem

Yo, I'm not necessarily lonely but I don't mind making more friends.
I already added you to my friends so I guess we can chat sometimes if you wants.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 21:41 ID:dYY8uXrJ

Hmm, what would you prefer? I can use Skype, MSN or probably anything else you suggest.

It's a bit lame, but I feel a lot better already. Thanks a bunch (*´ω`)

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 21:42 ID:vrs5GdZD

hi :)
do you remember me? :) cuz i think i remember u..
but let me check..
yeah i have u added but yer not on nomoar..
well, good luck :3

6 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 22:19 ID:zNe1ybTn

I'm not an Aim user. But, have you got a facebook profile, or something?

7 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 23:18 ID:dYY8uXrJ

Unfortunately, no. I don't use any type of social networking site, sorry!! ヽ(;´Д`)ノ 

8 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-14 23:55 ID:zNe1ybTn

Maybe you should! Instead of focusing only in new friends, you might look for childhood friends. You could try meeting them for nostalgia, and then see if it's cool to hang around them.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-15 00:26 ID:dYY8uXrJ

That would be a little bit uncomfortable for me. I really dislike those types of sites, and I didn't have any friends a child.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-15 04:32 ID:vrs5GdZD

y good morning :3

11 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-15 08:31 ID:3mcHe4U7

Oh herro, let me create an AIM account, I'll add you in a sec. :3

12 Name: 2 : 2009-05-15 09:35 ID:e4UvH8Ea

MSN would be great, if you can be arsed

13 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-15 20:27 ID:6pnBE70O

I'll add you on MSN if you want.

14 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-05-15 22:03 ID:OzDxsDEc

I'm not much of a talker and I do most of the things you do. I don't go outside either for whatever reason. I'm a quiet person in the real world and I don't talk unless it's interesting to me. If you're looking for new friends, I guess I can be one too? I don't like meeting new people off and on line. My AIM is ancient history. I barely use it, in fact I'm barely online. I mostly use MSN now.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-16 04:10 ID:vrs5GdZD

i use msn more than aim too. I log in to aim just for some speshul people, like the other day i did to talk to u..but i do use msn daily!
let us know what is your msn, k?

16 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-16 18:38 ID:dYY8uXrJ

Sorry for the delay!! Here's my MSN address!

I look forward to talking to you all!!

17 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-05-16 18:41 ID:OzDxsDEc

You did talk to me, the other day? Hm, interesting .....Sorry but I don't think it's a good idea to just lay my MSN over here.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-17 14:13 ID:6pnBE70O


19 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-05-19 10:46 ID:OzDxsDEc

Funny, I added you and now we don't talk afterwards. Why it's always like that? Especially me. Hm, at least I added ya but oh well, it's been nice knowing for you for awhile.

20 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-27 18:01 ID:vrs5GdZD

>>19 aww u can add me :33 i talk too much..
better yet, come to irc.synirc.net (6668) #4-ch

21 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-27 18:10 ID:6pnBE70O

batmannu spotted.

22 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-27 19:18 ID:vrs5GdZD


23 Name: Scotland : 2009-05-27 21:32 ID:OQxnZkdd

I wouldnt mind a chat =]
jzw@hotmail.co.uk, lol

24 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-28 03:45 ID:vrs5GdZD

>>23 k added

25 Name: Scotland : 2009-05-28 12:39 ID:OQxnZkdd

kay =], cool >.<

26 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-28 18:39 ID:vrs5GdZD

>>25 wat u havent added me yet???

27 Name: Scotland : 2009-05-29 16:13 ID:OQxnZkdd

I accepted ya >.<
must be the different time-zone?

28 Name: Anonymous : 2009-05-30 17:33 ID:vrs5GdZD

>>27 ur sweet, ty :]

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